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Escape Velocity 2013 agm slides


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Escape Velocity 2013 agm slides

  1. 1. 2013 EV AGMSunday February 17, 2013Time: 1:00-4:00pmRoom 3406, Douglas College(New Westminster)700 Royal AvenueNew Westminste9r, BC
  2. 2. AGM Agenda2013 AGM Agenda Events - Spring SeriesIntroduction(s) - Sportif SeriesApproval of 2012 AGM Minutes - dEVo junior classicApproval of 2013 Agenda - WTNC2012 Finances [M. Wan] - Cyclocross race x1PRESENTATIONS & DISCUSION Election to Board of DirectorsRenewed and sustainable EV: - Resignations- Membership update - Elections- Communications Miscellaneous and issues amended to- Training and social rides agendaSponsorship overviewProgrammes Adjournment- dEVo & Vision 2020- EV racer support program
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. Approval of 2012 minutesMotion• “Approval of 2012 EV AGM minutes”
  5. 5. Approval of 2013 agenda2013 AGM Agenda EventsIntroduction(s) - Spring SeriesApproval of 2012 AGM Minutes - Sportif SeriesApproval of 2013 Agenda - dEVo junior classic2012 Finances [M. Wan] - WTNC - Cyclocross race x1PRESENTATIONS & DISCUSIONRenewed and sustainable EV: Election to Board of Directors- Membership update - Resignations- Communications - Elections- Training and social rides Miscellaneous and issues amended toSponsorship overview agendaProgrammes- dEVo & Vision 2020 Adjournment- EV Racer Support Program
  6. 6. 2012 Financials• Motion• “Approval of 2012 financials” – Discussion – Amendments or corrections
  7. 7. Escape Velocity: The bestracing development club inCanada! – Is it possible?The Mission of Escape Velocity Cycling Club is to developand support cyclists in the Lower Mainland of BC toachieve success in all levels of bicycle racing.The Vision of Escape Velocity Cycling Club is to be theleading competitive cycling club in the Lower Mainland ofBC for talent development and race organization.How do you become the best racing development club inCanada?- Know and adhere to your core values.- Develop sustainable and enviable operating systems that reflect your values.
  8. 8. Escape Velocity: The bestracing development club inCanada! – know our valuesKnow our core values: - We are all racers at heart. - Racers come in all ages and stages - We don’t judge one’s worth by speed, but instead by their commitment to the sport, achieving their personal goals, and adhering to ethics that are admired in sport - Stewardship of the sport’s future is central to our mission.
  9. 9. Escape Velocity: The bestracing development club inCanada! – Operating issuesWhat is the critical mass of membership?How do we organize our rides to bestserve all members?How do we organize our communicationsto best serve all members?How do we best organize our work toserve each other?
  10. 10. 0 50 100 150 250 300 2006 200 2007 2008 2009 2010 Membership 2011 20122013 J2013 S 2014 2015 EV Total dEVo dEVo p
  11. 11. Organizing our rides:10 years of lessons• Principles – one ride does not fit all• Rides intensity, length, policy should be predictable and meaningful for sub- group designations (i.e. valid and reliable) – i.e. drop vs. no drop. – Fenders, no fenders• Rides benefit from leaders/organizers
  12. 12. Organizing our rides: We’llknow we’re succeeding if ..• Establish minimum two group EV rides: – Distance/roving intense ride (Apr. – Oct.) – Shorter, softer-fixed pace ride (Apr. – Oct.)• Use the Google calendar in the EV site to publish rides, routes, and ratings in advance.• Fixed pace (welcoming) ride attracts new members• Establish a tradition of one large group start or ride each month(dEVo as well).
  13. 13. Organizing ourcommunication• We have 16 members not on FB• Official announcements email or website.• Google calendar for rides• Don’t assume that all messages in FB get read by all members, it is our “social site” for dialogue and engagement.• Improved mail-lists and email contacts• Improved Board list and communication
  14. 14. Organizing our work:Committee structureAll committees should have a board member for communicationand continuity but the rest of the members are there to guidethe direction of the club with Board support.• Current committees in the club: – Sponsorship – dEVo program committee – Membership• Proposed committees: – Web-development team – Club ride organization and quality – Race organization – Design, graphics, promotion
  15. 15. Thank you for 6 very hardmonths of work to get us tothis new beginning!• The entire board of directors (monthly meetings and literally 100s of emails)• Alan and Scott for leading the Sat. ride resurgence.• Peter and Sean – clothing and web design• Ryan Heays – clothing liaison with Sugoi• Web-team (Darrin, Mark, Ryan & growing).
  16. 16. 2013-2015 Sponsorship OverviewCatalyst Kinetics – Title SponsorTRG Group Benefits – Club SponsorSugoi – Official Technical ApparelCannondale – Official BikeBSP – Club Shop SponsorContinental Repairs – Club partnerRoberts Composites – Club partnerVelofix – Club partner (Spring Series)
  17. 17. Catalyst, TRG, Cannondale, and SugoiAll three year term except Cannondale• Obligations: – Grow dEVo to target numbers in vision 2020 – Grow EV to target numbers in Cannondale contract – Deliver on Vision 2020 for dEVo – Run Spring Series, Sportif & WTNC
  18. 18. BenefitsCatalyst Kinetics – Title SponsorTRG Group Benefits – Club SponsorSugoi – Official Technical ApparelCannondale – Official BikeBSP – Club Shop SponsorContinental Repairs – Club partnerRoberts Composites – Club partner
  19. 19. Programmes: dEVo
  20. 20. Programmes: dEVodEVo and Vision 2020• 8 year developmentally appropriate model (U13, U15, U17, U19)• Long-term goals are: – Sustainable financials – Sustainable athlete recruitment and development model – Sustainable coaching development model• 2013 goals: – Establish “start-up” funds to hire coach(es) – Establish a coaching pool (Head coach, U15/U13, and assistants, and ride leaders) – Implement a full racing and training calendar as per the plan
  21. 21. EV Race Support ProgramProposal by members:Establish an EV Racer support fund for racers that commit totargeted races and organize themselves to train and attend raceson the following calendar:2013 EV supported race schedule: April 19-21: Tour of Walla Walla May 4-5 : Tour de Bloom (Wenatchee) May 18-19 : Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race June 13-16: Banff Bike Fest July 19-21: Cascade Classic
  22. 22. EV Race Support ProgramGoals of the project:1. Support dedicated EV racers who commit to training, racing, and organizing as a team regardless of category.2. Maximizes the use of club resources by both EV and dEVo members by sharing of capital items, such as trailers and tents when possible, practical and coordinated in advance with the dEVo program director.3. Rewards team involvement by supporting a pre-planned race schedule and car-pooling/team travel planning.4. Encouraging racer development by possible supporting coaching involvement in team training events or race events.5. Encouraging coaching and team management development in the club by supporting these roles within this program with the same travel support as racers.
  23. 23. EV Race Support ProgramMotion: Escape Velocity establish an EV racer support programwith the following support for 2013:• The EV race support program will receive a dedicated line item in the 2013 budget with a $2000 limit.• Support can be used for travel and entry reimbursement for listed races in the project according to the following terms: – For 3 or less riders, the club will reimburse gas and race entries – For 4 or more riders, the club will reimburse gas, and/or rental expenses for a vehicle.• Club tents (up to 2) will be available to the team when not in use for event hosting.
  24. 24. EV Race Support ProgramGuiding principles for implementation:An event manager for each event or all events should beappointed by the members attending the eventevent manager duties include:• facilitating event sign-up on EVs system(s) to identify participants (i.e. google calendar, CiviCRM, emai or FB• liaise with the appropriate EV members who support communications in the club if necessary• liaise with the club treasurer regarding expected expenses, payment and EV race support account balance.When possible EV and dEVo resources will be aggregated atevents to create an EV/dEVo presence.When available, the dEVo trailer will be made available to EVRace Support program.
  25. 25. 2013 Events & SeriesBecoming the best means increasing ourprofessionalism. So what’s with theorange jersey!
  26. 26. Race organizer – Stuart LynneRace director – Jeremy StorieSS 1 2013-03-03 Aldergrove Short RRSS 1, 2 2 2013-03-09 River Road RRSS 3 2013-03-10 Armstrong RRSS 1 4 2013-03-17 Bradner RRSS 5 2013-03-23 Wix Brown RRSS 1 6 2013-03-24 Aldergrove Long RRSS 2 7 2013-03-30 Old Yale CritSS 2 8 2013-03-30 River Road TTSS 2 9 2013-03-31 Snake RR1 Novice LTR events2 Attended by Cannondale, Sugoi, and likely BSP
  27. 27. Events & Series:Sportif SeriesRace organizer – Stuart LynneRace director – TBDSportif 1 2013-04-13 ThunderbirdSportif 1, 2 2013-05-11 Thunderbird LongSportif 1 2013-07-28 Aldergrove EastSportif 1, 2 2013-08-24 Murchie Rd1 LTR at all events!2 Possibly part of BC Road Race Series (CBC)
  28. 28. dEVo ClassicJunior Stage Race Race organizers – S.L., A.P., B.S. Race director – TBD Location - TBD dEVo 2013-06-15 Junior Stage Race dEVo 2013-06-16 Junior Stage Race Part of BC Junior Development Series
  29. 29. WTNCRace organizer – J.T.Race directors – J.T and weekly captains x 4Location - UBCTuesday nights May-Aug.Additions for 2013:• Series leader bibs for overall and sprint• Regular dEVo session at WTNC for Tues. sessions• LTR clinics when possible• Use of tents, trailer, and finish flags to  professionalism
  30. 30. Cyclocross – EV ____Race organizer – Tobin Copley and CXersRace directors – TBDLocation – TBD – somewhere epicDate – TBD – sometime epicGuarantee – lots of EV and dEVo presenceand a memorable day!
  31. 31. 2013 Board of DirectorNominationsRequired positions:1. President2. Vice President3. Treasurer4. Secretary5. One member at largeDesirable extra positions6. Club race director7. Sponsorship coordinator8. dEVo board representative9. Communications and media coordinator10. Web-team coordinator
  32. 32. Agenda additions• Membership Fees for 2014 [and 2013 retroactive] – dEVo - $175 • Includes free kit. – Adults • $75 before Dec. 1, 2013 • $100 up to Aug. 1, 2014 • $50 from Aug. 1 – Dec. 31, 2014 – EV Ex Pat(no benefit except FB, ride access when in town, and continuation on email lists). • $25 annually Only active members receive EV clothing discounts, race discounts, and access to bike application
  33. 33. Motion to adjourn• Motion to adjourn the 2013 EV AGM
  34. 34. We run the most races, we have vision 2020, weare attracting the right people, we have theright sponsors, now it’s up to us to become the“best racing development club in Canada! “