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Salem graduation class of 2012


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Congratulation Salem's Graduating Class of 2012

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Salem graduation class of 2012

  1. 1. Jaden Bigio Graduated from Pre-KScored a 99 on hisgifted and talented exam.Will be attending Richard RogersPS.166 in the Fall
  2. 2. Brandon Bocachica Graduated from Pre-K.Dr. Richard Green DayCareWill be attendingP.S.153 this Fall
  3. 3. Micah-Ray Hamlett Graduated from Pre-KWill be attendingP.S. 97 in the Fall
  4. 4. Jaylee-Ann Martinez Graduated from Pre-K Will be attending P.S. 14 in the Fall
  5. 5. Clarissa Sanchez Graduated from Pre-K Will be attendingSt. Marks Lutheran School in the Fall
  6. 6. Adam ValentinGraduated Pre-Kfrom Brightside AcademyWill be attending Bronx CharterSchool in the Fall
  7. 7. Dailyn Arias Graduated fromkindergarten. She got excellentattendance AwardWill be attending1st grade in the Fall
  8. 8. Jon-Ray Martinez Graduated fromKindergarten withperfect attendance and reading achievementWill be attendingP.S. 14 in the Fall
  9. 9. Joel MarteGraduated from P.S. 100 Will be attending I.S. 131 in the Fall
  10. 10. Jasmine Pacheco Graduated from Rosemary Ann Siragusas School with honors.Will be attending Yonkers Middle School in the Fall
  11. 11. Carlos RiveraGraduated from PS 75Will be attendingMS 123 in the Fall
  12. 12. Lexi ValentinGraduated from Bronx Charter School with honors.Will be attendingPace Academy in the Fall
  13. 13. Joeandy Gonzalez Graduated from Family LifeAcademy Charter SchoolWill be attendingMt. Saint MichaelHigh school in the Fall
  14. 14. Mikaela Hamlett Graduated from Aspire Prep Middle School with HonorsWill be attending The Macy HonorsProgram at ClintonHigh School in the Fall
  15. 15. Ashley Medina Graduated from the Bronx Light House Charter SchoolWill be attending College Prep Academy HighSchool in the Fall
  16. 16. Joseph Ojeda Graduated fromHenry Hudson JHS 125 Art and Music AwardsWill be attending HS of Contemporary Arts in the Fall
  17. 17. Victoria Pacheco Graduated from Yonkers Middle school.High Honor Roll andwas inducted into the National Honor Society.   Will be attendingYonkers High in the Fall
  18. 18. Mariah Rios Graduated from St. Marks Lutheran School overall honorsAlso received theChristianity Award Will be attendingPreston H.S. in the Fall
  19. 19. Yesenia CarerrasGraduated from Bronxwood Preparatory Academy Senior Class ValedictorianWill be attendingMercy College in the Fall
  20. 20. Alexander Zachary EliasGraduated DeWittClinton High School Will be attending Nyack College in the Fall
  21. 21. Kimberly Valcarcel Graduated from Health Academy High SchoolWill be attendingBMCC in the Fall
  22. 22. Christian Brito Graduated fromBMCC with A.D. in MultimediaProgramming and Design Part of the Latino SocietyWill be attendingCitiTech in the Fall
  23. 23. Maria Hernandez Graduated fromBMCC with A.D. in Liberal Arts and SciencePart of The Latino Society
  24. 24. Nicolas Martinez Graduated from University ofTechnical Institute
  25. 25. Timothy MarerroGraduated from LibertyUniversity with a Master in Theology