Mentorship: Breaking the mould. Exploring alternative models


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Mentoring outside the traditional junior-senior relationship.
Looks at the value of multiple mentors across various social systems.

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Mentorship: Breaking the mould. Exploring alternative models

  1. 1. Mentorship. Breaking the mould. An exploration into alternative methods of mentoring
  2. 2. Traditional models The mentor is ordinarily several years oldera person of greater experience and seniority a teacher adviser or sponsor Levinson 1978
  3. 3. What if you couldn’t find your mentor?
  4. 4. My story So far  
  5. 5. Not alone.
  6. 6. The women who I do think do this tend tobe self-employed where they are forgingtheir own networks and are the face of theirbusiness. And maybe that’s it – the women who arein-touch with themselves enough to bestrong women who throw down at work –they stop and say “Why am I throwin’ down for the man when I can be doing it for myself?”
  7. 7. Can we still be women, feminine andstrong? Are the two concepts compatible?Can we be ourselves and still besuccessful? Do we have to be one person inthe office and one person at home?How are we supposed to manage all ofthese expectations? It often feels likewhichever approach we take it is the wrongone, there are always a lot of ‘shoulds’ beingthrown around. ellison! “Do we have to manipulate our own behaviour to pander to the perceptions of others in order to be successful?”
  8. 8. “I’ve almost mimicked what I’ve seen male colleagues do.” Anon.“It would be great if we could support each other & celebrate winsinstead of passing judgement…”
  9. 9. “I have a feeling we’re thegeneration that needs towork to define that.”
  10. 10. Are we looking in all the wrong places?
  11. 11. “If I want to lead and have tomake decisions, I have to betough sometimes, no matter if Iam a woman or a man.” @nachrichtenlos
  12. 12. “A good way...was building and maintaining a network thatcould give me honest feedback on the way I acted.” @nachrichtenlos
  13. 13. Ideal mentor
  14. 14. Leadership" Female"     Ideal mentorEnvironment"  
  15. 15. A developmental networkperspective Monica C Higgins (Harvard University) & Kathy Kram (Boston University)
  16. 16. Relationship constellations Kathy Kram (Boston University)
  17. 17. Ideal mentor s
  18. 18. Developmental networks" by Kathy Kram " and Monica Higgins Receptive Traditional " " " Opportunistic" Entrepreneurial"
  19. 19. Multiple social systems Kathy Kram (Boston University)
  20. 20. Beyond cross pollination of networks …no order hierarchies
  21. 21. “A Mentor may be the dumbest idea that ever came down the pipe” Jack Welch:  
  22. 22. “Everyone is a teacher” Jack Welch Former CEO of GE
  23. 23. Female"  Leadership"   Environment"  
  24. 24. The start of new models of mentorship… Amber Rae  
  25. 25. Look at what’s around you.Then look at what’s over the horizon.
  26. 26. Thank you! @bryonycole This is Mindful Conference 21 May 2011 Melbourne, Australia