Marmite communication strategy 1902 - 2012


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The brand you love to hate. This is an overview of Marmite's advertising messaging from 1902-2012

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  • Since it launched in 1902 , Marmite has been adept at adapting itself, tapping into prevailing cultural trends with impressive alacrity. - 1902: Marmite was first produced in the UK in 1902, and wasincludedsoldiers’ ration packs during WW1. Comms ‘Marmite for an appetite’ - 1925 onwards – Marmite came in a box 1930s: The word Marmite comes from the French ‘marmite. An earthenware pot, which inpired the brand’s distinctive packaging in the 1930s. In the late 1930s Marmite launched stock cubes launched competing directly with Boveril and Oxo cubes In the 1940s the communication focussed on marketing Marmite as a product suitable for soups, stews, gravy and pies to add extra taste to meal during the war.
  • 1950s and 1960s – the brand’s communications positioning evolved around Marmite being an instant, convenient snap/condiment to spread or add to your meals. Until the 1970s the brand positioned itself as a nutritious food for children, even utilising a Marmite sales force to target health professionals in a similar manner to today's pharmaceutical reps.
  • The brand focus then shifted to Marmite as a family favourite, before embracing the memorable ’My Mate’ tagline of the 80s.But Marmite'smostgenius marketing move yetmaywellbeitsmostrecent "Love It or Hate It" campaign, devised in the 1990s when a creative team had a difference of opinion over whether the spreadwasgross or great.
  • But Marmite is becoming an incredibly sociable brand moving from either you’ll love it or hate it, to Do you love it or hate it, harnessing the power of social media. They fully use every single opportunity possible to get talk about in social media 2008: launched the new marmite bars. Experiential activity with a booth at a number of stations whereby commuters could get a bar for free and record their video reaction which was then uploaded onto Facebook. 2010: staged a love hate elections in social media alongside the real eletions2010: launched the Marmarati secret society working with top food bloggers and food journalists to launch an extra strong Marmite 2012: Sponsored the Christmas lights in London – generating 1000s of pieces of UGC, blog posts and Tweets
  • Marmite communication strategy 1902 - 2012

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