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Enterprise DevOps


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This was a talk I recently gave on the challenges and opportunity associated with Enterprise DevOps transformation.

Benjamin is the Co-Founder of <a />Contino</a>, a consultancy that specialise in the Enterprise DevOps space.

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Enterprise DevOps

  1. 1. Enterprise DevOps The Opportunity & The Challenge Benjamin Wootton @benjaminwootton
  2. 2. The Premise Of DevOps: That better development and operations collaboration leads to more effective software delivery
  3. 3. Therefore, Development and Operations should: Communicate and collaborate more effectively Be incentivized by the same goals Adopt best practice from one another Manage configuration and infrastructure with development like techniques Develop software with operability in mind Prefer automation to manual work
  4. 4. The Benefits Are Significant: Faster time to market Increased quality More delivery focus Increased efficiencies Agility and iterative delivery Shorter release cycles and continuous delivery Lean innovation
  5. 5. DevOps Is Particularly Relevant In The Enterprise Enterprise ‘feels the pain’ due to being larger and more siloed and needing to retain control Having more ‘legacy’ in terms of technology and established process and culture Conducting more business and needing to maintain stability whilst iterative and innovating
  6. 6. However, Enterprise Must Adopt DevOps Like Practices To Survive & Thrive Every business is becoming a software business Markets are increasingly won or lost on software delivery Business must iterate faster and innovate in a leaner style We need DevOps like automation to deliver technology at enterprise scale
  7. 7. Reasons Why DevOps Transformation Is Difficult In The Enterprise: Technical: Inadequate Automation Legacy Software & Infrastructure Diverse Platforms & Tooling Integration Sprawl Vendor Applications & External Suppliers
  8. 8. Reasons Why DevOps Transformation Is Difficult In The Enterprise: Governance: Security Audit Regulatory ‘Risk Management Theatre’
  9. 9. Reasons Why DevOps Transformation Is Difficult In The Enterprise: Cultural: Inertia Fear or Blame Culture Misplaced Incentives
  10. 10. Reasons Why DevOps Transformation Is Difficult In The Enterprise: Organizational Design: Department Structure Job Roles & Responsibilities Siloed Working & Thinking Partner & Vendor Relationships
  11. 11. Reasons Why DevOps Transformation Is Difficult In The Enterprise: Need For quality: Transaction volume Reputational risk Desire for consistency in process
  12. 12. DevOps Transformation Is Multi-Faceted Requires organizational, cultural, process and technology change All four areas have to be addressed if a transformation initiative is to be a success Cultural Technical Organisational Process
  13. 13. Some Of The Key Tools Automation: e.g. Build, Test, Deployment, Infrastructure Raises Quality, Shortens Cycle Time
  14. 14. Some Of The Key Tools Self Service: Fast Whilst Retaining Governance
  15. 15. Some Of The Key Tools Culture: Delivery Focus, Collaborative, Bias For Quality
  16. 16. Some Of The Key Tools Software Architecture: Fast, Iterative, Isolated e.g. MicroServices
  17. 17. & Many More Enterprise DevOps is a challenging transformation But one that must take place to compete in todays marketplace ~ At Contino, we specialise in helping oragnisations on this journey, supporting both technical and people & process change @ContinoUK