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A Complete Point of Sale Systems


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A complete method to ring up customers and manage inventory at your business.

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A Complete Point of Sale Systems

  1. 1. A Complete Point of Sale Systems Real System Supported By Real Peoples
  2. 2. POS System O A complete method to ring up customers and manage inventory at your business. O Saves your time that would have been spent researching compatibility. O Everything is pre-configured and pre-installed. O Currently POSGuys offers O O O O O O Retail pos system Restaurant pos system Counter service pos system Dispensary pos system Salon pos system Grocery and Mobile pos System
  3. 3. POS Essentials O Cash Drawer O Receipt Printer
  4. 4. POS Essentials Described O Cash Drawer O A secure and organized way to manage the different forms of payment in one place during hours of operation or per shift. O Drawers are great when they have: O Stronger bearings O Reinforced construction O Made of heavier materials.
  5. 5. Cont.. O Receipt Printer O There are three types: O Impact, O Thermal, O And Ink Jet O Impact receipt printers are generally less expensive and less picky about their deployment. O Thermal receipt printers we carry are our most popular as they are fast and reliable. O Ink Jet receipt printers function like regular pc printers in that they have greater graphics and logo capability.
  6. 6. POS Essentials O Barcode Scanners O Cash Register Express
  7. 7. POS Essentials Described O Barcode Scanners O A scanner converts barcodes into the alphanumerical data they represent, which can be referenced against data lists. O They are used when: O Receiving stock O Tracking the location O Counting inventory O Eliminates human data entry errors.
  8. 8. Cont.. O Cash Register Express O A state-of-the-art retail point of sale software that enables retailers to: O O O O O Faster customer checkout Accurate inventory tracking Reducing or eliminating shrinkage Managing employee labor Effectively marketing to customers O Cash Register Express is great for any retail environment, including convenience stores, grocery stores, apparel stores, florists, delis, liquor stores, books stores, & more.
  9. 9. We hope you have been able to find the product you were looking for.  Company Info: 2125 Humboldt Street, Bellingham, WA 98225 U.S.A.  Tel:  Website: (360) 647-5681