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About Heirloom Seeds


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Discover all about heirloom seeds and the special reasons why they're popular among home gardeners. Watch this presentation now!

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About Heirloom Seeds

  1. 1. In the most basic sense, heirloom seeds are seeds that are carefully saved by expert gardeners year after year, and have been passed down from generation to generation—just like an heirloom.
  2. 2. One generation meticulously selects, grows and saves the seeds and then entrusts them to the next generation so as to preserve the value of the plants. This process is actually quite a tradition since many organic heirloom seeds have been passed down for a hundred years or so.
  3. 3. There are several reasons why people preserve these seeds. As previously mentioned, they are extremely valuable—they often have the greatest flavors and make the best produce, especially in home gardens. In the following slides, we’ll take a look at the main reasons why most gardeners choose heirlooms.
  4. 4. Yes, they’re incredibly simple to grow! Even if you’re still learning what heirloom seeds are, you can easily sprout, grow and nurture heirloom plants at home without being an expert. Just follow the instructions provided by your brand and you’ll soon grow a fine garden that you can be proud of.
  5. 5. Heirlooms are extremely good for your family’s health because they are:
  6. 6. They are meticulously selected by breeders for their superior genetic traits, such as quality, freshness and great taste. Then they are handed down to the succeeding generations in order to preserve their specific qualities. This means when you sow an heirloom seed today, you can be sure to harvest only the best fruits and vegetables that your family deserves.
  7. 7. Greater variety is also a good reason for choosing heirloom seeds. Because these seeds are so carefully picked, only the best and most reliable varieties are being handed down to the next generations. This guarantees better and more flavorful crops than your average seeds.
  8. 8. Heirlooms can also be used as survival seeds. Many gardeners buy them so that they’ll always have a food supply in times of emergencies. The seeds are rich in protein, which means they can provide the nutrition and stamina you need especially when disaster strikes. Just sprout the seeds and you’ll be able to feed your family in situations where food is inaccessible and health is vital.
  9. 9. They’re also practical because they provide an infinite seed supply and food source for a lifetime. Simply preserve the seeds that come from your harvests, keep them in pickle jars, and you can use them for many decades to come! You can save money as well because you won’t have to buy new seeds at the beginning of every season.
  10. 10. So those are the basic things you need to know about heirloom seeds. Make sure to order your own seed pack now so you don’t miss out on these amazing benefits! Just remember to choose a good brand that offers several varieties along with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. This way, you’re sure to own only the best seeds for your home garden.
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