Crash creativity sleep problems


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Crash creativity sleep problems

  1. 1. Sleep Problem:Original Presentation: will write down some common situations when is difficult to sleep when you are a heavytraveller or work on a different time zone, then we will present some solutions that can help tosleep well on those situations.1.- Out of home, at the Hotel:1. Don’t watch a thriller or horror movie 3 hours before sleep.2. Go to the gym and exercise two hours before going to bed.3. Stop eating three hours before bed (especially heavy food like meat, fish, cakes etc).4. Listen to classical or relaxing music before going to bed.5. Turn off all the lights and close all the curtains.6. Drink: some jasmine tea before going to bed.7. Smell: like lavender or jasmine.8. A special Tv program, a calm one can help you.9. Meditation, you can fall asleep at times when you try to meditate.10. Laying in bath with a hot water to make you relax.11. Go after dinner and take a walk.12. Use sleeping mask - darkness is important for sleep.13. Cool your bedroom with the A/C before you are in, so you are not going to have the loud A/C during the night.14. If the flight from home was so long, try to get some massage.15. Avoid deep thought discussion before bed.16. Avoid smartphones screen, not very useful to get some sleep use just before go to sleep.17. Call to your family and friends during the day, not at the end because those are longconversation and will keep you awake until very late at night.18. Practice some Yoga at your room before go to bed.19. Try to leave the bed with nothing else over the bed. If something fall in the middle of thenight will make you awake.20. Have your special music compilation.21. Try to sleep with no pillow over your belly, new positions can make the difference.22. Wear smart glasses with virtual reality to see your bedroom.23. Turn on the light of the alarm-watch to see at the ceiling your room.24. Wear your old pyjama.
  2. 2. 2.- At the Hotel but can’t sleep after point 1, Round Two:1. Try to open any window or cool down the room by the A/C. Try to set a good temperature forsleeping.2. If you have thoughts, let them go, don’t try to deny them, yet try to think about positive things.3. Pray or meditate.4. If a thought is still "attacking" you, think about it, maybe there is something you have toconsider, something important.5. Think in short about works you have to do in the morning, review in your mind your agenda tobe sure everything is clear and can be done. With your eyes close.6. If you have, put on cd with lullabies or any other relaxing music.7. If you have sore eyes, put cabbage leaves on them, it’ll ease it.8. If there still is anything that keeps you distracted, get rid of it.9. Drink hot milk with honey10. Count 100 sheeps in minds: 100 sheeps, 99 sheeps, 98 sheeps, 97 sheeps etc.11. Close your eyes and imagine beautiful things: like a field of green grass, flowers, beautifuland good people etc.12. Don’t sleep on the back, because its harder to breath, so the body lacks for oxygen and lateryou start to snore.13. Take a deep-breath session in order to reduce your heart rate.14. Don’t turn on the TV. Bright of the screen make you awake for hours.15. Stay with your eyes close at least rest your body if you can not sleep.16. Try Sauna before go to bed.17. Massage.18. Drink Red Wine with the heating on.
  3. 3. 3.- When travel to different time zone and jetlag:1. Take something special, like child’s Teddy bear, with you to every journey.2. Do yourself a small head massage, and body massage, oil is not necessary.3. Choose the right pillow, like soft, hard, or balm pillows.4. Avoid alcohol, especially before sleep.5. Avoid coffee, especially before sleep.6. Noise will distract you from sleep: any noise (street noise, water tapping, partner snoring etc.)so get ear plugs or try in advance to get a proper room.7. Avoid smoking before sleep and when you wake up, and if possible give up smoking.8. Stretch your muscles, arm, leg, and body before bed.9. Watch a funny shows or movies. They will relax your mind and body. Laughter is Bestmedicine.10. Don’t drink too much any liquid before sleep, you will not have to awake to the bathroom inthe middle of the night.11. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday (sleep at least 8 hours each day), don’ttake any nap during the day, is hard but possible.12. Always try to eat more vegetable food and drink enough water.13. Don’t lay too long trying to get asleep, stand up and do something. You get tired not justfrom not getting asleep, but also from worrying about it.14. Check out if your room temperature is all right, if you are freezing, its normal you can’t getasleep, take another blanket. Better to have cold room than warm room.15. Sleep with comfortable clothes even if you are in another country, use your pijama avoid fallasleep with your clothes.16. Increase sugar rate in your bloodstream, this will make you tire and sleep. Caution this canlead to diabetic because of the high rush of sugar into the bloodstream. Meals that help promotesleep are heavy starch meals.17. Avoid tap water, sometimes can make you feel a little sick.18. Avoid to sleep in car. Is better to rest at once for 8 hours during the night than be sleepyeverywhere.19. Drinking Decaf or chamomile tea.20. Noise reducing headphones, will help you for your health and keep your mind free of noiseflights.21. Have early workouts, this will help you to be awake in a good mood during the morning.22. Download your family photos to hotel walls( feels like home)23. Coma room - Filled with Ambien24. Read a book, a good one make you forget you are not at home.25. Sleep reminders rather than wake up calls.26. Sleep channel dedicated to helping you sleep.27. Travel on weekends and spend some days on sightseeing or tourism. You will get thedifferent time zone in some couple of days.28. Listen to Music at the plane to avoid sleeping.29. Do your free day during the first day (go shopping).30. Take a walk during the flight.
  4. 4. 4.- When you have Stress or Anxiety because a work meeting:1. Listen to silence, let it go through you.2. Watch sunset3. Watch moon4. Learn to do breathing exercises, they help to get asleep.5. Take a small walk around, get some fresh air.6. Chanting a mantra will put you to sleep as well.7. Practice Ji-Kong, it is a chinese breathing and meditation exercise.8. Practice Zen and listen to zen music for relaxation before bed.9. Run your finger through your head hair and massage their scalp.10. Take some sleeping pills.11. Monotone colors + dim lighting in airports, to take a rest or make your trip less shocking.12. Retrain yourself to sleep standing up like army (sleep bootcamp)13. Brain stimulation helmet to help you sleep.14. Text to your family, friends and colleagues to reduce local stress.15. Review before your business trip your agenda and try to arrange everything in detail. If youcan avoid surprises will be more simple for you to travel.16. Improve your second language, a better communication will reduce your stress-dealsituations.17. Read a comic book.18. Swimm19. Play with Lego20. Make a puzzle5.- Nothing help you:1. If you can’t sleep well for like 3 months, try find a professional who will help you to find bestmethod to get asleep.2. Sleep only in bedroom keeping extremely silent room.3. Improve your exercise routine during the week. Early exercise is preferred.4. If you have doze, try to sleep alone or use separate beds in order to avoid waking up dueother person in the same bed.5. Take your vacations.6. Stop working and make an intensive training (ironman).7. Change your room decoration.
  5. 5. 6.- Way back Home:1. Take cat naps throughout the day.2. Have sex. It will get you sleep fast after the hormones are release (Please do not be offend,but this does help).3. First weekend don’t try to do so many things, just recover your sleep cycle.4. Do what you have to do for work at the right time, leave your office not very late.5. be sure that everyday for at least one week you can sleep 8 hours a day. Recover sleepingtime will take some days.