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Advantages to drinking chai tea


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Advantages to drinking chai tea

  1. 1. Chai tea is a really special type of drink that comes to us originally from India. You should know that it is not various sorts of tea itself such as green tea, red tea or white tea, but it truly is a green tea blending with spices and herbs you choose. For this reason this drink is much better than a single tea, because in the combination of herbs you receive an increase in the beneficial properties. It is a drink mainly interesting for those who desire to enjoy good health, and that several properties, as almost all the antioxidants, reduces the possibilities of getting cancer disease. Chai tea features are diverse and allow us to enjoy at the same time the delightful flavor and aroma of this tea and served by roger verge chef, suitable to take on very cold days. Feel free to try it if you have had breathing problems, cardiovascular disease or perhaps digestive complications, and you will see how much improves your overall health. Chai tea features various elements, the basic ones are: black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper and then nutmeg, then, dependent on where and also who prepares it can add other items. It can be mixed with hot water or else milk and can be sweetened with honey or sugar. The tea is a strong stimulant, along with coffee, but with more benefits and no significant side effects than this drink. It is that is why that many people have decided to substitute the coffee with the chai tea. All the spices used in the chai tea commonly used in medicine and nutrition Ayurvedic. Among other things, these kind of herbs help to stimulation, balance, and support digestion. Calms stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea stimulates digestion and eliminates the flatulence, predominantly for its high content in fiber, rare in teas and it is due to the fennel presence. Clove, however, can help all those people who have stomach ulcers to relieve symptoms.