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Wiki manual


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Wiki manual

  1. 1. Using Wikis in a High School ClassroomDo you have knowledge to share?Brendan Field
  2. 2. The world’s most popular Wiki•Anyone can contribute•Together we are smarter thanwe are individually•We collectively choose what isimportant to present to theworld
  3. 3. The increased growth rate ofWikipedia contributions
  4. 4. Should we believe what we see?Top 3 most controversial topics on Wikipedia•Politics/Economics•History•Religion
  5. 5. Many examples of wiki success
  6. 6. Making your own wiki successin the classroomGetting the knowledgeof one studentTapping into theknowledge of the manyVs.
  7. 7. Getting started -www.wikispaces.comJust click!
  8. 8. 2.3 minutes later
  9. 9. Ideas for WikisExperimental group lab write-ups•Set well defined roles to encourage collaboration•One role is the review – who comments on the good andbad of the work (constructive criticism)•Incorporate graphing and analysis into the lab
  10. 10. Ideas for WikisPeer review of student presentations•Multiple students critique a presentation•Important learning points to giving and takingconstructive criticism
  11. 11. Ideas for WikisCreating catalogues of brainstorming ideas•Promote speed and creativity in an important cognitiveactivity•Encourage out of the box thinking•Students can see everyone’s ideas
  12. 12. Ideas for WikisCreating test review and test review solutions•Encourage collaboration on preparing for exams•Students have a stake in what they contribute becausewhat they produce will be used by their peers
  13. 13. Group projects to be done on a collaborative Wiki in Physics Class – all will begroup projects where individuals will have to post onto the wiki page to gain acollective final product.1. Design a circuit that would be appropriate for a 2 bedroom house. Includediagrams and mathematical justification for what appliances, lights, wires,and circuit breakers you are using. Include any relevant physics that anovice might need in order to understand your house circuit. NJCCCS5.4.12, 5.7.122. Create a document that proves to your parents that you understand thephysics of driving sufficiently to be a safe driver. Include all physics ofmotion that corresponds to any action you will include on a road. Includevisuals and physics explanations of both safe and unsafe behavior.NJCCCS 5.7.123. Conduct any physics experiment using toilet paper in which you collectenough data to answer a question. Present your lab report, including alldata on your wiki. Include visuals that document your work throughoutthe experiment. NJCCCS 5.1.124. Create a manual for how to perform any balancing act done by a circusperformer. Include visuals of the act being performed and detailed physicscalculations that prove that the actions being done are based on realphysics and not optical illusions or tricks. NJCCCS 5.7.12, 5.1.12