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ortho molecular product ortho biotic


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Ortho Biotic by Ortho Molecular contains an exclusive mix of probiotics that have a positive impact on gastrointestinal wellbeing.

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ortho molecular product ortho biotic

  1. 1. We are working on and hope it will become the one stop shop, combining all of our sites into one convenient place, for YOU our valued customer to shop for all your nutritional supplement needs!
  2. 2. Our Products • All Brands • Doctor's Choice • Aidan Corp • BioGenesis • Douglas Labs • Genestra Brands • Integrative Therapeutics • Jigsaw Health • Metagenics • Nordic Naturals • Ortho Molecular • Physiologics • Pure Encapsulations • Thorne Research • Misc
  3. 3. Orthomolecular Products, Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations Medical grade nutritional companies like Orthomolecular Products, Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations provide highly concentrated nutritional components to feed deficiencies in the body and support the body's natural ability to balance and heal itself. Starting and maintaining healthy eating habits, like theMediterranean Diet, will ideally reduce your need to purchase these products.
  4. 4. Are multiples good for kids? • While a whole food diet is the preferable route, a high- quality multivitamin might be recommended for children eating an unbalanced diet. In one double-blind trial, schoolchildren received a daily low-potency vitamin-mineral tablet for three months that contained 50% of the RDA for most essential vitamins and the minerals. About 20% of participants (working class, primarily Hispanic, children, aged 6 to 12) experienced dramatic gains in certain measures of IQ, possibly due to correction of specific nutrient deficiencies in these children. However, it was not possible in this study to identify which nutrients caused the improvement.
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