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Arizona IT Management Service Book


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Here is the list of services that Arizona IT Management provides it\'s customers

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Arizona IT Management Service Book

  1. 1. Arizona Information Technology Management Service Book All Services Arizona IT Management Provides for Customers Under Contract
  2. 2. Contents • Policy and Procedure • Computer and Network Services • Recovery • Installation • Hosting • Google Apps • eCommerce • Pricing • Contact
  3. 3. Policy and Procedure • New Employee Handbooks – Arizona IT Management can draft and finalize the acceptable use policy for your company's new employee handbook. • Information Security Policy – Arizona IT Management can create your information security policy and create technical controls to maintain your information security policy. • HIPAA – Arizona IT Management can create your HIPAA policy and create an awareness that spans technical, administrative and physical safeguards to keep private matters private and in compliance with HIPAA
  4. 4. Computer and Network Services • Virus Removal – We use the latest anti-virus arsenal to remove your viruses. • Malware Removal – We also use tools to remove any malware you may have on your computers, regardless if they are desktops, laptops, tablets or servers. • Cabling – We install cabling for any size building. * • IP Addressing – We understand IP addressing and can segment your network as required for communication over the network.
  5. 5. Computer and Network Services • DNS – We can configure your domain name services so computers know how to talk to servers and for servers to talk to each other. • DHCP – We can set your servers up, regardless if they are using Windows, Linux or NetWare, to hand out IP addresses for your devices on the network. Switching and Routing We can configure your network devices, like switches and routers, to route traffic correctly • Firewalls – We can configure a vast number of firewalls • Intrusion Detection – We can set up a computer to monitor your inbound traffic to notify you or us if anybody gets into the network.
  6. 6. Computer and Network Services • Monitoring – We can set up a computer to monitor everything and get to issues before they become problems • Wireless – We can set up your wireless devices to run securely. • Patching – Microsoft releases new patches every second Tuesday of the month, we can configure your systems to automatically download and install patches. This normally doesn't cover application patching. We will handle your applications too!
  7. 7. Recovery We can set your business up for business continuity and disaster recovery, but its better to get us sooner than later. We can recover most anything provided we are around prior to any 'hiccups' or disasters. Imaging and Restore Tricks Virtualization Cloud Computing
  8. 8. Imaging and Restore • We'll update your computes and set restore points, then create images of your computers so in the event of a crash, we can get you restored to similar hardware or migrate your data to a virtual machine so we can access your data.
  9. 9. Tricks • We have a few tricks up our sleeve to be able to recover the data from a computer that has been infected to the point of where it can no longer boot. So far, we have had a high success rate in pulling data off of a crashed computer.
  10. 10. Virtualization • If we can, we will migrate your servers from physical to virtual servers which gives you a greener approach to computing and gives your business the ability to recover from a disaster easily.
  11. 11. Cloud Computing • Using cloud computing, its easy to manage your data and keep it safe from viruses, malware, and un-authorized access. You can also work on your data from anywhere. Also, since its in the cloud, there are data centers across America that replicate your data so you do not have a single point of failure.
  12. 12. Installation • Operating Systems - Desktops, Laptops and Tablets • Operating Systems – Servers • Applications
  13. 13. Operating Systems - Desktops • Windows: We can perform installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Versions currently supported are Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. We can also do Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows CE, Windows ME, Windows NT, and DOS, but we cannot guarantee it will run on today's hardware. Linux: We can perform the installation of various distros of Linux: Redhat Linux, Fedora, SuSe, Ubuntu, and Debian.
  14. 14. Operating Systems - Servers • Windows: We can perform the installation of Microsoft Windows server, which covers Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 Linux: We can perform the installation of various distros of Linux: Redhat, Ubuntu, and SuSe. NetWare: We can perform the installation of various flavors of NetWare. Versions 5 and up. Virtual: We can perform the installation of the following virtual server operating systems. VMWare Server and Microsoft Virtual Server.
  15. 15. Applications • • Symantec Security Expressions Active Directory • MySQL server • eDirectory • Veritas Backup Exec • Apache • McAfee Virus Scan • SQL Server • Nmap • Exchange Server • Microsoft Office • SharePoint Server • Microsoft Visio • McCormick • Microsoft Project • Spectrum (formerly Forefront) • Php • IIS • Other applications, just ask us. • VMWare Server If we don't know, we can try • Blackberry Enterprise Server or find someone to help us.
  16. 16. Hosting • We have a great hosting company we can refer you to • Set up – We will configure your site for you and your people to access and help you design your own
  17. 17. Hosting - Applications We can install all of the following onto your website and help you configure them. • b2Evolution • phpBB • bbPress • phpList • BuddyPress • phpMyFAQ • Concrete5 • PixelPost • Coppermine • PoMMo • CubeCart • PunBB • Drupal • SimpleMachinesForum • E107 • SimplePie • ExtCalendar • TextPattern • Joomla • TikiWikiCMSGroupWare • LimeSurvey • vTigerCRM • Mantis • WikkaWiki • MODx • WordPress • Moodle • ZenCart • OpenCart • ZenPhoto • osCommerce
  18. 18. Google Apps • Google Apps is the Cloud Computing solution that we propose to all businesses. There are many well established businesses that use Google Apps and fore go the expensive Microsoft costs. We can configure your domain, migrate your email and your data and give you peace of mind. Visit if you'd like to try Gmail out. Just trying Gmail you get Calendar, Docs, Sites, Video and Photos, why not have it work with your domain and get extra space? A lot more extra space. With Google Apps you get the following:
  19. 19. Google Apps Gmail Email will be migrated to Gmail but geared and customized around your company. Calendar Google calendar will replace your current calendar solution and can import all your current electronic calendar schedules. Google Docs No longer will you pay expensive pricing for Microsoft Office, Google Docs supports Microsoft Office file formats, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Open Office file formats, Open Office Writer, Open Office Calc and Open Office Impress and can save as Adobe Acrobat PDFs, HTML, Rich Text Files, Text Files, Microsoft Documents, and Open Office Documents. Sites Create websites on the fly for Internet and Intranet use without the expensive Microsoft solution of combining Microsoft Windows Server and SharePoint Server. Make them public or private and embed Google Widgets into it. Videos Your company's own YouTube for private sharing. (Business account required)
  20. 20. eCommerce Sell and accept payments online, we show you how with: • PayPal • GoogleCheckout • Everpay Merchant Solutions
  21. 21. Pricing Our pricing is very affordable and tailored for small businesses. On top of that, we offer a 10% discount to all veteran-owned small businesses. 15% to disadvantaged veteran- owned small businesses. If you have an office with less than 5 computers, call us and let's talk.
  22. 22. Pricing Contracts... Or not • 5 computers, including server = $500/month with contract. $800/month without contract • 10 computers, including servers = $1000/month with contract. $1200/month without contract • 15 computers, including servers = $1500/month with contract. $1600/month without contract • 20 or more computers and servers, call us and let's talk. All services in this book are included in our flat fee. We will have to consult with you on each project and layout timeframes and other expenses that we do not control. For example, we can get you Internet access but the contract is between you and your Internet provider. We can help but we cannot control that.
  23. 23. Contact us Website: Email: Phone: 480-338-0102