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Buffalo NiagaraDental Opportunities   Dental Laboratories &                             If you are a dental laboratory or ...
Buffalo Niagara offers everything dental labs and manufacturers needDriven by the strong demand for dental implants in the...
Higher EducationWestern New York is home to nearly 30 colleges and universities,                 Businessincluding one of ...
Location, location, location            Located in the Western part of New York State, along the            shores of Lake...
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Buffalo Niagara Dental


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Buffalo Niagara Dental

  1. 1. Buffalo NiagaraDental Opportunities Dental Laboratories & If you are a dental laboratory or dental product manufacturer looking to start up or expand in the U.S., Dental Product Manufacturing you will find yourself in good company in Buffalo Niagara. Leading international companies in the dental field do business here because of the region’s skilled workforce, partnerships with premier universities, business resources and incentives, and strategic location.Michael Glick, DMD, professor and dean ofthe University at Buffalo School of DentalMedicine, is leading faculty, staff and studentsin an aggressive new strategic plan aimed atdefining excellence in global health by leadinginnovation in oral health education, research,and service to improve quality of life.UB’s dental school averages 150K patientvisits per year at its main facility on UB’s SouthCampus and its other clinics in the region. - Dr. Michael Glick Dean, University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine Editor, Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)
  2. 2. Buffalo Niagara offers everything dental labs and manufacturers needDriven by the strong demand for dental implants in the United Buffalo Niagara is home to moreStates, Japan, Germany, and France, the global market for dental than 40 dental companies.devices is expected to exceed $12.9 billion by 2016, based on aprojected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9%. The area’s industry leaders include:The U.S. is the largest market for dental devices, and equates • Great Lakes Orthodonticsto 37% of the global market. In 2009, the U.S. market was$2.2 billion. At an anticipated CAGR of 10%, that number will • Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.reach $4.2 billion by 2016. Salivary diagnostics and noninvasive • Jamestown Dental Laboratorytechniques for early detection of oral disease will require a newgeneration of devices in the coming decade. • Lornamead Inc. • Ortho Dent Laboratory Inc.In Buffalo Niagara, dental equipment manufacturers andlaboratories make up a $30 million industry. From leading • Precision Dental Ceramics of Buffalointernational firms to mid-sized suppliers, these companies • Pro-Esthetic Dental Labgrow and succeed in Buffalo Niagara thanks to all of the uniqueelements the region offers. • Supreme Dental Laboratory Inc. • Voss Dental Lab Inc.Competitive Standard of Living Dental Wage Comparisons Buffalo, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Toronto, U.S. Five Years Experience NY MA IL PA VA ON Average Manufacturing Worker $30,384 $33,210 $31,919 $29,660 $28,994 $37,128 $30,408 Metal Fabricator Assembler $31,719 $33,632 $32,134 $30,417 $29,986 $38,188 $31,278 Product Assembler $38,560 $40,766 $39,296 $37,118 $36,703 $45,013 $37,589 Dental Laboratory Technician $39,323 $41,520 $40,076 $37,827 $37,422 $46,186 $38,225 Dental Ceramist $39,758 $41,960 $40,522 $38,246 $37,851 $46,818 $38,617 Ceramic Engineer $66,151 $71,720 $69,567 $64,787 $66,197 $75,035 $67,027 Manufacturing Manager $85,397 $89,480 $87,422 $80,446 $83,855 $86,659 $81,983 CAD/CAM Technician $49,622 $53,629 $52,237 $48,799 $49,397 $59,983 $51,090 Cost of Living Index* 95.7 132.4 116.8 91.5 104.4 N/A 100.0*C2ER cost-of-living index (COLI) data is based on the prices of a wide-range of goods and services in a metro area. The index is calculated from a national average of 100.0, so a COLIscore of 150.0 determines the metro area’s cost-of-living to be 50% above the national average. Sources: Economic Research Institute and Council for Community & Economic Research; Cost of Living Index, Annual 2010.Incentives can make a differenceThe Buffalo Niagara Enterprise can help you discover what or eliminated for a period of up to 15 years, based on jobeconomic development incentives ( creation and investment. In addition, sales tax may beincentives) might be available to your company, such as: eliminated on all non-production equipment. Note: Production equipment is NOT subject to sales tax in New York State. • Excelsior Jobs Program – Provided through the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), this program • Workforce Training Assistance – The Workforce provides tax credits to firms in targeted industries, including Investment Board (WIB) offers assistance for both dental, to encourage job creation and capital investment. customized and on-the-job training programs. The WIB will reimburse 50% of the employees’ wages/salary during the • Economic Development Fund (EDF) Grants – Available training period (up to six months). to companies creating jobs and investing capital in New York State, these grants may be used to fund construction, • Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) – Many goods entering expansion and rehabilitation of facilities, acquisition of the U.S. are subject to duties and/or tariffs, which can machinery and equipment, working capital, and the training cause cash-flow problems for companies that import large of full-time permanent employees. quantities of these goods. FTZ programs can mitigate these issues. Note: FTZs must be located at or near a port of entry • Property and Sales Tax Abatement – Property taxes on into the U.S., which includes most of the Buffalo Niagara new construction or building expansions may be abated region. Visit to learn more.
  3. 3. Higher EducationWestern New York is home to nearly 30 colleges and universities, Businessincluding one of the top dental schools in the country, the ResourcesUniversity at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. These highereducation institutions graduate about 20,000 students per year – If you are a dental laboratory or device manufacturer and are800 with life science degrees and more than 200 with degrees in considering setting up shop or expanding in Buffalo Niagara,dental-related fields of study. The Erie Community College School you can count on the support of a solid network of businessof Dental Hygiene program, for example, graduates one of the top resources, including Buffalo Niagara Enterprise. One of ourfive largest associate dental degree classes in the U.S. greatest strengths is our ability to connect businesses like yours with experts that will provide all the information and support youBuffalo Niagara Dental-Related need. You will also have ready access to the area’s professorsDegree Programs and researchers, who can assist you with new product School of Dental Medicine development, clinical studies, commercialization and more. • University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine – Offers DDS and Here are some of the business postgraduate programs and has a De ning Excellence resources Buffalo Niagara offers: long history of providing research leadership in oral biology. The School offers academic • Alfred University’s Center programs in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Biology, Oral for Advanced Ceramic Diagnostic Sciences, Biomaterials, Orthodontics, Pediatric Technology (CACT) UB Center for and Community Dentistry, Periodontics and Endodontics, • New York State Center for Dental Studies Restorative Dentistry and Oral Sciences. Engineering Design accommodates all • Erie Community College and Industrial Innovation three phases (NYSCEDII) • School of Dental Hygiene – Offers an of FDA clinical trials. associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene • New York State Center of Excellence (COE) • Dental Laboratory Technology Program – Accredited by in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences the Commission on Dental Accreditation, this program trains students to design, fabricate, and produce dental • Periodontal Disease Clinical Research Center prostheses, including full and partial dentures, crowns, • University at Buffalo: The Center for Dental Studies bridges, and orthodontic appliances • University at Buffalo: The Center for Industrial • Dental Assisting Program – Prepares students to become Effectiveness (TCIE) New York State-licensed Certified Dental Assistants • The New York State College of Ceramics and the Ceramic Engineering Program at Alfred University • University at Buffalo School of Engineering • University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences‘‘Buffalo Niagara has some of the most talentedpeople in the dental profession. From marketing - Robert A. Ganleyto research & development, our workforce has Ivoclar Vivadentgreat passion and is committed to making dentalprofessionals successful. Innovation createsopportunity. People create success. IvoclarVivadent is focused on developing productsthat enhance the patient experience, providingthem with the best possible care imaginable.’’- Robert A. Ganley, Chief Executive Officer of Ivoclar Vivadent
  4. 4. Location, location, location Located in the Western part of New York State, along the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Buffalo Niagara has a prime location on the Canadian-American border, less than 100 miles from Toronto. Plus, 59% of Canada’s and 41% of the U.S. population reside within 500 miles of the The Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) offers 110 daily region. flights with nonstop services to 19 cities and 23 airports. BNIA is Buffalo is home to seven international ports of entry (four a 1.5 hour drive from Toronto’s Pearson Airport, with nearly 1,200 auto, two rail, and one water), which facilitate $81 billion daily flights and nonstop service to 182 cities (39 in Europe). in annual trade between Canada and the U.S., the world’s two largest trading partners. Lake Superior The perimeter of the area shaded QUEBEC in green indicates a 10–hour drive CANADA from Buffalo Niagara. MI = Regional International Airports Montreal ME QEW Lake WI Lake ONTARIO Ontario Huron VT 104 QEW 405 Niagara Orleans MI Toronto USA NHONTARIO Lake 406 62 Genesee 490 Milwaukee Ontario 190 490 990 QEW 90 NEW YORK 290 3 5 Lake Michigan 3 20 IA 20 London Buffalo Boston 190 Detroit Lake BUFFALO NIAGARA MA 20A Erie REGION Chicago Lake 400 Wyoming Erie Erie 390 Toledo 90 PA IN Cleveland New York City RI 20 219 Allegany OH Newark CT 62 Cattaraugus IL Indianapolis Pittsburgh Philadelphia NJ Chautauqua 86 NEW YORK St. Louis Cincinnati Baltimore Atlantic Ocean 417 Louisville WV Washington D.C. DE Lexington-Fayette MO VA MD KY D.C. Memphis TN NC MS GA Let’s work together SC AL Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE) is a non-profit economic development agency. Our mission is to help businesses successfully expand to the Buffalo Niagara region. Whether you’re interested in obtaining market and demographic data, need assistance acquiring a potential site, or are looking for special programs that can give you a jump-start – BNE is at your service. 665 Main Street, Suite 200 Contact us today to get started. Buffalo, NY 14203 1.800.916.9073 © Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BN-Dental 03_11)