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Inquiry rm 14 powerpoint


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Inquiry rm 14 powerpoint

  1. 1. • Africans – Mieke and Bryce• Hindi – Shanaya and Vikisha• Chinese – Jim• Arabic – Fahham and Abdul• Panjabi – Savik and Avinash• Russian – Sean• German – Mrs Grace
  2. 2. Room 14 InquiryCultural Diversity
  3. 3. We used the news to talkabout being a good citizen.
  4. 4. We found out that Globalcitizenship had lots to do with respecting differentcultures and celebrations.
  5. 5. We did a survey to find outwhich celebrations students at Willowbank celebrate.Then we researched them
  6. 6. We always had to Focus – What are we trying to learn??
  7. 7. After we learnt lots aboutglobal citizenship we had todecide what to do and then DO IT.
  8. 8. Museum TripMaori Culture
  9. 9. Museum TripJapanese Culture
  10. 10. We even saw Egyptian Mummies
  11. 11. What are celebrations? We found out.
  12. 12. Wednesday 26th September was Diwali so we made Rangoli patterns, which are to welcome people and Laxmi –the Goddess of wealth and fortune.
  13. 13. Diwali
  14. 14. We had a culturalcelebration day to learnabout other celebrations and recognise our own.
  15. 15. Even some parents came in
  16. 16. Should we print our calendar at the shops or at school? Why? We rated our options against the success criteria and found the best option.
  17. 17. Finally we made our Calendars
  18. 18. We hope that next yearpeople will learn about and respect all celebrations.