Johnson Controls<br />Nike - Tennessee Pilot Project<br />(Energy & Operational Retrofit)<br />
Johnson ControlsValues<br />Integrity<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Employee Engagement<br />Innovation<br />Sustainabil...
Recognized World Leader<br />Leadership<br />Growth<br />Sustainability<br />Diversity<br />
Building Efficiency Snapshot<br />Largest global supplier of commercial building services,<br />HVAC&R equipment, building...
Building Efficiency Business<br />Industrial<br />Refrigeration<br />Global WorkPlace<br />Energy Solutions<br /> Service<...
HVAC Mechanical
Security & Fire
Systems Integration
Residential & Light Commercial
Portfolio Based
Lifecycle Philosophy
Align BusinessObjectives to Corporate Real Estate
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JCI general SOQ for Nike pilot project


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  • Sustainability is defined by financial results, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.Deep understanding of environmental footprint and opportunities for improvement Active partner in communities where we do businessWorkforce and Supplier diversityIntegrity We will behave with unquestioned integrityand in accordance with our ethics policy.The strength of personal relationships acrossbusinesses and functions will allow us to win.We will treat each other with dignity andrespect. We will be stewards of our culture.Our workplaces will be physically andemotionally safe.Global GrowthWe will be recognized as a global growthcompany. We will thrive in the global economybecause we act with speed and discipline, andwe will seize opportunity. We will take sharefrom our competitors.Employee Engagement andLeader DevelopmentAs we grow so will our people. We will builda culture of global employee and leaderdevelopment that will be a benchmark. Ouremployees will be involved and engaged asindividuals and as team members. Our employeeand leader diversity will mirror our globalmarkets and population.Customer SatisfactionWe will be known for customer satisfaction.Our leaders will be customer advocates andhave strong market and customer knowledge.We will define our success by market shareand market leadership. We will be proactive,hard-driving and competitive.Continuous ImprovementWe will achieve global competitiveness bydriving continuous improvement across allactivities and all functions.InnovationInnovation will be a significant driver of ourglobal growth and profitability. Ingeniousproducts, services, solutions and processes willcreate new value and exceptional customerexperiences. We will continuously rethink theway we do business.SustainabilityEnvironmental sustainability will be a keyelement of our business. We will reduce ourgreenhouse gas intensity and more thanoffset our total emissions through the beneficialenvironmental impact of our products andservices. The materials in our products willbe recyclable or recoverable. We will be aleading global provider of advanced energystorage systems.Shareholder ValueWe will demonstrate the value of ourmulti-industry business model by transferringtalent, technology and processes across thecompany. Our shareholder value will increase,and our stock will be accorded a price/earningsmultiple among the best of the diversifiedmanufacturing companies.
  • LeadershipIndustry Week - 100 Best-Managed Companies and 50 Best Manufacturing CompaniesBusiness Ethics – 100 Best Corporate CitizensInstitutional Investor – Most Shareholder-Friendly Companies in AmericaDiversity2008 Corporation of the Year by the National Minority Supplier Development CouncilBillion Dollar Roundtable - The Billion Dollar Roundtable was created in 2001 to recognize and celebrate corporations that achieved spending of at least $1 billion with minority and woman-owned suppliers. The BDR promotes and shares best practices in supply chain diversity excellence through the production of white papers. In discussions, the members review common issues, opportunities and strategiesSustainabilityCalvert Social IndexDow Jones Sustainability World IndexFTSE4Good US IndexDomino 400 Social IndexKLD IndexesNewsweek’s Greenest Companies 2010GrowthNo. 83 on U.S. Fortune 500No. 198 on Global Fortune 500
  • Emerging Trends along the Energy Value ChainDemand Response, Energy Storage, and transfer of information between end users and the grid is blurring the traditional divide between the building and the gridGrowth in RenewablesRenewables are contributing more to the energy pool, but no single technology has emerged as a winnerTraditional building retrofits will be displaced by energy efficiency improvementsRebates/incentives highly influential in decision making for renewable energy projectsEnergy efficiency identified as the best strategy to meet GHG reduction goalsFacility decision-makers want green elements or certification for retrofit projectsLegislation &amp; Increased role of GovernmentGHG legislation: EPA reporting rule, cap and trade, CopenhagenRenewable &amp; energy efficiency portfolio standards, tax credits, and incentivesMandatory building labelingPACE loan guaranteesCFC Chiller replacement incentivesEmerging Trends Along the Building LifecycleDesign &amp; Build: Architects and engineers are increasingly integrating building systems at these first two stages, with the help of technology such as BIM. Low voltage system integration is also becoming commonOperation: Integrated reporting, maintenance, and monitoring systems can improve utilization of space and asset planning. Highly regulated industries are particularly attracted to easy reporting systemsIntegrated building systems are increasingly residing on IT systems, so purchasing decisions are being made by CIOs and CTOsMany companies are marketing themselves as “clean energy,” “smart grid,” or “smart building” companies, (e.g., Schneider, IBM), likely as an attempt to target these new decision makersOwners are able to extract higher rents from “Green” buildings, in addition to saving on operating costsThis has led to a “decommoditization” of certain productsGrowing popularity of “Green” or energy efficiency certification and benchmark programs50-100% YoY growth in US LEED building certifications for past five yearsAs of July, 73% of the 30 largest A/E firms have adopted the Architecture 2030 Challenge for all new buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030NREL estimates that 64% of all new buildings could be net-zero by 2025Growing demand for water-efficient HVAC equipment, integration of water management systems, in dry regions like southeast US and MEReflects trend toward “resource efficiency” as opposed to simply energy efficiency
  • JCI general SOQ for Nike pilot project

    1. 1. Johnson Controls<br />Nike - Tennessee Pilot Project<br />(Energy & Operational Retrofit)<br />
    2. 2. Johnson ControlsValues<br />Integrity<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Employee Engagement<br />Innovation<br />Sustainability<br />Quality<br />Shareholder<br /> Value<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Continuous Improvement<br />Innovation<br />Sustainability<br />Employee Engagement & Leader Development<br />Integrity<br />Global Growth<br />
    3. 3. Recognized World Leader<br />Leadership<br />Growth<br />Sustainability<br />Diversity<br />
    4. 4. Building Efficiency Snapshot<br />Largest global supplier of commercial building services,<br />HVAC&R equipment, building control systems<br />1 million+ customers<br />637 branches globally<br />58,000+ Building Efficiency employees globally<br />30+ manufacturing / distribution sites<br />World’s largest Global WorkPlace Solutions provider managing over 1.5 billion sq. ft. of corporate real estate<br />#1 energy services contractor<br />Over $5 Billion in outstanding energy guarantees<br />
    5. 5. Building Efficiency Business<br />Industrial<br />Refrigeration<br />Global WorkPlace<br />Energy Solutions<br /> Service<br />Systems<br /><ul><li>Controls
    6. 6. HVAC Mechanical
    7. 7. Security & Fire
    8. 8. Systems Integration
    9. 9. Residential & Light Commercial
    10. 10. Portfolio Based
    11. 11. Lifecycle Philosophy
    12. 12. Align BusinessObjectives to Corporate Real Estate
    13. 13. Commercial
    14. 14. Industrial
    15. 15. Navy and Marine
    16. 16. Snow
    17. 17. Energy Solutions(including PC and ESPC)
    18. 18. Renewables
    19. 19. Infrastructure Renewal
    20. 20. Controls/BAS Service
    21. 21. Mechanical Services
    22. 22. Operations & Maintenance</li></li></ul><li>Market Trends<br />
    23. 23. Why does sustainability matter to the private sector?<br />Enhance Brand & <br />Goodwill<br />Customers<br />Cost Management<br />Customers Asking,<br />Gov’t Mandating<br />Green Suppliers<br />Rising Energy & Resource Spend<br />Global <br />1000<br />Firms<br />Competitors <br />Using Sustainability<br />to Differentiate,<br />Cut Costs, Underprice<br />Threat of Regulatory/Legal Cost Burdens<br />Investors View ESG<br />Factors as Long-Term<br />Performance Indicators<br />Talented Workforce<br />Wants to Make<br />Sustainability Impact<br />Shareholders<br />Employees<br />7<br />
    24. 24. Offerings for Corporate and Commercial Real Estate<br />8<br />Enterprise Sustainability Roadmap<br />We provide the definition and execution of <br />profit-based sustainability plans on a global scale.<br />
    25. 25. The Energy/Operational Retrofit Process<br />Planning: Identify goals & needs (1 week)<br />Customer discussions to agree upon process and desired outcomes<br />Dismiss opportunity<br />Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)<br />Preliminary Analysis (3 - 5 weeks):<br />Data provided by customer and base audits to develop order of magnitude assessment<br />Product Development Agreement (PDA)<br />Dismiss project<br />Investment Grade Audit (12 - 16 weeks) <br />Sophisticated analysis to gather data , develop custom solution, identify financing<br />Financing Solution Contract<br />Fixed Price Contract with Volumetric Energy Savings Guarantee<br />Pay fee for investment grade audit<br />Execute<br />Improvements such as:<br />Controls, Air Flow Mgmt, HVAC, Power Distribution, Lighting, Monitoring & Analytics, Facility Management Services, ReCommissioning, Renewable Energy, Water Efficiency, M&V<br />Achieve Certifications<br />Lower Utilities Expenditure<br />Reduce Emissions<br />Enhance Brand<br />Avoid/Defer<br />Capex<br />Reduce O&M Costs<br />Make customer more competitive (+ measure & verify the impact)<br />
    26. 26. Warehouse Experience (Retrofit and Operations Programs)<br />Manage over 1 Billion Square Feet of Space <br />Large portion of it is warehouse space <br />Maintenance and RTU optimization programs<br />JCI has 300 Manufacturing Facilities all with Warehouse space<br />Building stock included for Carbon reduction commitment <br />We have extensive knowledge regarding Retail/Manufacturing Warehouse Refrigeration <br />Agreements with Organizations with major warehousing space:<br />Agilent<br />Eastman Kodak<br />P and G<br />Walmart<br />JC Penny<br />Others<br />
    27. 27. Warehouse Retrofit Offerings<br />Integrated Solar Roofs<br />Task and Spot Lighting<br />Personal Environments Modules<br />Dock Optimization<br />Solar Curtains<br />Radiant Heating<br />Fork Lift Conversion<br />Solar Thermal and PV<br />Roof Top Conversion<br />Over Head Bay Doors<br />Occupancy Control<br />Building Automation <br />Wireless Communication Systems<br />We know what it means to back up a Truck to a Dock<br />
    28. 28. Focused on Solving your Challenges<br />Reducing costs<br />Optimizing energy costs and reliability<br />Providing sustainable environments<br />Infrastructure renewal<br />Ensuring efficiency and comfort in buildings<br />Integrating technologies, products & services<br />Committed to delivering results anywhere in the world where you do business<br />
    29. 29. Next Steps<br />Complete Memorandum of Understanding – alignment of objectives specific to Tennessee sites<br />Schedule site visits<br />Provide/obtain site specific data 2 weeks prior to visit<br />Schedule Preliminary Audit report findings meeting<br />Committed to delivering results anywhere in the world where you do business<br />