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Let's talk real-world private cloud implementation!


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How we decided to implement the HP Database Consolidation Appliance, where we started and what are the critical design and process topics, which you need to know.

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Let's talk real-world private cloud implementation!

  1. 1. Let‟s talk real-world private cloud implementation!
  2. 2. Sponsors
  3. 3. So who am I? Boris Hristov
  4. 4. Who is still against virtualization? IF „Your Answer is “YES” or close to that‟ BEGIN PRINT „Please, check Hyper-V 3.0!‟ END ELSE PRINT „Please, check Hyper-V 3.0 if you still haven‟t. IT ROCKS!‟4 |
  5. 5. So it all started from here… a customer of ours…5 |
  6. 6. one day we decided to audit… SELECT COUNT(serverName) FROM ServerDB > 100 rows were modified6 |
  7. 7. our reaction |
  8. 8. after some days of thinking… A call was arranged8 |
  9. 9. during the call DBAs explained the business benefits9 |
  10. 10. A month or so later… 8 servers 24 cores each (192 total) 2TB RAM 57TB space (22 usable) DBC appliance It‟s a small beast… RAID 10 All hardware - HA was ordered! Windows Server 2008R2 SQL Server 2008R2 Enterprise System Center 2007R210 |
  11. 11. we Started collecting and analyzing data11 |
  12. 12. DEMOThe Inspector – MAP toolkit
  13. 13. a week or so later HP DBC and an engineer came13 |
  14. 14. when the DBC was configured the fun was just about to start14 |
  15. 15. the business said “NO” to MAP toolkit went for even more information15 |
  16. 16. after an agreement between business and DBAs Some databases were moved, others - consolidated16 |
  17. 17. how this happened? P2V and consolidation17 |
  18. 18. how this happened?18 |
  19. 19. you have to… 1. Sysprep SQL Server 2. Create SQL Server profile 3. Create VM template 4. Create service template19 |
  20. 20. DEMOSysprep of SQL Server
  21. 21. SQL Server Profile vm-and-deploy-it-using-s.html
  22. 22. VM Template vm-and-deploy-it-using-s.html
  23. 23. Service Template vm-and-deploy-it-using-s.html
  24. 24. benefits (DBA dreams?) tons of money saved (in the long term) easier management capacity for more VMs (still…)24 |
  25. 25. summing it up What we and you have to do… 1. Talk business language 2. Understand your workload 3. Design an architecture 4. Choose the appropriate hardware and software 5. Execute and monitor... n. Support and execute customer‟s requests… (don‟t be so fast! you know you will have to do these!)25 |
  26. 26. You want to save “some bucks” for your company? Microsoft SQL Server Database Private Cloud Deep Dive Building a Private Cloud in 75 minutes Building a Microsoft Private Cloud with HP HP DBC Whitepaper Slipstream SQL Server Media Creating SQL Server SCVMM template Consolidation and virtualization guide by Brent Ozar26 |
  27. 27. and at the very end… See you around! Thanks!27 |