Digital pond conference: Social Media in 2013


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  • Biggest changes social media changes in 2012?The world of social media underwent major changes in 2012.  We saw the addition of Facebook Timelines for Fan Pages, the rise of Pinterest, revamped LinkedIn Company Pages, improved Twitter profile pages, and the increasing pressure to prove social media ROI.  As more companies begin leveraging social media for marketing, sales and customer service, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. Social media has completely blurred the lines between all aspects of marketing. We live in a world where Facebook posts are also paid ads, and people’s Tweets are a form of journalism. Brands will really start embracing the concept of “converged media,” and see owned, earned and paid as a unified programme.
  • Medals:An image Phelps posted of his 18th and 19th Olympic medals was retweeted over 14,000 times.Memes: The meme machine kicked into overdrive when London Mayor Boris Johnson got stuck on a zip wire, U.S. gymnast MakaylaMaroney looked less than impressed at winning a silver medal, and British Prime Minister David Cameron was shown in a picture watching boxing.Infographic:
  • Mobile traffic on Social Media has grown the most, how has this/will this affect SocialMedia Marketing? Optimise your content for mobile – timeline is highly visually engaging Optimise your apps – customs apps can be built to be mobile friendly. Use a responsive design framework such as HTML5, CSS and javascript technologies to ensure the same content display well on all screen sizes Use sponsored stories that translate well in Facebook format and don’t forget to incorporate them with your existing content calendarTime your updates for your brand
  • Are users becoming more skeptical? Will Social Media lose its “coolness”?
  • SEO, integration within email, social search and some features that other platforms don’t offer e.g. Google hangouts
  • Google+ enables you to pursue your passions with people you don’t know. For e.g. your Facebook friends may not be the place to share your passion for photography, but on Google+ you can have a blast with a community of photographers
  • Digital pond conference: Social Media in 2013

    1. 1. The Digital Pond panel November 2012
    2. 2. So that was 2012…• Social keeps growing and is becoming a full part of the marketing mix – We had another Social Media Election – We had the first Social Media Olympics• The buzz word of the year was content – But brands are still experimenting with newer platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram; it’s about finding out what works for them• Social can be used in a variety of ways by brands: engagement, customer service, insights, PR, crisis management, traffic, SEO and sales• Social Networks want to work with brands – Facebook keep tweaking their algorithm for promoted posts – Pinterest has just launched Business Pages• Better analytics, better measurement – Where’s the ROI?
    3. 3. In 2008…• Twitter: Joined Twitter in 2007 and by Election Day 2008, he had 18K followers• YouTube: 14.5 million hours of video footage broadcast for free, which would have cost 47 million on TV to broadcast• MySpace: 844,927 friends• social network/hub for supporters• Text Messaging: Rewarded supporters by announcing his Vice President by sending a text
    4. 4. In 2012…Existing platforms• Twitter: 23 million followers• LinkedIn/Facebook: held town hall meetings taking questions from user on Facebook (April 2011), Twitter (July 2011) and LinkedIn (October 2011)• Dashboard: a more evolved version of My.BarackObama.comNew platforms:• Instagram: behind the scenes pictures of his campaign• Foursquare: Obama shared his stops with his supporters• Michelle Obama on Pinterest: 46K followers; shares behind the scenes pictures of the campaign and her family lifeTactics:• Google Hangout:• Reddit AMA: took questions from Reddit users – 200,000 people joined the conversationsMobile:• Text Message Donations• Mobile App: Obama for America
    5. 5. Social and mobile 1 billion users 543 million users access via app That’s around 55% of users
    6. 6. Is social loosing its coolness?• Social is still the cool kid on the bloc but consumers not brands are not technically their friends…• Engagement can backfire – #Waitrosereasons – #Jamies15MM – #susanalbumparty• But consumers will be responsive if you engage – Foster a sense of community – Show your human side – Add value to your fans – Reward your fans/give them something special
    7. 7. Too much advertising?
    8. 8. The future of social? Google+ allow youto see what your friends are sharing directly from your inbox!
    9. 9. Now trending… #gaza #MiddleEast
    10. 10. Now trending… #gaza #MiddleEast
    11. 11. Ford has 1.6m fans on Facebook but what aboutGoogle+?
    12. 12. Is Google+ really a ghost town?
    13. 13. Planning your social mixGraphic Copyright: Guy Kawasaki, the Social Media Decoder as seen by Dan Roam of the Napkin Academy