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The Book Writing Process


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The book writing process is a long and vigorous one. This is a presentation about the book writing process, experienced and lived by Brett Farmiloe, author of the book Pursue the Passion.

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  • Thanks Quinn. It'd be interesting to see how many writers have taken a similar path with the whole 'rewriting the rewrite' part of the process.
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  • Congratulations, Brett! Books aren't written, they are re-written. Half of being smart is perseverance. And you have a LOT of that! Clever slide show!
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  • Clever presentation. As a writer it proves to me that books aren't written, they are re-written. Several times. You have what it takes to be a writer--perseverance. Congratulations on the book!
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  • It's all matter of choice and passion. Inspired presentation, Brett!
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  • Thanks Brett! You have inspired my husband. You rock!!!! Congratulations!!!
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The Book Writing Process

  1. 1. Four years ago, I had a book idea.
  2. 2. Four years later, I’ll be coming out with this book
  3. 3. What happened during those four years?
  4. 4. The Book Writing Process With Brett Farmiloe @thatpassionguy
  5. 5. The book idea came to me when I read a stat…
  6. 6. That half the American workforce dislikes what they do for a living. <ul><li>* Conference Board 2005-present </li></ul>
  7. 7. BAM! Book idea. <ul><li>What’s the Difference? </li></ul>People Who Don’t Like Their Job People Who Do Like Their Job
  8. 8. I graduated.
  9. 9. Decided to take a roadtrip across America.
  10. 10. Bought a RV off Craigslist <ul><li>*Named Maggie Miracles </li></ul>
  11. 11. And lined up interviews with people who loved their job.
  12. 12. Then, 3 hours into the trip…
  13. 13. We broke down.
  14. 14. Crap .
  15. 15. We bought airline tickets…
  16. 16. And completed 75 interviews.
  17. 17. Then I started a job as an auditor.
  18. 18. At night, and sometimes at work…
  19. 19. I worked on a book proposal.
  20. 20. About 10 of them.
  21. 21. I hired an agent…
  22. 22. And revised book proposals.
  23. 23. My agent submitted them to all the publishers.
  24. 24. And I waited.
  25. 25. And waited…
  26. 26. And then parted ways with the agent.
  27. 27. At this point, I could have quit the book writing process.
  28. 28. But instead, I quit my job.
  29. 29. And tried to get another roadtrip together.
  30. 30. With an RV that wouldn’t break down.
  31. 31. I recruited 2 friends to search for sponsors.
  32. 32. We were rejected a lot.
  33. 33. Even by this lady.
  34. 34. And then we got a food sponsorship.
  35. 35. We ate Hot Pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  36. 36. It was awesome!
  37. 37. And then, after 30 days, not so awesome.
  38. 38. It was exactly like Super Size Me .
  39. 39. We went into Hot Pocket detox.
  40. 40. A week later, we found a sponsor in:
  41. 41. They were a block away <--- My apartment <--- HQ
  42. 42. And they sponsored the purchase of this RV.
  43. 43. With this cool wrap.
  44. 44. And they sponsored the whole trip.
  45. 45. 16,000 miles…
  46. 46. 38 states…
  47. 47. And 300 interviews with people who love their job.
  48. 48. Epic.
  49. 49. But then, it was time to write a book.
  50. 50. hired us on to write the book* <ul><li>* Among many other things </li></ul>
  51. 51. And I went to work.
  52. 52. I wrote the book. <ul><li>* 50,000 words, 224 pages. </li></ul>
  53. 53. This was what it was about.
  54. 54. And I decided I didn’t like it.
  55. 55. It was too much about us…
  56. 56. And not about the original topic. <ul><li>What’s the Difference? </li></ul>People Who Don’t Like Their Job People Who Do Like Their Job
  57. 57. So 5 months and 1 book got thrown away.
  58. 58. It was a frustrating, confusing time.
  59. 59. Months passed…
  60. 60. The Stock Market crashed…
  61. 61. Obama got elected…
  62. 62. And I went back to work.
  63. 63. I transcribed every word ever spoken to us.* * About 350,000 words
  64. 64. I cut out my favorite excerpts.
  65. 65. Organized them like puzzle pieces into chapters.
  66. 66. And edited the book so you could read the entire thing on a flight.
  67. 67. Then I flew from Phoenix to Denver.
  68. 68. And read the whole thing.
  69. 69. Success!
  70. 70. Then I learned how to use Adobe InDesign.
  71. 71. I made the coffee shop my first home…
  72. 72. The office my 2nd home…
  73. 73. And my home my 3rd home.
  74. 74. I went through 10,000 photos and picked out the best ones.
  75. 75. This one didn’t make it.
  76. 76. 489 Photos like this one did.
  77. 77. And I built a book I freaking loved.
  78. 78. I gave the book to my boss…
  79. 79. Who gave the book to her boss…
  80. 80. Who decided to publish it if the design improved.
  81. 81. So the talented young lady who designed our RV…
  82. 82. Sacrificed two long weekends to improve the design of the book with me.
  83. 83. And now we had a book to go to print.
  84. 84. So we went to a printer.
  85. 85. “We got a quote.”
  86. 86. And found out that for the price of 1,000 copies of our book, we could buy…
  87. 87. A Maserati.
  88. 88. 20% down payment on a 3bd/2ba house w/ a pool in Scottsdale
  89. 89. Or a really, really fun night in Vegas.
  90. 90. So we decided to go to China.
  91. 91. Meet HE Yong (aka Leo)
  92. 92. Leo and I have exchanged 239 emails and counting…
  93. 93. On 12/22, I received the first 25 copies in a box from Beijing.
  94. 94. On 1/20, I pick up 992 copies from the Los Angeles port.
  95. 95. On 2/2, the book is available on Amazon.
  96. 96. I hope you buy it.
  97. 97. The Book Writing Process <ul><li>By Brett Farmiloe </li></ul><ul><li>Author of Pursue the Passion </li></ul><ul><li>Available on Amazon on 2/2. </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>