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Seniors and the ticking graduation time bomb


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Seniors and the ticking graduation time bomb

  1. 1. In a few short months, 1,500 University of Denver seniors will be entering a new life chapter. Post-college is a special time for opportunity and self-discovery. Here are two seniors, Sid Warwinske and Molly Rogow. Sid Warwinske has future plans to work in real estate and has shared that his DU teachers, friends and experiences have prepared him for a successful future.
  2. 2. DU has large efforts in setting up graduates for success. From freshman year forward, DU requires advisory hours and has one and one support for each student.
  3. 3. DU’s facilities and buildings make studying and being a student at DU a fun and enjoyable environment. A favorite study spot for students includes the newly renovated Anderson Academic Commons, which has 32 group study rooms, 39,500 linear feet of library collections online, a café and more.
  4. 4. This is Morgan Maurer, marketing major, utilizing one of the 135 computers accessible and free to students inside Anderson Academic Commons.
  5. 5. The Career Center is the best resource for students and their job searches. “John Haag in the Career Center helped me land my most recent internship, he’s been instrumental in creating the perfect resume, fine tuning my interview skills and being a great support system,” says international business major, Morgan Thomas.
  6. 6. As graduation approaches, seniors are working hard on their job searches. Most DU students are on a serious job hunt the duration of their senior year. “Most of my friends are either planning on higher education or have been actively looking for jobs all of senior year,” says Sid Warwinske, senior marketing major.
  7. 7. Daniels College of Business is ranked one of the best business schools in the world and is a very competitive college at the University of Denver. Finance is the most common major at DU and other popular Daniels majors include marketing, accounting, and international business.
  8. 8. Seniors Sam David and Morgan Thomas are graduating from the Daniels College of Business this spring. Both have reported their DU experience has been a positive one with helpful teachers and classmates throughout Daniels.
  9. 9. The University of Denver makes saying goodbye difficult. After four years of being surrounded by friends, hockey games, Greek events and constant classes, this all comes to a halt.
  10. 10. Although the “DU bubble” seems hard to move past, graduates are moving forward. Maddison Tischler graduated DU with a communications degree in 2014. Now, she is fully employed with Communication Infrastructure Group and has taken her skills at DU into her career. Here she is volunteering at “Safe Kids Day” in Boulder, Colorado.
  11. 11. Graduating from DU has its perks. “I think DU students are at an advantage for finding jobs. Especially compared to other schools in Colorado. A lot of businesses in Denver recognize DU as an elite and prestigious school,” says career counselor Jeremiah Rex.
  12. 12. Whether it’s landing a dream job in Denver, moving on to higher education or packing up to work in a new city, DU seniors are eager and prepared for the future ahead.