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BSiT @ PICNIC 12 Team 14- briefing


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This presentation is the briefing and brainstorm session of Team 14 for BSiT @ PICNIC '12. Their concept was originally developed during a course at the polytecnico di milano, but was submitted for the BSiT mobile design challenge of 7scenes.

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BSiT @ PICNIC 12 Team 14- briefing

  1. 1. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO GAIN A “BANDIERA ARANCIONE” 1  -­  Welcoming 2  -­  Reception  and  complementary  services 3  -­  Tourist  attractionsThe  “Bandiera   4  -­  Environmental  QualityArancione”,  it’s  a  brand   5  -­  Structure  and  quality  of  the  villageof  quality  given  by  the  “Touring  Club  Italiano”,  that  selects  and   The  analysis  criteria  used  by  the  Italian   Touring  Club  (TCI)  are  based  on  the  certifies  small   tourist  experience,  starting  from  the  boroughs  of  the  italian   search  of  information  before  the  visit,  to  inland,  based  on   the  visit  itself,  using  more  than  250  rigorous  touristic  and   different  criterias.ambiental  parameters.GOALS WHAT’S ALREADY THERE-­  Development  of  local   There’s  already  an  app  in  the  resources Android  Market,  but  it’s  pretty  -­  Development  of  the   “normal”:  the  user  can  find  a  welcoming description  of  every  village,  -­  Stimulation  of  crafts   with  services,  events,  photos,  and  local  products plus  (using  the  GPS)  the  user  -­  Pulse  to  local   can  know  if  there’s  a  village  entrepreneurship around  his  position.-­  Strengthening  of  local  identity
  2. 2. OUR EXPERIENCE’S GOAL TARGETFinding  and  exploring  the  italian   A  family  that  is  making  a  trip.boroughs. THE TRIP We  want  to  use  a   borough  as  an   “interesting  stop”   during  a  long  trip,   so  the  family  can   rest  a  little,  and   discovery   something  new  at   the  same  time. Since  there  are   189  boroughs,  it’s   easy  to  find  one   near  the  trip  route.