Dinerware Software Guide


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Dinerware Software Guide

  1. 1. Copyright 2012
  2. 2. Main Ordering Interface Touch screen category and choose an item.How to open a ticket > Ordering
  3. 3. The item will now appear in the bill. You can now select which choices the customer wants with their burger.Adding choices to your order > Creating a bill
  4. 4. Choices now appear beneath customers orders – if any of the extras To share an item you must: had been at an additional cost this pricing would also feature in this • Commit the bill by section clicking them tick, and then re-open the ticket. • Touch a menu item on the bill – in this example it is the cheeseburger. • Touch the ‘share item’ button and select a new person; this will give you the option of what proportion you want to share the item and price.Sharing an item
  5. 5. Unlike the burger where you have a choice of what you would like in your burger in some circumstances things can only be removed by special request. In order to set these special requests select the item you wish to add the request to then touch the iconOrdering food > Adding special requests
  6. 6. Enter the special request in the space givenOrdering food > Adding special requests
  7. 7. Special request now appears on the bill and will be sent directly to the kitchenOrdering food > Adding special requests
  8. 8. To begin fast pay for the items that have just been ordered simply touch Fast Pay iconPayment > Fast Pay
  9. 9. The Fast Pay method is ideal for people that wish to pay prior to eating their food allowing them to leave straight away after their meal.Payment > Fast Pay
  10. 10. Automatically appears according to what customer has ordered. You must then select which form of payment your customer wishes to order with.Paying a ticket > Cash payment
  11. 11. £5.00 is entered into the tender either manually or using the buttons on the right hand side. Ticket can be closed if there is an issue for example food is it not cooked or customer no longer wish to eat within the restaurantPaying a ticket > Cash Payment > Entering tender
  12. 12. The amount of change due is displayed onYou then have the the screenchoice of leaving theticket open in casethe customers wantto order morefood/drinks orclosing the ticket asthe customers haveleft the vicinity.Paying a ticket > Cash payment > Giving correct change to customer
  13. 13. To add the choices touch the Menu iconTo enter the management panel click on the Manager icon on the top right ofthe ordering interface an example of the logo is below.Management Panel > Adding a choice
  14. 14. In this section you can edit all aspects of your menu from which items till appear to how much tax will be charged Touch the choices icon on each item.Management Panel > Adding a choice
  15. 15. To edit an existing icon click the item and then the edit icon. To add a new item touch the ‘New’ iconManagement Panel > Adding a choice
  16. 16. To add the new choice to the menu fill in the above form with recognisable details. On the occasion I will not be charging extra for balsamic vinegar to be added to salads.Management Panel > Adding a choice
  17. 17. The item will now appear in the list – once added items can not be deleted however they can be deactivated so they no loner appear on the menu selection.Management Panel > Adding a choice
  18. 18. To add an employee to your database return to the management panel and select EmployeesManagement Panel > How to add an employee
  19. 19. When multiple employees have been entered touch these icons to toggle through and select for detail editing Much like adding choices touch the ‘New’ icon to enter the details of a new employeeManagement Panel > How to add an employee
  20. 20. Enter the employees details as previewed aboveManagement Panel > Adding an employee > Data entry
  21. 21. Employee will now be in the list and can be edited at any time as long as the user has sufficient access.Management Panel > Adding an employee
  22. 22. Return to the management panel and select jobsManagement Panel > Adding a job for an employee
  23. 23. After selecting jobs it will bring another option menu similar to the one for adding an employee. To add a new job select ‘New’ or to edit the existing Manager job select ‘edit’Management Panel > Adding an employee
  24. 24. To add the details of a new job fill in the details in on the page. This is predominantly a management feature and access to this can be limited to certain levels of authority in the businessManagement Panel > Adding an employee > Job Entry
  25. 25. The table layout can be changed and assigned to customers – thus allowing serving staff to identify their table quicker. Tables can be added however they can not be deleted completely only hidden, this features helps to ensure items of necessity do not disappear over time. This function takes place in the adding of now menu items too.Management Panel > Adding/Assigning tables
  26. 26. If you have any further enquiries on any of the information you have seen on this presentation or you feel that Dinerware is the right option to kick start your business into 2013 please call a member of our team on 01923 728 095 or email us at enquiries@EPOSability.com and a member of staff will get back to you shortly.Further Enquiries