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Horror in pop culture


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Katie's Presentation

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Horror in pop culture

  1. 1. Creepypasta and Slender Man
  2. 2. • Based off of “copypasta” – copy+pasting information between websites, usually stories• Only HORROR-FIED!!• Three styles of narrative • Anecdotes • Rituals • The Lost Episode• THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!
  3. 3. • Pokemon • Lost Silver • Creepy/Cursed Black
  4. 4. • Smile Dog• Cupcakes• Ben Drowned• Username 666• The Grifter• Polybius• Happy Appy• Something Pale and Silent• ETC.
  5. 5. • June 8th 2009 – Originated on Something Awful forums• Features • Tall, thin, black suit, blank face • Stretchy arms, tentacle-like appendages on his back • Can teleport at will• Symptoms of contact include • Insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits, photo/video distortions• Notable fanworks • Marble Hornets – mockumentary • Slender – indie video game