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India & asia web demo

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India & asia web demo

  1. 1. Improve Instruction & Enhance Teacher Effectiveness Terrell Wesley Solutions Consultant, India/ Direct: +1 (330) 599-4969
  2. 2. Who is Turning Technologies? Global leader of response technology for interactive learning• Founded in 2002 in Youngstown, OH• Industry Leader in Student Response Technology• Over 4 million ResponseCards in use in over 94 countries• Over 50% of the Universities in the U.S.A. use our Solutions• Higher Ed, K-12, Corporate and International Sales Divisions
  3. 3. Effective Assessment & Learning Tools POLLING SOLUTIONS RESPONSE SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Turning Technologies Clicker Solutions
  5. 5. What is your experience with student response systems?0%33% 1. Expert0% 2. Very Familiar67%0% 3. Somewhat Familiar 4. A Little Familiar 5. Not Familiar At All
  6. 6. 70% of students agreed they were more likely toparticipate because of the anonymity ofclicker technology.Source: “Learning By Remote Control: Exploring the Use of an Audience Response System as a Vehicle forContent Delivery” (Williams, 2003)
  7. 7. 91% of students affirmed that they experienced deeper learning as a consequence of the discussions that follow clicker questions.Source: “Learning By Remote Control: Exploring the Use of an Audience Response System as a Vehicle forContent Delivery” (Williams, 2003)
  8. 8. Clickers made class material more engaging (87%),motivational (63%) and enhanced learning(73%).Source: “A Student Response System for Increasing Engagement, Motivation and Learning in High EnrollmentLectures” (Hall et al., 2005)
  9. 9. increase in attendance with the use of response technology.Source: “An Empirical Study of Personal Response Technology for Improving Attendance and Learning in aLarge Class” (Shapiro, 2009)
  10. 10. What percentage of test scores improved whenlearning was integrated with response technology? 33% 27% 1. 15% 23% 2. 27% 17% 3. 41% 4. 64% 1 2 3 4
  11. 11. Support Learning Theories Agile Teaching Quickly adapt course pace as well as alter course structure to suit the needs and abilities of students. Assessment FOR Learning Use clickers during lecture to check if students are making progress toward learning objectives. Game-Based Learning Use competitive exercises to challenge students against each other and create motivation for enhanced learning. Peer Instruction Engage students through activities that require them to apply the concepts being presented. Students explain those concepts to their peers.
  12. 12. The first Mac and PC poll in ANY environment solution! Polling Environments:  Poll in PowerPoint  Poll in Any Application  Self-Paced Polling Instant Management of:  Students  Content  Data
  13. 13. PowerPoint Polling Anywhere Polling Self-Paced PollingDeliver interactive Poll atop web pages, Poll assessments,PowerPoint presentations videos, documents or evaluations, and surveysusing seamlessly created any application using a that require participants toPowerPoint slides or floating interactive work at their own pace.imported TurningPoint toolbar.question lists.
  14. 14. Poll in ANY Application  PowerPoint  PDF  Keynote  Internet  Word  Etc.
  15. 15. Poll Native to PowerPoint  Game Competition  Demographic Data Slicing  Conditional Branching  Ranking Wizard  Comparative Linking  Moment to Moment Polling
  16. 16. Self-Paced Polling Use existing quizzes, exams, or create new ones Randomize multiple versions of your test Provide students with instant results Difficulty and discrimination index reporting Locks students out after test submission
  17. 17. Response Solutions ResponseCard RF LCD ResponseCard NXT Ideal for Formative & Summative Assessment Mobile Learning Solution• Radio frequency (RF) technology• Lightweight, durable, credit card sized • Alpha-numeric input • Appeals to todays mobile savvy, • Open ended questions digital native students• Visual confirmation of responses, battery life & frequency channel • Cell phone style text entry • All standard keypad functionality • Self-paced testing mode • Text entry capabilities • Supports fill-in-the-blank and essay • No need for additional hardware
  18. 18. Presenter Solutions PresenterCard PresenterWare• 200 foot range• Open and close polling• Repoll current slide• Toggle countdown timer • Available for iOS and Android devices• Navigate through presentation • Open and close polling instantly• Show/hide chart window, response grid and • View dynamic and final results before presentation displaying to the audience
  19. 19. Poll Without a Computer or Projector ResponseCard AnyWhere • Handheld receiver • Poll without a computer or projector • Display student results anywhere, anytime • Great for field trips
  20. 20. Why Turning Technologies’ Solutions? Ease of Use Learning Affordability Theories Flexibility/ Training/PD Adaptability Support & Resources
  21. 21. Expert users that share instructional practices and research basedpedagogical uses of clickers. Focus Areas Include: • Pedagogical uses of response technology • Effective authoring of purposeful content • Ways to differentiate instruction with clickers
  22. 22. Content and Technology Integrations
  23. 23. Improve Instruction & Enhance Teacher Effectiveness Terrell WesleySolutions Consultant, India/ Direct: +1 (330)