derivatives types advantages sources of finance investment decisions sources of fund criticism how it works? meaning export import dumping loan funding finance examples limitations backwardation sml disadvantages lease bonds long term loan debt funding financial services types of loan responsibilities application advantages & disadvantages importance regulations over the counter market participants international financial management exchange rate system accounts receivable turnover ratio promissory note contango exchange rates budget irr embedded derivatives cml accounting treatment dividend risk hedging sources of equity rate of return risk management financial management short term revenue short term and long term debt debt long term debt payer swaption receiver swaption european swaption fees and commission roles ipo underwriters other types of cost of quality preventive cost verification process requirement accredited investor automatic trading platform factors process triangular arbitrage triangular and covered interest arbitrage locational arbitrage procedure equity market length creditors misconceptions protections automatic stay in bankruptcy limit to loan for whom it is useful risk level subordinated debt purpose for acquisition step used evaluation factors acquiring company resolving constructive acceleration no damages for delay clause issue acceleration claims solving technologies non cooperative game theory utility branches cooperative game theory consequences voluntary bankruptcy for corporation voluntary bankruptcy golden handcuff golden handshake golden parachute staggered board real life example a way out of green practice choices in the hand of target company understanding the term what option do debtors have? requirement for creditors features poison put vs poison pill poison pill who pays bankruptcy trustee history bankruptcy trustee knock off goods gray market vs black market vs white market ipo gray market gray market prisoner's dilemma and nash equilibrium nash equilibrium ratio key focus area how it works throughput accounting strategies formula hedge ratio measures key types market risk differences senior debt vs junior debt treatment in books of accounts junior debt are they valid in courts? hell or high water clause not all countries use it imputation tax why company choose in substance defeasance history of in substance defeasance consideration of in substance defeasance in substance defeasance criticism of income stock characteristics of income stock advantages of income stock difference between income stock and growth stock income stock how irbs works? benefits of irbs industrial revenue bonds types of liquidity risk liquidity risk difference between keiretsu and chaebol chaebol keiretsu at the money out of the money in the money advantages disadvantages of debt market who issues debt market instrument? types of risk in debt market types of debt market instrument debt market how bond indenture works? advantages and disadvantages of bond indenture what does a bond indenture include? bond indenture minimum legal capital advantages of legal capital purpose of legal capital legal capital direct vs indirect quote formula of indirect quota indirect quote real estate drawbacks of cap rate cap rate benefits of cap rate formula of capitalization rate capitalization rate examples of mtm mark to market how lookback option works? features of lookback option types of lookback option lookback option how to avoid legal risks types of legal risks legal risk defensive interval ratio burn rate interval measure how to avoid political risk impact of political risk political risk operational risk cash market over the counter futures market auctions auction market nominal interest rate effective interest rate ear apr types of interest rates periodic interest rate vs apr periodic interest rate drawbacks of cdo benefits of cdo parties to cdo collateralized debt obligation cdo causes & effects anchoring bias financial analysis startegic options techniques used components equation indexed bonds maturity risk maturity risk premium investment cross hedge how to determine functional currency currency working capital factoring net working capital ratio fixed asset turnover ratio total asset turnover ratio working structured notes commodity fund nicholas brady brady bonds exporters importers trades receivable forfaiting spot price futures contract top-down & bottom up approach technical analysis fundamental analysis leveraged lease shelf registration certificate of deposit negotiable instruments libor liquidating dividend strong currency hard currency weak currency soft currency floating lien balance of trade bop deficit long hedge maintenance margin method physical obsolesces international monetary market put call straddle efficient market hypothesis financial assets real assets speculation cal cagr euro bonds international bond market capital market stock exchange budgeting costing direct labor capital direct material variances payable deferral period fixed budget time weighted return commingled funds liquidity preference theory economics capital market line graduated lease leases month to month lease types of boundaryless organization boundaryless organization cost plus contract importance of gaaps gaaps sporadic dumping predatory dumping reverse dumping persistent dumping time value of money international business international business environment ias 37 onerous contract international multi-domestic transational global international business strategy put spread call spread financial investment economic investment loan agreements promissory notes insurance banks bancassurance crypto arbitrageur arbitrage arbitrageur classification of lease types of lease long term revenue sources on income types of dividend hedge fund fundraising natural hedging sources of debt equity funding debt and equity finance management modified internal rate of retun internal rate of return strategic financial planning policy objective of finance financial planning financial planning process financial policy financial ltm revenue acquisition and merger income revenue business funding bullet loan open source management
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