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GR8CONF Contributing Back To Grails


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GR8CONF Contributing Back To Grails

  1. 1. Contributing Back to Grails GR8CONF US July 31st, 2012 Minneapolis, MN Bobby Warner
  2. 2. Who Am I• Blog •• Social Networks • @bobbywarner • • •
  3. 3. Question #1• How do I contribute to open-source software?
  4. 4. Ways to Contribute• Send Emails to Mailing List• Write Blog Posts• File Bug Reports• Create Plugins• Update Documentation• Write Code
  5. 5. Question #2• Why should I spend time contributing to open-source software?
  6. 6. Benefits of Contributing• Learn more about the technology• Gain recognition in the community• Help evolve the framework• Customize to meet your needs• Excuse to learn Git and GitHub
  7. 7. Question #3• How do I contribute to GRAILS?
  8. 8. Dev Tools• Email •• JIRA •• GitHub •• Hudson •
  9. 9. JIRA• Create new feature requests• Review old issues• Vote to help set priority with core team• Add comments to existing issues• Submit bug reports • Provide reproducible example as sample app • Include tests and bug report
  10. 10. JIRA GRAILS Components• Build System• Documentation• Data Binding• URL Mappings• View Technologies• Persistence• Scaffolding• Plus many more...
  11. 11. GitHub
  12. 12. GitHub Repos• grails/grails-core• grails/grails-doc • pledbrook/grails-doc (request commit access)• grails/grails-howtos (request commit access)• springsource/grails-data-mapping• grails-samples• gpc• grails-plugins
  13. 13. GitHub Grails Core Branches• Open a pull request on any branch • master (currently for 2.2) • 2.1.x • 2.0.x• Grails no longer uses “cherry-pick” for 2.1+ • 2.1 branch merged into master periodically
  14. 14. GitHub Graphs
  15. 15. Hudson
  16. 16. Tasks• Setup Environment• Code Change
  17. 17. Setup Environment• Step 1: GitHub• Step 2: Git• Step 3: Gradle• Step 4: Clone repo and configure• Step 5: Test it out• Step 6: IDE
  18. 18. GitHub• Create account if you don’t already have one •• Fork the repo to your GitHub account •
  19. 19. Git• git config --global "Your Name Here"• git config --global ""• Git aliases in ~/.gitconfig •
  20. 20. Gradle• Grails is built with Gradle• Setup the environment variable to configure JVM args • export GRADLE_OPTS="-server -Xmx768M -Xms768M -XX:PermSize=256m"
  21. 21. Clone Repo and Configure• git clone• git clone• cd grails-core• git remote add upstream git://• git fetch upstream• cd ../grails-doc• git remote add upstream git://• git fetch upstream
  22. 22. Test It Out• cd grails-core• ./gradlew install• cd ../grails-doc• ./gradlew docs • ./gradlew docs -Dgrails.home=../grails-core) • ./gradlew publishGuide_en• Set your $GRAILS_HOME to the grails-core directory• grails create-app newapp (using the Grails we just built!)
  23. 23. IDE• Eclipse (SpringSource Tool Suite) • ./gradlew eclipse• Intellij IDEA • ./gradlew idea
  24. 24. Code Change• Step 1: Create a JIRA for the change• Step 2: Create a Git branch and code• Step 3: Run tests and / or build as needed• Step 4: Submit pull request and update JIRA• Step 5: Clean up after merge
  25. 25. Create a JIRA
  26. 26. Branch and Code
  27. 27. Run Tests and Build• ./gradlew test • ./gradlew grails-test-suite-persistence:test • ./gradlew g-t-s-p:test -Dtest.single=MappingDslTest • ./gradlew grails-test-suite-uber:test • ./gradlew g-t-s-u:test -Dtest.single=Log4jDslTests • ./gradlew grails-test-suite-web:test • ./gradlew g-t-s-w:test -Dtest.single=DataBindingTests • ./gradlew test -x :g-t-s-p:test• ./gradlew install
  28. 28. Create Pull Request
  29. 29. Clean Up
  30. 30. Live Demo• Core update for GRAILS-9052• Data Mapping update for Mongo• Doc update for Java EE Containers
  31. 31. Next Steps• User group hackathons• Code walkthrough screencast(s)
  32. 32. Closing• Thank you for attending this presentation!• Hopefully you create some pull requests!• Thank you GR8CONF organizers and sponsors!• Additional Resources • • •
  33. 33. Q &A• Are there any questions?