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In the spring of 2009 I took a Human Resource Management course at St. Ambrose and was required to do a presentation on the Human Resource function of any company, I chose Apple Inc.

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  • Apple Presentation

    1. 1. Apple Human Resources<br />By: Blaine Bertsch<br />
    2. 2. Apple<br /><ul><li>Founded April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
    3. 3. Introduced Lisa in 1977
    4. 4. Revolutionized PCs with the Macintosh in 1984
    5. 5. Was overshadowed by Microsoft until 1998 with the iMac</li></li></ul><li>Apple:Human Resources<br />Mission Statement:<br /><ul><li>Human Resources creates an overabundance of talent that drives our core businesses and allow us to seize strategic business opportunities. HR partners with each division to identify and develop the best talent in the industry. We are motivated to ensure the right people are in the right jobs to fuel our diverse and dynamic organization—and Apple's future</li></li></ul><li>Apple HR Disciplines<br /><ul><li>HR Management
    6. 6. Staffing
    7. 7. Compensation
    8. 8. Employee Relations
    9. 9. Benefits
    10. 10. Training and Development
    11. 11. Human Resource Information Services</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br /><ul><li>Innovative program called Flex Benefits
    12. 12. Allows you to choose health, life, and disability benefits that best fit your lifestyle and individual/family needs
    13. 13. Offers Flex Dollars to purchase different benefits to fit your personal needs
    14. 14. Such as: More life insurance, healthcare, day care, etc. all with tax free dollars</li></li></ul><li>Benefits<br /><ul><li>Financial Education
    15. 15. Apple offers a wide variety of education classes to help employees to reach their financial goals
    16. 16. Computer Discounts
    17. 17. Apple provides generous discounts on Apple hardware and software for employees to familiarize themselves with the product</li></li></ul><li>Other Benefits<br /><ul><li>Time to Relax
    18. 18. Apple provides generous holiday and vacation times to recharge
    19. 19. Health + Fitness Program
    20. 20. Apple has special fitness plans, health education, and preventive care for employees</li></li></ul><li>401(k) Savings & Investment Plan<br /><ul><li>Offers the Apple Matching Program
    21. 21. Apple will match up to 6% of your contributed salary paying 50% the first 5 years and 100% there after
    22. 22. Apple’s matching contributions are immediate along with your contributions
    23. 23. Offers a broad range of investment options to expand a portfolio
    24. 24. Offers online investment advice</li></li></ul><li>Stock Purchases<br /><ul><li>Apple has a Stock Purchase Plan
    25. 25. Offers employees the opportunity to purchase Apple stock every 6 months at a 15% discount
    26. 26. Employees can authorize 10% payroll deductions monthly to purchase stock during specified enrollment periods</li></li></ul><li>Internship Benefits & Perks<br /><ul><li>Casual Work Environment
    27. 27. Café, sports courts, fitness center, and company store
    28. 28. Cool Products at Special Prices
    29. 29. Discounts on Apple and third-party products
    30. 30. Medical Plan
    31. 31. Provides basic plan at no charge
    32. 32. Salary and Relocation Assistance
    33. 33. Paid internships and competitive travel and housing assistance
    34. 34. Summer Events
    35. 35. Offers different events for interns including: Presentations, Team Contests, etc.</li>