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Solution pitch heinerbenking-cop24-side-event-youth-CITIZENS CLIMATE DIALOGUE


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COP24 Katowice, Poland Citizens Climate Dialogue

Published in: Environment
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Solution pitch heinerbenking-cop24-side-event-youth-CITIZENS CLIMATE DIALOGUE

  1. 1. Heiner’s Nuggets and Recommendations - SEEDs of CHANGE: #30 VISIONS OF SUSTAINABILITY VIDEO - Youth4Planet VIDEO ● European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) - CITIZEN SCIENCE profile/ activities Heiner ● UN-ECOSOC - GLOBAL COMMONS SDG recommendations ● UN DEF United Nations Democracy Fund: Re-InVenting Democracy in the Digital Era Future Worlds Center FWC: and 21stCenturyAgora - Global Agoras ) recommended: DEMOSOPHIA and VISION OF LEARNING (Cyprus Academy) HumanNatureLab ● Dialogue, Conversations, Encounters & MAGIC ROUNDTABLES - Sharing and Gifting, Anna Lindh Salon &Roundtable VIDEO ● INBAK BookBoXX and Makers4Humanity ● RUBIK’s CUBE of ECOLOGY - COGNITIVE PANORAMA - EMBODIED COVENANT start here: “end” with maybe here: Cybersytemic Governance and OpenUniversity Inquiry ● SYSTEMS and MODELS - SUPERSIGNS and SUPERSTRUCTUREs - Multi-Modal MODELS (see below Multi-Modal Deep- Sea “Fish”) ● Systems and Models - International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics - SYSTEMSPEDIA Beta online ● Education: Complex Futures EDUCATION, SLIDES / VIDEO, Turku, 2017, Interview Children Communication Camp, Turku, Finland, 1993 - 2017 recommended: ESD and DESD REALLY MATTERS WHAT “I - WE - OTHERS - …” CAN DO !!! & WHERE we are, go, look, act and share! JUMP-PAGE: SOLUTION PITCHES & SPACES Call FOR ACTION at COP24, Vienna House Easy: CITIZENS CLIMATE DIALOGUE ‘‘Achieving climate action and the SDGs: the role of citizens’’
  2. 2. #30 Visions of Sustainability - 2018, Spain A VISION OF LEARNING - Structured Democratic Dialogues - 2018, Cyprus
  3. 3. Grasping, Groping, and Grokking Sustainability ! - Sustainability ?? a collective inquiry and teaser - a work-report and a -vision Introducing an HOUSE OF EYES & COGNITIVE PANORAMA as “Pointers to Possibilities” HEINER BENKING, Berlin - General Thinker/Doer Council on Global Issues, Toronto,Berlin - GLOBAL COMMONS ALLIANCE, UN - ECOSOC FUTURE WORLDS CENTER - UNDEF, re:inventing Democracy EUROPEAN CITIZEN SCIENCES ASSOCIATION (ECSA) Youth 4 Planet, Y4P, Hamburg, Luxemburg / Positive Nett-Works e.V., Makers4Humanity M4H, Hannover, Berlin
  4. 4. Multi-modal Futuristic Deep-Ocean Fish