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How To Cross Stitch a QR Code


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Published in: Self Improvement
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How To Cross Stitch a QR Code

  1. 1. Cross Stitch QR Code a project by AngelaB.meA QR Code is a type of barcode that mobile devices can scan. Once scanned, a QR codeautomatically performs an action, such as opening up a website.You can cross stitch your own QR code!Attach one to your handmade item, leading to your blog post that tells how you made it.Attach one to your media case, leading a event attendee to your Twitter page.Imagine the possibilities!© Angela Bowman For personal use only - DO NOT DUPLICATE Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Cross Stitch QR Code Materials • Computer with internet access • Printer and printer paper • Aida cross stitch fabric, 14 count • Fine tip marker • Embroidery needle • Black embroidery thread • Small scissors Note: Line your finished QR code with interfacing or felt, if attaching to a curved surface. The QR code should be as flat as possible in order to scan effectively. Finished Size: 2 1/4-inch x 2 1/4-inchInstructionsGenerate the QR code Print the template grid Make your cross stitch1. Go to 4. Use an image editing 9. Mark the Aida fabric with a2. Enter the URL destination software. For GIMP: fine tip marker, placing a and click Shorten URL. 5. Open your saved image. small dot on each square that3. Click Details, hover your 6. Image > Scale Image > is to be covered with an X. mouse over the QR code, change: BE PRECISE. Any mistake right-click, Save As, and save • Width to 500 px may affect the QR code’s locally. • Height to 500 px functionality. • Interpolation to None 10.Cross stitch over each dot, • click Scale using black embroidery 7. Filters > Render > Pattern > thread. Grid > change horizontal & vertical values to: • Width: 1 & 1 • Spacing: 15 & 15 • Offset: 14 & 14 • click Ok’re done! 8. Print. Each black square Link up your project online! represents a cross-stitched X. Visit © Angela Bowman For personal use only - DO NOT DUPLICATE Page 2 of 2