Success In Business Online Starts First Thing Every Day


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What you do first thing every day in your business online sets the tone for your success or lack there of. If you never listen to another thing I say, please pay attention to this...

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Success In Business Online Starts First Thing Every Day

  1. 1. t HarrelsonSuccess In Business Online Starts First Thing Every DayWhat you do f irst thing every day in your business onlinesets the tone f or your success or lack there of . If you neverlisten to another thing I say, please pay attention to this…What you do at the start of each business day will makeor break you. Period.As a soloperneur, your online home business success issolely dependent upon you. You will single-handedly make itor break it. You’re cringing while you read this, I can f eel it.That’s OK, I still cringe at the responsibility sometimes.Of ten we internet entrepreneurs get sidetracked. That’s oneof the biggest obstacles to a successf ul business online. It’sso easy to catch Shiny Object Syndrome.You f ind yourself in your inbox chasing shiny objects, great of f ers (in my case – WordPress plugin of f ers) andgoing down endless rabbit holes. You are f orever doing busywork that needs to get done, but doesn’tnecessarily make you any money. That seems to be one of the biggest problems f or a solopreneur in businessonline – getting f ocused, staying f ocused and knowing what to do next, then doing it.The fact is, if you’ll do just this one thing every single day you will make more money and you will seemore success in your business online.So what is that one magical thing? It’s really very simple, just be sure the very f irst thing you do every day is amoney making task. Otherwise you could go about your busywork all day f iddling around with this and that onlyto discover at the end of the day that nothing you did today will actually create income. Perhaps everything youdid is necessary f or business, but will anything you did result in actual cash?What are the best things that you can do f or your business right out of the gate each and every day. Bef oreyou check your email bef ore you go on Facebook, bef ore you tweet, or read your blog comments, or startf iddling around with your website you need to be sure that you do a money making task.So what are those tasks?Well, just to name a few:Setting up a webinar or Google Hangout which will build your list or can be made into a productRecording a podcastResearching, then in inviting potential webinar and podcast guestsWriting an email to your listWriting a blog postCreating a new opt in and give away
  2. 2. Writing a sales pageSetting up a promotionProduct creationThere are so many ways to get the ball rolling to help make the money come in, but we’re just to wrapped up inbusywork, too worried about our email inboxes and who’s on Facebook. Those things don’t create income. Yesthey are important and need your attention, but they are not actually what brings in the money. As a coach I’mgoing to tell you don’t read your email f irst thing you, don’t go to social media f irst thing, don’t f iddle aroundwith anything that isn’t a potential money maker f irst thing each day. Do this f or 90 days and you’ll be able lookback at the progress you’ve made in your business.I promise you will see a dif f erence if you do this daily. I’m looking f orward to hearing your stories and wish youmuch luck and prosperity. Now, go do that money making thing!xoxo