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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Library Fieldtrip Steps 1. Get buy-in / explain 2. “Hunt” library website 3. Make travel plans 4. Plan library activities 5. Reflect on our trip 6. Record our stories
  2. 2. “Hunt” the library website in pairs during lab class.
  3. 3. Make travel plans together.
  4. 4. “How will you get to the library?” Name Walk Take the Drive Get a ride bus Make travel plans together. (cont’d)
  5. 5. “Where is…?” Where is …? upstairs downstairs Where are…? the checkout counter children’s books DVDs the computer lab Plan library activities together. Report back. The checkout counter is downstairs, next to the front door. The children’s books are downstairs, next to the periodicals.
  6. 6. We asked questions about English books, activities for children, and late fees during the librarian’s presentation. We read fliers and brochures about services and activities at the library. Use photos we took in a shared writing activity. We went on a tour of the library and listened to the librarian.
  7. 7. “Congratulations, class!” Record stories about our experience.
  8. 8. “Library is good place to teach yourself to learn more English. The first step in library with my classmates was with my teacher Michele Cona. That trip was very wonderful . In library we found all help with library clerk . After that we make a tour in the library . We found the books about English language and the video, and there many way to learn English like : audiobook, videocassette , DVDs ... as we ask the library clerk about any thing if we don't know it. After that we got the library card . It became for us to use it for many way to learn English like, How to borrow a book a video, How to return any thing you borrow. Really, library is a good space to make yourself better with English.” Reflect and write about our -- A.G.M. Trip to the library.