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Public Sector & NGOs 2007 / 3rd Place / Darba līgums Strādā!


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Public Sector & NGOs 2007 / 3rd Place / Darba līgums Strādā!

  1. 1. Valsts darba inspekcijaskampaņa par legālas nodarbinātTbas veicināšanu“Darba līgums strādā"State Labour Inspectorate campaignfor legal employment“Labour Contract Works!”Hill and Knowlton Latvia/Rhino dizaina aģentūra2006. gada maijs May, 2006
  2. 2. Iesniedzējs: SIA Hill and Knowlton Latvia (H&K Latvia) Kontaktpersona: Dana Hasana, Ralfs Vīlands Adrese: Bnvības iela 40- 36, Rīga, LV-1050 Tālrunis: +371 7 240 571 E-pasta adrese: Kampa as pasūtītājs: Valsts darba inspekcija Kampa as datumi un realizācijas laiks: 2005. gada maijs Kampa as nosaukums: Darba llgums strādā! Kampa as kategorija: Sociālās kampa as; valsts, pašvaldlbu un publiskā sektora kampa as Papildus pievienotie drukatie materiāli - fotogrāfijas no kampa asDarba iesniedzēja vārds, uzvārds un paraksts:Dana HasanaRalfs VīlandsKampa as pasūtītāja pārstāvja amats, vārds, uzvārds un paraksts:Rita Elce, Valsts darba inspekcijas direktore
  3. 3. I. INSIGHTFigures prove that 35% of violation in Latvian labour market is result of absence of labouragreement providing guaranties for regular salary, social guaranties today and protection in future.State Labour Inspectorate as responsible institution for legal employment promoting•with financial support of ESF•and Hill and Knowlton Latvia creative approachcame up with initiative of 2 weeks media and society information campaign "Labour ContractWorks!" on May 2006 in Riga and seven largest regional Latvian cities : Gulbene, Daugavpils,Rēzekne, Jelgava, Valmiera, Ventspils, Liepāja.Messages of campaign:• Underline importance of legal employement for both employers and employees• Inform about benefits of legal employment• Inform about affter-effects and consequences of illegal employment• Compliment best practice employers in Latvia• Prove statement of the State Labour Inspectorate as open-minded and friendly organization,consultant and trusted partner• Inform media about campaign and its targetsCampaign target audiences: Latvian society: employers and employees; mediaII. REALIZATION OF CAMPAIGN – strategy and tactical solutionsH&K Latvia worked as main strategic consultant for the Client, managing communicationcampaign and sides involved in campaign.The main goal of the campaign – to rise awareness of Latvian society about destructive aftereffectsof illegal employment for both employers and employees2 weeks communication campaign included both media relations and campaign activities:•Press conference for media•Preparation of special campaign brochures, informative leaflets, posters and souvenirs withsymbols of campaign (pencils, stickers, ribbons, T-shirts)• Creating symbol of campaign – young worker, dressed as construction worker, wearingcampaign T-shirt and helmet that welcomed people in informative tents. This image also were usedon campaign posters•Information about visits of informative tents and campaign in newspapers•Informative tents in 8 Latvian cities with attractive consultants informing about benefits andconsequences of illegal job. Online and free of charge consultancy•Spreading of brochures about employees rights, importance of labour agreement etc.•State Labout Inspectorate spot - checks in several suspected companies together with media•Interviews with managing persons of companies supporting legal employment policy •Interviews with spokespersons of the State Labour Inspectorate in dailies and regional media•Active media relations, especially in regional media to rise up the problem of unlegalemployment consequences•Press releases about campaign and achieved results
  4. 4. III. RESULTS OF CAMPAIGNTo evaluate results of two week long informatative campaign in seven largest Latvian citiesand Riga we carried-out media monitoring and collected supportive records of private personsin special Campaign Supporters book. About 2000 supportive records were gathered in special Campaign Supporters book. Peoplewere welcomed to proove their support to legal employment philosophy by leaving their records inCampaign Supporters book. During campaign State Labour Inspectorate has spread out about 7000 informative brochuresabout legal employment matters About 3000 people received free on-line consultancy on employment issues from the StateLabour Inspectorate consultants during the visits of informative tents Employers and companies, who were supportive to the idea of legal employment and Labourcontracts were invited to stick symbolic campaign ribbon on they buildings to support legalemployment policy All best legal employment practice companies (according to the results of regular check- outs)received complimentary letter and campaign ribbon from State Labour Inspectorate. Biggest dailies and local media had interviews with State Labour Inspectorate officials topromote philosophy of legal employment. Several unexpected check-outs together with media took place during the campaign and werewidly reflected in media Messages and idea of campaign was widely displayed in all national media achieving greatcoverage in biggest dailies, TV and regional papers. Campaign consolidated image of our Client in media and society, strengthened messages forsupport of legal employment policy in Latvia