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Risks for Lawyers of NOT Using Technology & Digital Media to Connect With Clients


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Lawyers are often warned of the dangers of social media and the cloud - but truth is, lawyers' failure to understand how to use social media may imperil their clients. Moreover, lawyers need to realize that they are subject to terms of service, federal privacy and consumer protection law and netiquette codes when doing business online - and these matter more than legal ethics.

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Risks for Lawyers of NOT Using Technology & Digital Media to Connect With Clients

  1. 1. SHOULD YOU FRIEND CLIENTS, COWORKERS OR COLLEAGUES ON FACEBOOK? Two schools of thought, no right answer NO YES TMI - Clients (and subordinates) can see whether or not you are working; may envy that you are “rich,” or will pester you since there are no boundaries. PERSONALIZED - Can support clients’ causes, remain in touch or show client you are accessible [in most cases, probably preferable to wait until case concludes]
  2. 2. INSTAGRAM Recruiting Tool Branding Fun
  3. 3. Q.5 - Can I participate in sites that charge clients and retain a percentage of the legal fees that I earn from the case? • LAWS No problem - this is the way business is done in 2018. See Etsy, Uber, etc... LEGAL ETHICS NYSBA OP. 1132 - Services like Avvo Legal Services (e.g. $39 consult or flat fee assistance) are considered a "fee for referral" (since ratings are effectively an endorsement) and thus are prohibited. (Other bars have found Avvo Legal Services improper fee splitting) No problem . • SITE TOS Users find it odd that lawyers CAN'T participate in these types of 8NETIQUETTE services.