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iAccept - Conscience keepers of Employers & Job-seekers


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Gives a birds eye view of what our flat ship platform provides to employers and job seekers

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iAccept - Conscience keepers of Employers & Job-seekers

  1. 1. Conscience keepers of Job seekers & Employers
  2. 2. Challenges Job-seekers unpredictable Opportunity loss for hiring other available resources Project Delivery timelines affected due to last minute “No Shows”
  3. 3. What is ? We act as the witness......conscience keepers. This is exactly what we do.
  4. 4. What is needed Improve Trust between Prospective Employer & Employee Use judgment free mode of communication Employers need feedback Transparency Ease of Communication
  5. 5. Involvement of Independent, Neutral & Unbiased Third Party Certification of Credibility Industry wide usage Secure Platform Solution
  6. 6. What is iAccept Platform which connects Employers and Employees Assists in communication Offer Roll Out Acceptance / Regret of Offers Focused on Reliability and Honor Focused on Ethical Behavior Promotes subtle cooperation between employers, while maintaining confidentiality of all stakeholders Completely secure Cloud based solution & does not require any investment or software installation Does not store any CV/ Biodata. Authenticates only the “Offer- Acceptance transaction. This is NOT a job portal .
  7. 7. Myth vs Reality Myth: This solution will work, when everyone subscribes to the platform Reality: This platform taps the individual pride & ego and incidentally all transactions are individual centric and community oriented
  8. 8. How does it Work Employer A releases Offer to Job Seeker Employer B releases Offer to Job Seeker Jobseeker Accepts offer of Employer A, all other offers are automatically declined
  9. 9. Case Study Particulars Large Product Company IT Start-up Company Before iAccept Before iAccept Offers Rolled 212 107 82 40 Offers Accepted 126 98 58 35 Offers Regretted 52 9 15 2 No Shows 34 0 15 2 Absconding 0 0 0 1 No Shows (%) 27% 0% 11% 5% Conversion (%) 19% 83% 41% 78%
  10. 10. • Increased conversions • Increased conversions • Data of absconding cases • Data of absconding cases •Attested Acceptances •No Show - Flagging •Absconding •Attested Acceptances •No Show - Flagging •Absconding • Attested Experience certificates • Service Letter • Attested Experience certificates • Service Letter Jobseekers Employers Hiring Firms Background verification companies Stakeholders
  11. 11. Few of the Signatories to the Code of Ethics
  12. 12. Recognition
  13. 13. Become a part of the movement to create an ecosystem of Ethical & Credible professionals