FA-CEPT-Open-House 26-04-2014


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The Faculty of Architecture is a 50 year old program and has been at the forefront of production of knowledge and has created a large pool of professionals in the country that are engaged in practice and research. The Faculty offers an Undergraduate Programs of Architecture, Post-Graduate program of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, and PhD in Architecture.

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FA-CEPT-Open-House 26-04-2014

  1. 1. FA CEPT Open House April 26th 2014 FAFaculty of Architecture
  2. 2. FA Who is an ARCHITECT? •Mainly engaged in design in the private realm. •Involved in the designing townships, apartments, airports, offices, bungalows… • They also pursue research, advocacy and teaching as careers.
  3. 3. FA What does it take to be an ARCHITECT? Ability to integrate •Client’s requirements •Available technology •Site conditions •Finance •Aesthetics •Societal concerns •Functionality
  4. 4. FA What does CEPT have to offer? •B Arch at CEPT is a 50 year old program •It has created a large pool of professionals in the country that are engaged in practice and research •Internationally recognized by universities across the world •Student exchange with 14 universities in different parts of Europe, America and Australia Bachelor of Architecture 5 years degree program B Arch
  5. 5. FA What does it entail? •Rigorous program •Focused on development of skills and concepts •Design, technology, arts, history •Studio based learning
  6. 6. FA Nature of Learning •Year 1&2 – Development of basic architectural skills – drawing, model making, visualization, language and communications •Technical inputs – Building technology, structures and environment •1 semester internship •Summer-winter workshops •Final semester – ‘Capstone’ project, written dissertation •Choice based learning •Students choose 25% of their credits
  7. 7. FA Career Prospects •Graduates in leading positions at architectural practices across the globe •Running successful practices •Occupy important teaching positions at various universities all over the world •Post-graduation at some of the best universities in India and abroad
  8. 8. FA Master of Architecture Program •2 year course •Architectural Design •Urban Design •History, Theory & Criticism •Conservation •Sustainable design •Emphasis on professional skills and critical thinking
  9. 9. FA The Majors •Architectural Design - the process and contexts of architectural design •Urban Design - the structural relationships that underlie Indian urban conditions •History Theory and Criticism - reflectivity and critical engagements with built environments and architecture •Conservation Studies - draws from history to deal with the challenges of contemporary times •Sustainable Design - focuses on the relationship between design and broader aspects of environmental and sustainable thinking.
  10. 10. FA Nature of Learning •3 semesters of rigorous training and design •Final semester – ‘Capstone’ project Research based dissertation •Completely choice based pedagogical model •Opportunity for the student to form a unique course based on individual interests – Majors and Minors
  11. 11. FA Landscape Studies •CEPT offers two courses in the field •Master of Landscape Architecture - imparts education in Plant and Environmental sciences, Landscape planning, Environmental law, Design theory, Landscape engineering and Project management. •Master of Landscape Design - training professionals having background in natural resources and imparts education in landscape design, engineering techniques and planting strategies •New thinking, coupled with measured and relevant responses to varying landscape situations are encouraged