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The Awesome Foundation Melbourne


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What's behind the Awesome Foundation Melbourne? The people? The process? What makes something awesome?

Published in: Career, Travel, News & Politics
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The Awesome Foundation Melbourne

  1. 1. that  Advancingawesome bryonycole HKL
  2. 2. Funding women s educationscholarships by wearing a school dress DoItInaDress com au
  3. 3. Installing bee hives on Melbourne s rooftops rooftophoney com au
  4. 4. A phone network thatworks without a telco and goes beyond the grid servalproject org
  5. 5. A mini cooper covered in macarons melbournemacaron com
  6. 6. What do they all have in common  
  7. 7. HOUSE RULES Select Awesome Contribute Replace Yourself
  8. 8. How do you decide on awesome Have awesome monthly board meetings
  9. 9. Appoint a Dean of Awesome
  10. 10. Hand over Awesome dollars
  11. 11. grow awesome connections
  12. 12. What makes something awesome
  13. 13. difficult to define
  14. 14. instantThere are no shades of grey we only use bright pink AF member
  15. 15. abundant
  16. 16. simple
  17. 17. growing awesome globally  from in Boston to today in Melbourne Sydney Paris London Berlin
  18. 18. awesome universe  
  19. 19. big ideas change the worldsmall ideas keep the world moving
  20. 20. that   So just dostuff
  21. 21. Go on ApplyAwesomefoundation org
  22. 22. Thanks for being awesome bryonycole