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  1. 1. Who we are….. At an Event Management Chandigarh, we are more of Event Consultants for our clients than Event Managers or Event Planners. Our job is to advice our clients on the best practices and most feasible approach to reach their goals & deliver message effectively.
  2. 2. How we are different…..? We are able to take on this role thanks to the long and vast experience of our team in different field of promotion andproduction, and to the exceptional relationship we have with our supplier Partners. This allows us to control or quality more closely and reduce time, cost and efforts for changes in concepts or designs.To add more value for our clients, in addition to our main Event consultation, we provide many creative services.Our professional support will ensure your event is enjoyable and successful in bringing about your objectives.
  3. 3. Why carnivals…. • low cost effective communication • We don’t take over your event we just give you the local support to ensure things run smoothly & according to plan.• Finding a venue that suits the style & mood of your event and a location that is comfortable and easily accessible is a fundamental part of getting it right.• Negotiating the best rates & concession for your company or group, we can make suitable suggestions that will cover all of your individual requirements. • To demonstrate our creativity, innovation & commitment in away which distinguishes us from others in market place & leaves our clients with a strong feelings that they have received something personal.
  4. 4. What we offer…. • Consultation• identifying your entertainment objectives and building a picture of your needs and budget. • planning for sales promotion activities. • branding & marketing(ATL & BTL) •planning and scheduling a project timetable • PR • Co-ordination • events and promotions. • tour & travels • venue or locations • celebrities /artists • Negotiations • the “best” rates and packages on your behalf.
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  9. 9. Thanks & Regards Team Carnivals 9814-008899 9872-616161