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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

Mankind has three origins。
Everything is born out of nothing.
The Greatest Creator has endowed us certain amount of free consciousness.
Religion and political party are one of the sources of social disturbances and unrests.
Everything exists for its own purpose and function.
Man can soar freely in the nonmaterial world.
Whatever can be imagined in one’s brain has its existence.

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800 values-other idea

  1. 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being800 Values for New Era Human being (Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 18:Other Ideas561. Mankind has three origins: the origin from the pyramid, the originfrom the Garden of Eden, and the reincarnation of the dragon.562. The core of culture is soul, the nucleus of soul is belief, and core ofbelief is the Greatest Creator. Different beliefs will mold different souls,different souls will give birth to different cultures, and different cultureswill bring about different means of production and living and differentsocial operation mechanisms.563. Everything is born out of nothing, and everything may return tonothing. The more one has, the less one will have. You can haveeverything when you own nothing. You have nothing when you owneverything. The more you own, the greater the emptiness you will feel.The greater the nonentity, the more real the existence will be. To ascendto the status of a celestial being, you must be in the state that you ownnothing and yet have everything. That you own nothing and yet haveeverything is no paradox, instead it is a secret for you to move toward thebeautiful space of life.564. When you have no place to abide in, you actually have every placeto abide in; when you have places to abide in, you actually have no placeto abide in. Only if your soul can transcend over all phenomena and your
  2. 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingnature can burst in full bloom, will you arrive at the wonderland ofElysium World.565. Different forms give birth to soul, and soul can transcend overdifferent forms.566. The Greatest Creator has endowed us certain amount of freeconsciousness. We shall choose ourselves where we shall go. Everyoneshall be responsible for his own choice. Reality is the portraiture of thefree consciousness of LIFE. We have no one to blame, we cannot blamethe heaven, the earth, the society, and other people. If we should decidewhat is wrong, we can say that there is nothing wrong with the universeand the world, there must be something wrong with ourselves. If wecannot understand this, we will lead a muddleheaded life; if we haveunderstood this, we will have a clear and definite life.567. Do not think that there is no one in charge of the earth. Ever sincegenesis, this earth has had its master. He has never left the earth. He lovesmankind and has endowed us free will. He allows us to fully enjoy thewonder of the great garden of earth. Man cannot control the earth, andman cannot conquer heaven. Man can only survive and live on the earthaccording to the will of his creator. Man must think how he should existand live so that he can conform to the will of the master of the earth. Aslong as man’s wish and actions conform to the will of the master of theearth, man will have a better future. If man deviates from the will of themaster of the earth, his future will become more and more gloomy.568. Religion and political party are one of the sources of socialdisturbances and unrests. Conversion to a religion amounts to theabnegation of freedom of soul. Becoming a member of a political partymeans the abnegation of freedom of life. The abnegation of freedom
  3. 3. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingmeans that you are willing to be a slave. A slave with no freedom in spirit,thinking, soul, and flesh will be the accomplice of evils and will be readyto launch bloody attack against his compatriots at any time under thealtisonant excuse and under the guise of ornate dictions.569. Everything within the range of rational numbers is a destiny.570. Coincidence is the superficial phenomena of the development ofthings. It is tangible and can be perceived. Coincidences are isolated fromeach other. Inevitability is the main body of the development of things. Itis intangible and cannot be perceived through vision, hearing, olfaction,taste, and touch. Inevitability can be perceived only through spiritualpercption. The superficial phenomena of a thing are decided by itsessence. The coincidences of superficial phenomena are guided andrestricted by the inevitable law of the main body. Therefore, what seemsto be contingencies are actually an inevitable result.571. The tiny difference in the microcosmic nucleus is the hugedifference in the macrocosmic phenomena.572. Everything exists for its own purpose and function. There is nothingthat does not have a purpose and function.573. Everything follows its kind, every person follows his mind, everymind follows its soul, and every soul follows its master. There is noexception. God belongs to the category of god, goblin belongs to goblin,Buddha belongs to Buddha, monster belongs to monster, man belongs toman, ghost belongs to ghost. This is how things are. Those belonging toheaven will enter the land of heaven; those belonging to hell will go tohell; those belonging to the human world will stay in the human world.The net of heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through.
  4. 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Being574. Poverty may lead to its opposite, the ending may start a newbeginning.575. As observable from the holographic state of the universe, there areno parallels that do not intersect each other or divert from each other.Parallels will also intersect each other or divert from each other.576. All profound mystery lies in the holographic order.577. Everything is an interaction between yin and yang. Man, being oneof everything, is also very naturally an interaction between yin and yang.Put in simpler terms, man’s flesh is yang while man’s soul (spiritualentity) is yin. Put in more complicate terms, the whole material world isthe yang that man relies on for living, and the whole nonmaterial world isthe yin that man relies on for living. All belong to the material world ifthey can be seen by eyes, heard by ears, smelled by noses, tasted bytongues, felt by the body, and measured by scientific instruments. All elsebelong to nonmaterial world.578. Man can soar freely in the nonmaterial world.579. Morality is the collective term for Tao and virtue. Tao is theconsciousness and psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, the blood ofthe universe, the headspring of life, the magical force that maintain theorderly operation of the universe, and truth. Virtue is the intrinsic qualityof saints and sages of human society, which is based on the understandingof Tao. Virtue is the protecting railings that guide the human societyalong the sensible, auspicious, healthy, and happy road. Morality is theprinciple and magical force that maintain the ordered and healthydevelopment of the universe, nature and human society.580. The real masters exist not to impose shackles on people but toemancipate people’s soul. All lectures and sermons are to initiate the
  5. 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingconvenient way of spiritual perception. Compared with the explanationsto the blind people about the wonder and magnificence of the boundlessuniverse, it would be better to cure him of his blindness so that he can seefor himself.581. Everything in nature has a period of validity. Flowers will bloom intime, otherwise they will lose their opportunities. Talents should beexerted in time, otherwise they will become outdated. The beauty of bodyand mind should be displayed in time, otherwise they may disappear aftera period of time. Jewels and gems should be beset at the bright places sothat their values for existence can be displayed, otherwise they will be nodifferent from ordinary rocks.582. We should learn from peaches, which display their best qualitiesoutside for people to enjoy and thus protect and continue their life; do notlearn from walnuts, which encase themselves in the hard nuts and finallylose the opportunity to continue their life.583. Those grow the fastest have the shortest life span. Therefore, do notpursue speed in anything and do not take the shortcut. It is necessary tobuild up with each small step.584. Rotten apples should be cleaned out of the apple baskets in time,otherwise they will infect other apples very quickly and render the wholebasket rotten. A collective should eliminate in time those disgustingindividuals who sow discords, retail gossips, and destroy harmony.Otherwise they will destroy the peace and harmony of the wholecollective.585. Man can add vitamins, headache oil, and egg into the feed for dogand use it as bait for fish. The fish will swallow the bait. Monsters have
  6. 6. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingcast money, power, and beauties in the human world as baits. Man is easyto rise to these baits.586. As we can know from the earthshaking experiment of thecrystallization of water, when people are rejoiced and have love waterwill take on a very beautiful crystal structure. In the same way, if werevere the Greatest Creator, LIFE and nature from the bottom of our heart,our physiological, mental and thinking structures will take on a greatlyordered, harmonious and beautiful structure. This structure is thebeautiful structure which can help us to escape from disaster and progresstoward the higher LIFE space and achieve the qualities of celestialbeings.587. The revelation of the strangler ficus: if we feel the suffocatingatmosphere, it shows that there may be strangler ficus in ourenvironment.588. The place of necrosis can not feel anything.589. The wicked kindness is always under the disguise of sincerity,considerateness, and care. “I do all this only for your good”. The wickedkindness can always make us uncomfortable, restrained, unpleasant, andunhappy. Wicked kindness can not only destroy one’s splendid future butalso can break one’s belief. Wicked kindness is omnipresent. It is oftenclothed in kindness. So you can never have an effective defense against it.590. When the cup is empty, it will have vast uses. When man is empty,he becomes a celestial being, and a Buddha.591. The first feeling is real, and the first impression is the hint from theGreatest Creator whether our life will be smooth and as good as we haveexpected. The first signal sent to us by the Greatest Creator is mostfavorable to us, most accurate, and most considerate to us.
  7. 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Being592. Chanyuan does not advocate the abnegation of everything and theabandonment of everything. We should undertake our responsibility. Weshould not willfully and hastily decide to give up things at random. Whatshould be given up should be given up for sure. What should not be givenup should not be given up randomly. Constant sawing can break wood inhalves, constant water drops can wear away the stone. As long as we stickto the road of the Greatest Creator, everything will be just fine when theright time comes for it. When conditions are ripe, everything will be in itsappropriate course. If we throw away and give up certain thingsarbitrarily, the result will be more haste and less speed. Then there will beno room for regret.593. Every life being does not know about misery at the very beginning.At the time when things were designed, the Greatest Creator hasconsidered all this. He has endowed them only the original instincts, andhas not endowed them the thinking of contention. Everything has beendesigned such as that they will each take their own responsibility, take ontheir own elegant demeanor, and each will find their own pleasure. Theredoes not exist “unfairness at the beginning.” Neither is there the issue thatthe nonmaterial structure of some life is perfect while the nonmaterialstructure of other life is imperfect. As long as we have understood thatevery life being knows nothing about misery at its beginning, and returnto our self, we will understand the origin of contradictions and ourdirection of endeavor.594. The commonness of Lifechanyuan is the pursuit of celestial being.Anyone pursues happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing, yearns forThousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, Celestial IslandsContinents of Elysium World, and enthusiastically participates in the
  8. 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingcreation of the era of Lifechanyuan is who can combine perfectly andharmoniously his personality with the commonness of Lifechanyuan595. General theory of relativity may lead to the following views on lifeand the world:(1). What we have known is not truth but a distortion of reality;(2). The teachings, theories, and conceptions that people in a certainreligion, political party, and state system regard as absolutely correct mayactually be wrong;(3). Any theory is not absolute truth, we should not blindly believe in theso-called classics and theories, instead we should think from aholographic perspective;(4). It is possible to gain rejuvenescence, or become senile before one’stime or live in different spaces;(5). Any conclusion in the microscopic time and space can be wrongwhen viewed against the macroscopic time and space;(6). The conclusion drawn from within a certain system will not beconsistent with the conclusion drawn from without the system;(7). There is a “natural law” in the universe, which applies to all timesand spaces;(8). There are differences between the abstract theories and the reality;(9). There is no absolute time and space.596. In the presence of Tao, virtue shall not be discussed; in the presenceof virtue, benevolence shall not be discussed; in the presence ofbenevolence, righteousness shall not be discussed; and in the presence ofrighteousness, courtesy shall not be discussed. In the absence of Tao
  9. 9. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingvirtue shall be emphasized; in the absence of virtue, benevolence shall bestressed; in the absence of benevolence, righteousness shall be stressed;in the absence of righteousness, courtesy shall be stressed.597. What is real is unreal; what is unreal is actually real.598. Although the mystery of nature cannot be revealed, we can stillderive some information from the irrational number Pi(circumference-diameter ratio) and Phi (golden mean)—one is theinfiniteness of the universe and LIFE, the other is that the LIFE of man isof finite cycle but once LIFE has gone beyond the category of rationalnumber, it will enter the scope of irrational number, where LIFE isinfinite non-recurring. This is comparable to the teaching of Buddhism,“Transcend over the confines of the Three Realms and unrestrained byFive Elements”.599. Whatever can be imagined in one’s brain has its existence.600. To achieve our purpose and realize our wishes, we should firstexpress ourselves clearly. Only if we express ourselves clearly, will thenegative universe and everything and the surrounding world bettercooperate with us. If we cannot express ourselves clearly, even theGreatest Creator, god, Buddha and bodhisattva can not help us. If we aremuddleheaded, the surrounding world will also be perplexing; if we are ata loss, the surrounding world will also be in a mess.601. Fate is predestined, luck can be controlled in the present life. As forfate, we had better take things as they are. There are 18 factors that areuncontrollable in life, so we should submit to the will of God Crying willbe useless. There are many factors in life, which are controllable via freewill, so we must be positive and exert ourselves and scale the high peaks.
  10. 10. 800 Values for New Era Human Being602. We must be observant and alert. We should climbed up from thebottom of the well and actively accept the positive energy, associatingwith people who have higher wisdom and have opened their spiritualperception. In this way even the rotten wood can be carved intounparalleled masterpiece of art.603. Some books, some people, and some environments can transformthe corruptible into mysterious life; some thinking, some consciousness,and some remarks can make sages quickly acquire the quality of celestialbeings; a chance, an opportunity, and a get-together can change the trackof life and fate completely.604. Knowledge is people’s understanding and summarized experience ofthe material world. Wisdom is the sublimed knowledge; it is man’scapability to discern, analyze and judge the connotation and denotation ofthings and capability to invent and create. Spiritualism is the sublimationof wisdom. It is man’s capability to communicate with nonmaterialworld.605. All cognition and experience acquired without personal thinking andcomprehending is knowledge.606. All capability acquired through the thinking (analysis and judgment)of the head or the perception of soul is called wisdom. Wisdom cannot beacquired via vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, and touch. Wisdom is thecrystallization of thinking, the “child” of thinking, and the result of one’sthinking.607. Wisdom is divided into five levels: human eyes wisdom, deva eyeswisdom, wisdom eyes wisdom, dharma eyes wisdom and Buddha eyeswisdom. Human eyes wisdom is the lowest wisdom based on the material
  11. 11. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingworld, Buddha eyes wisdom is the highest wisdom acquired after one hasacquired enlightenment and can perceive nature.608. A person without wisdom does not know where he should apply hispower, on what he should concentrate his mind, and how he can use timeefficiently. Wisdom can make an abundant life, but it cannot solve theultimate anxiety of man. Only when wisdom is promoted to the level ofspiritualism, will man possess the capability to distinguish betweensincerity, kindness, beauty,love and falsity, wickedness, ugliness andhate, will man possess morality, and understand the direction and purposeof life, and communicate with the nonmaterial world, and understand theconnotations of heaven and hell, and lay the foundation for achieving thequalities of celestial beings and Buddha.609. Meditation is the advanced communication of the subconscious levelwith the celestial beings. Many extrasensory perception andpsychokinetic power has been obtained in this state. This is a supremestate of tranquility, and a feeling of melting in the universe when you arein the state of selfless.610. Spirit mainly embodies an energy state of the LIFE structure, whileconsciousness mainly embodies the connotation of LIFE structure. Whenthe consciousness is perfect, spirit will be in a good state. However, agood spirit does not necessarily show that consciousness is perfect.611. All information of the past and the future is not in the brain but inthe universe. The nerve network of the brain serves only as the bridgesand channels that connect consciousness with the universe. Therefore ourmemory is not in the brain but in the universe. Only when man and natureis blended as one will he retrieve all his past and future information.
  12. 12. 800 Values for New Era Human Being612. Dreamland reflects the state of our consciousness and LIFEstructure.613. There is only one you, be it the incarnation, the ultimate body orbody of communal bliss. The moon reflected in a thousand rivers, butthere is only one real moon. There does not exist a real “counterpart man”.This is all a matter of perspective and thinking not a matter of essence.614. There is a limit to everything. When the limit is exceeded, one thingwill be transformed into another modality. Releasing and enlightening aperson means the transformation of man into another LIFE form and thetransformation of the LIFE structure of man into other LIFE structures.615. When one is too refined, he will not enjoy popularity. The man withmore perfect structure of LIFE will be more solitary and have fewerbosom friends in the human world, because people cannot understand theprofound music you play. You have too fine a sentimentality for peopleto perceive.616. The correct belief is accommodating, and holographic. There can benot set rules, non-dharma is dharma. If in our inner mind there is greatconflict, it proves that we are too radical. As is indicated in the Chineseword Ling Huo (flexibility) , you should be full of LIFE (huo) before youcan have soul (Ling). If we inflexibly stick to a certain thing, includingbelief, then we are not being flexible. If you are too rigid and stiff, youcannot expect to have soul or spirit.617. The place vulnerable to injury is the weak spot with defects.Self-improving and self-refining is to find out one’s weak spot andreinforce the spot, and find out the spot with defects and perfect it. Themore perfect a place is, the less likely it is to be exposed to harm. Themore imperfect a place is, the more vulnerable it is to harm and attack.
  13. 13. 800 Values for New Era Human Being618. Before his spiritual perception is initiated, man follows a fixed trackof his destiny. In the same way that an astronomer predicts accurately theorbits of planets, the wise fortuneteller can completely foretell the futureof a man. After a man’s spiritual perception is initiated, his destiny willbe completely in his own hands. Then a fortuneteller, however great hemight be, will not be able to forecast the direction of his life, because aperson with spiritual perception can change at any moment and canchange in a wide variety of forms in a second. We engage inself-improving and self-refining so that we can initiate our spiritualperception. What is meant by enlightenment is the opening of one’sspiritual perception.619. The reason for the failure to get one’s spiritual perception is toomuch reliance on vision, hearing, taste, olfaction and touch. If thefunctions of these sense organs are lost, one can rely totally on spiritualperception.620. With psychic energy, the mountain will flourish in luxuriance; withpsychic energy, waters will brim with fish and turtles; with psychicenergy, the heaven will have good weather; with psychic energy, theearth will overflow with a wide variety of LIFE forms; with psychicenergy, man will have endless charm.621. The material world has its own programmes, while the nonmaterialworld has its own principles. If we employ the programmes of thematerial world to scale and verify the principles of the nonmaterial world,we will draw preposterous conclusions.622. Mechanisms and programmes are prevalent. Once you lose yourselfin the mechanisms or programmes, you will be caught up in them and feelthe unbearable afflictions. Therefore we should make correct choices.
  14. 14. 800 Values for New Era Human Being623. The more advance the LIFE is, the more perfect its programmes forsurvival will be; the lower the LIFE is, the more crude its programmes forsurvival will be. Compared with swine, man has broader and freer spaceof life. Compared with man, celestial beings has a broader and moreelegant space of existence.624. All those descending from the heave world to the human world arekind-hearted and honest and tolerant. All those who have a pure soul andare unwilling to bring sufferings to others are having a difficult andmiserable life in the human world, because currently the programmes ofSatan are running in the human world. By these programmes, the law ofjungles reigns supreme. The immoral you are and the less conscience youhave, the better chances you have for survival.625.Without a good and ordered programme (system), the beautifulwishes and effort will vaporizes like bubbles, because individuals havedifficulty in sticking to beautiful mentality and effort for a very long time.626. Escape from the bad programmes. Once you are caught up in someprogrammes, you have no choice but to follow the programmes and driftwith the tide. State, political party, religion, and family are allprogrammes, which have formed the main links in the programmes of therealm of necessity. If you want to escape from the shackles of theprogrammes of the realm of necessity and enter the realm of freedom,you must escape from all bad programmes. How can you escape fromthose programmes? One is to accumulate your merits and virtues, anotheris to pay back your debt, and the third is to rely on the Greatest Creator.627. What programmes are bad programmes? All those programmes willbe bad programmes if they prevent people from obtaining happiness,
  15. 15. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingjoyfulness, freedom and blessing in life and always cause people to beanxious, miserable, worried, dreaded, and troubled.628. Every day might be the last day, during which one shouldaccomplish things most satisfactorily and do not leave behind any regrets.629. You supervise yourself, and make your conscience dictate yourwords and deeds. Set up a court of judgment in your own mind. You arethe judge. When you cannot manage, penalty will come any time.630. The nature of the world is illusion. Life is originally an illusion. Theproblem is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for athousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in theillusion, then the illusion will be meaningful. The past is illusive, thefuture is illusive, and all the scenes that come to mind when one closesone’s eyes are illusive. However, the effect and influence of all illusionson man are real.631. Void refers to the nonmaterial which is illusory, transient, invisible,inaudible, intangible and traceless. Substantiality refers to material, whichhas a form and shape, and is substantial and useful, visible, audible,tangible, and traceable. Pursuit of void means the pursuit of ideals andbeliefs, the adherence to faith and morality, and attention toconsciousness and spirit, the sublimation of personality, and theperfection of quality. The pursuit of void is to satisfy the spiritual life.The pursuit of substantiality means the pursuit of value for use, mainlythe material conditions necessary for the satisfaction of the basic needs offood, clothing, shelter, transport, sex, and safety. The pursuit ofsubstantiality is for the purpose of survival. The pursuit of void and thepursuit of substantiality are a unity of opposites, neither of which shouldbe neglected. Survival is the foundation, and the purpose is for a better
  16. 16. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinglife; life is the sublimation, and the purpose is for a better survival.Celestials have fully experience life, have solved the problem of survival,and can then spend a lot of time on the pursuit of void. Without thepursuit of substantiality, it would be impossible to lead a comfortable lifeand poverty is a tough situation; without the pursuit of void, you will stayin the original position, swine will always be swine and man will alwaysbe man.632. Do not distinguish between reality and illusion. Reality is illusionand illusion is reality. “Form is no different from emptiness”. Materialworld and nonmaterial world are both worlds in which man can exist.633. Close one door and many other doors will automatically open foryou; open one door and many other doors will automatically close. Whendeath is chosen, the door of life will automatically close; when the doorof life is opened, the door of death will automatically close. There areonly 12 doors of life (as far as man is concerned). There are thousands ofways of life. No matter which way you take, it will lead you to one of the12 doors of life.634. Do not take sincerity for dung and dirt. On the journey across the36-dimension space and 20 parallel worlds, one can find one truth—themore sincerity a place has, the closer it is to the paradise; the more devoidof sincerity a place is, the closer it is to hell. A place overflowing withsincerity is harmonious and auspicious; a place devoid of sincerity isoverloaded with sufferings and tribulations.635. People accustomed to living on earth assume that the earth isgigantic and that people can only live on earth. It never occurs to themthat there exists a more colossal world and that we can very easilyemigrate to those places.
  17. 17. 800 Values for New Era Human Being636. Happiness always belongs to those who follow the trends of timesand play to the score; affliction always descends on those who obduratelykeep to tradition, can not adapt to circumstances, and are afraid ofchanges.637. Times are changing, ideas are changing, lifestyle is changing, andthe relations between husband and wife should adapt to these changes.Only change is the way to steadiness.638. Any theory and viewpoint is suitable to only a particular time andspace and is applicable only to certain conditions. When the environmenthas changed, time and space has changed, and conditions have changed,such theory or viewpoint shall not be applied blindly and mechanically.639. When you have taken the wrong direction, the faster you walk thegreater loss you will have to endure; if you have chosen the rightdirection, you have taken the best shortcut even if you have encounteredtemporary setbacks and frost and severe cold.640. Christianity has the headstream of LIFE but cannot see the ocean ofLIFE. Buddhism has the ocean of LIFE but cannot see the headstream ofLIFE. Taoism can find neither the headstream of LIFE nor the ocean ofLIFE. Other religions have many more defects.641. It is ignorance to negate the wonder of the boundless universe andthe infinite layers of LIFE with your own limited thinking and vision; it isfatuity to impose criteria for the infinite time and space and wisdom withyour own ignorance. Jesus says that the number of people capable findingthe gate of LIFE is very small, and the number of people capable offinding and entering the gate of LIFE is even smaller. The square andspacious road is the road for the secular world. The road taken by themultitude leads to death. Only those who edge their way into the narrow
  18. 18. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinggate and trek along the rugged trails have the hope to see the dawn ofLIFE, finally climb up the perilous peak of LIFE, and enter a vaster fieldof LIFE.642. How can we enter the holographic thinking? Lao Tzu teaches us to“return to infancy”, Jesus instructs us to “become childlike”, and the pureman Zhang Sanfeng says, “To follow is to be a mortal, but to go againstis to be an immortal, all lies in the reversal of the conventional”. Buddhateaches us to “stay away from all forms”, and “have nothing resides inmind”, which is the most masterly way of dharma.643. In the history of this human world, only Jesus, Sakyamuni, andDeiform Buddha know where they come from, why they come here, andwhere they are going in the future. Only after we have understood theirwisdom, can we be sure about our past, present and future, and have agood life every year.644. If you abstain from one source of profit, you may marshal an armyten times stronger; if you abstain from ten sources of profit, you maymarshal an army ten thousand times more powerful. Jesus requires us togive up kin, property, and everything else if we want to become hisdisciples. This is not severing relationship, but to put it to better use. LaoTzu teaches us, “Therefore the Sage puts himself last, and finds himselfin the foremost place; Regards his body as accidental, and his body isthereby preserved.” Buddha requires us to be devoid of form of ego, otherpeople, age and dharma. They are all teaching us the Supreme AuthenticWisdom. If we gradually abstain from the sources of several short-termprofits, we may quickly obtain long-term profits.645. From the perspective of dreamland, our reality does not exist; interms of the long course of time, the reality we are in is changing every
  19. 19. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingmoment, is transient, and thus does not exist, either. Therefore, reality isactually not reality, however, we must express this “reality” in language.So we can only make do with the word “reality” to explain the reality atthis time and moment, when actually what we call reality is not reality.We have no way but to arbitrarily employ “reality” to express ourmeaning. If we mistake “reality” for the real situation, we havemisunderstood the meaning of reality. Hence, “reality is not real realitybut the nominal reality.”646. We are a fortunate generation to have caught up with the era of themajor adjustment of LIFE in the universe. It is an opportunity in hundredsof millions of years. We can take advantage of this opportunity to get ridof the bondage and shackles of misfortune and fully exhibit the splendidaspect of human nature. The operation involves the close cooperation ofeveryone, which is not for any other purpose but for the sake of ourselves.If we follow Tao we will enjoy longevity and endless blessings; if we goagainst Tao, we will be permanently beset with worries.647. Anyone who has been through the baptism of the values of chanyuanwill have his value of LIFE increased, no matter whether you admit it ornot, because your mode of thinking has changed. The change in the modeof thinking will necessarily bring about the change in the form of LIFE.And the change in the form of LIFE is the symbol that the value of LIFEhas increased.648. Reliance on and adherence to the values of Chanyuan is the bestguarantee for a beautiful life and future. Reliance and adherencesupplement each other. What is not reliable can not be adhered to. Whatis hard to adhere to cannot be relied on. Only via reliance and adherence,can one truly experience the wonderful realm brought about by the ideas
  20. 20. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingof Chanyuan and live in happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing, andapproach the land of heaven.649. Simplicity + unsophistication =beauty650. Beauty lies in symmetry and proportion.651. A quiet place is free from misfortune, a place of excitement maybreed disaster.652. One heavy blow can destroy a person and render him powerless andincapable of recovery. However, it is often the long-term impact of theinsignificant charge that brings the ruin to one’s life. However tough themetal might be, the constant exertion of small load of impacts on it willfinally break it. This is what is called, “Constant sawing would break thewood in half, and incessant water drops may wear away the stone”. So itis advisable to avoid the long-term impact of small loads of energy.Insignificant power can cause qualitative change if it constantly acts on athing, or a man, or a rule.653. Small changes occur gradually, great changes occur suddenly.654. Anyone who can reach the terminal is a great man.655. Every knack is deeper than the sea.656. In an efficient group, attention should always be placed on theconsolidation and lengthening of the shortest board of the barrel.657. It is easy for the ordinary to grow great and extraordinary, butdifficult for the great and extraordinary to become ordinary.658. The more you are admired by people, the more important it is tokeep yourself sober-minded and humble; the higher the position you have,the more important it is to remain modest and cautious. Otherwise it willbe not far from disaster.
  21. 21. 800 Values for New Era Human Being659. Balance carries happiness, extremity breeds disaster. Peace lies inmutual reinforcement and restraint. This is the rule governing theuniverse as well as man. Only through mutual reinforcement and restraintcan all things develop harmoniously and the peace may prevail. Theextreme development of any one thing will not only cause harm to otherthings but will also inevitably cause the destruction of itself.660. The dribs and drabs and stumbles are ornaments of life, whichcannot be avoided. Just let them arise and disappear. “The wind rustlesthe sparse bamboo groves, and no sound is left in the grove after the winddies down; the wild geese swim across the cold pool, and no reflectionsare retained in the pool after the wild geese have flown away”.661. We would rather starve to death than break our promises.662. Material wealth is the tangible material on which flesh survives. It isrepresented by money and includes currency, gold, silver, jewelry, realestate, vehicles, land, food, household appliances, clothes, industries andthe like. Spiritual wealth is the many factors that can bring health,freedom, happiness, comfort, and pleasure to consciousness, thinking,idea, and psychological activities. Spiritual wealth includes knowledge(books), skills, experience, kin relations, friendship, love, religion,nationality, state, fame, status, and so on. The soul wealth refers to theintangible energy and information that can cause the sublimation of thequality of LIFE and the evolution of the nonmaterial structure of LIFEinto the perfect system. The soul wealth includes the soul of the GreatestCreator, the operating procedure of Tao, the apocalypse of God, theteachings of Buddha, the cultivation of celestial being, inspiration,telegnosis, and the like.
  22. 22. 800 Values for New Era Human Being663. Around man there is a field energy, a circle of rotating energyinvisible to naked eyes, and light, which are changing with the changes ofone’s psychology. A person with love emitting from within his mind willhave a field energy and color of light different from the field energy andcolor of light when he is in the mood of hatred. When you watch twopeople in a quarrel, you will find that the field energy and light betweenthem are like the volcanic eruption. When you watch too people deep inlove, you will find that the field energy and light between them arerevolving around each other, constantly flashing lights of different colors,just like an extremely elegant space walk.664. A new form of ripping flesh into pieces by five horses: The fivehorses refer to fame, gain, power, sex, and obdurate opinion, and fleshhere is the spiritual sense of man. Originally pure and clear, man’sspiritual sense becomes fragmented after being ripped by the five forcesof fame, gain, power, sex, and obdurate opinion.665. Those who help others actually help themselves. Those who harmothers actually harm themselves. Those who cheat others actually cheatthemselves. This is a principle only intelligible to people with greatwisdom. If you cannot understand this principle, you will be an ignorantperson with a blind soul.666. What is perceived through vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch isnot real, rather such perception is only the artistic transformation of whatis real. The real reality is hidden in the substrate of the boundless universe,who can only be perceived through spiritual perception.667. There is no free lunch in human world. Anything obtained cheaply isharmful.
  23. 23. 800 Values for New Era Human Being668. Lower wisdom is characterized by rashness, medium wisdom bycompetition, great wisdom can be mistaken for foolishness, and thesupreme wisdom is formless. Solve contradictions with the formlesswisdom. Dissolve all visible conflicts and contradictions with intangiblethinking. Lower wisdom is kept busy in mapping out systems, mediumwisdom is occupied in perfecting laws and regulations, great wisdom ispreoccupied with spiritual civilization, and supreme wisdom roams freeand unrestrained in the spiritual world.669. Pressure is not the motivating power. Pressure is the driving forcefor the continuous emergence of falsehood, wickedness, and ugliness.Only when pressure is relieved and only when no pressure exists, can thesincerity, kindness, and beauty of human nature be fully displayed.670. There is only one condition for happiness and pleasure, but there arethousands of reasons for unpleasantness and unhappiness.671. Let the talent bring his genius into full play. Only when the talentcan make full use of his genius, can he be put to great use.672. The secret to pleasure is: open your mind. Publicize everything inyour mind truthfully and unreservedly to the Greatest Creator, god andBuddha, relatives, friends and the society. The secret to happiness:contentment with one’s lot, unselfishness, lack of ego, lack of obdurateopinion, and diligence. The secret to freedom: reverence for the GreatestCreator, respect for god and Buddha, observance of laws, and no debt tobe paid. The secret to blessing: giving alms unconditionally and unselfishdevotion.673. A person living solely for himself has not any values except for theconsumption of resources and the suffering he causes to other people. Aperson living solely for his family cannot bring much benefit to the
  24. 24. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingsociety except for his preoccupation to bring glory to his ancestry and hishustle and bustle for his children’s welfare. A person serving only hisown nationality, state, or religion, or political party, or class will not bringany benefit to the whole mankind except for the creation of resentment,war, chaos, and conflicts. However, a person who seeks benefit for thewhole mankind is at a height unparalleled by ordinary folks. His love willfavor the whole mankind. This is where the greatness of Jesus andSakyamuni lies.674. With possession, one’s mind will become narrower. Marriage is theproduct of selfishness. Its motivation and purpose is to possess the otherparty eternally as private property.675. State, religion, political party, and family assume the role of mother.If we are always attached to the state, religion, political party, and family,it shows that we are not growing up and we are children that can nevergrow up.676. Belief is a private affair between oneself and the Greatest Creator,which has nothing to do with any other person. Belief is not decided bythe number of followers. Belief should not be blind. Only the beliefestablished through one’s reflection and comprehension can be firm andsturdy. Following whatever belief that enjoys the largest group ofbelievers, you are not having a belief, instead you are timeserving.677. Belief is the real identity of what you have expected and the solidevidence for what you have not seen. Belief means that while we areexpecting something we already know its real identity and although wehave not seen it we have already got solid evidence. This is how beliefshould be understood. The belief we talk often about is not belief but
  25. 25. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingunderstanding. The real belief is that we believe when we still do notunderstand and are not clear.678. Belief can be enigmatical. Belief shares the same frequency withsoul. Belief is the meticulous and precise structure of thinking, and theperfect symmetrical system capable of instantaneous response. Belief isthe attribute of the Greatest Creator, the character of god and Buddha, thequality of celestial beings, and the pursuit of saints. As long as man hasreal belief, any disease, blindness, leprosy, and paralysis can heal withoutany treatment. Belief cannot only cure illness, but can also secureresurrection. Jesus is the reincarnation of belief. He tells us in definiteterms that as long as man has belief, he can uproot a huge tree andtransplant it in the sea. Sakyamuni also says that as long as you earnestlybelieve in “Diamond Sutra”, you can become Buddha, and if you canattain the realm of “non-form”, you can become the real bodhisattva.679. For a person, sufficient self-confidence can engender unlimitedspiritual power. A person with the ambition to change the world will flashthe light of wisdom; a person aimed at becoming a master will certainlyradiates fantastic light; a person with infinite longing for life willnaturally find a real guide.680. Appearance and essence are two aspects of a thing, which form asupplementary unity. Thus the appearance of a thing has truthfullyreflected the essence of the thing. Appearance will change with theevolution of essence, and essence will show its real look with the changeof appearance. Therefore, to realize the essence of a thing, we should startwith its appearance, we can see the essence of a thing through itsappearance. Taoism teaches us to return to our true nature and innocence,and the main purpose of the teaching is to ask us to combine appearance
  26. 26. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingand essence perfectly. Only in this way can we succeed in becomingcelestial beings and Buddha.681. Dharma has no set rules, non-dharma is dharma. Form has no setshape, non-form is form.682. keeps the main and change the others according to the situation.683. The unity between man and nature does not only mean the telepathybetween man and nature, the consubstantiality between man and nature,and the holographic relation of man and nature, but also indicates thatman should acclimatize itself to the change of nature and change itselfwith the change of nature. Any organism blind to changes or stubbornlysticking to its own frequency will either lead a tough life or meet the fateof elimination or extermination.684. The system of Lifechanyuan is holographic. It does not go toextremes or attends to one thing and misses another. It does not only payattention to process and neglect result, nor does it only place importanceon the result and neglect the process, instead it combines Yin and Yanginto a whole, blends life and the future of life together, integrates workand enjoyment, and combines the present with the future.685. The softer the thing is, the easier the modulation of frequency andthe resonance with other things. The more rigid a thing is, the easier itwill be for it to rigidify and resist against resonance. The stone and largemountain are easier to be destroyed, while water and air are hard to bebroken. It is very difficult for objects of different frequencies to resonatewith each other. The object that has greater capability of resonance willbe more active. The universe is the result of the resonances betweenobjects. The less resonance, the closer an object is to death; the greaterresonance with all things, the closer to the Greatest Creator.
  27. 27. 800 Values for New Era Human Being686. No matter how unreasonable we may think the programme of Satanis, we should not touch it in the details; instead we should disintegrate itmacroscopically and strategically. We need not deal with it in details.687. Every second is the watershed between life and death. Ignorance ofsecond amounts to the ignorance of life and the abandonment of the goodopportunity for the sublimation of life. It is comparable to the exchangeof the precious diamond life for pebble life. Second makes the differencebetween life and death. Second decides the future and prospect. Weshould pay attention to the importance of second. “An iota of differencemay lead to the greatest mistakes”. This principle applies equally to timeand space, and to cognition and practice. A person has limited time andenergy every day. The toughest part of the steel should be applied to theblade of a knife, and the diamond should be studded on the crown. Thedifference between the great man and the mediocre is how to mosteffectively make use of one’s time and energy. When life is at critical risk,we should flee for life. An interval of half a minute may mean thedifference between life and death and decide our future direction. Littlechanges occur gradually but great changes happen all of a sudden. Weshould perfect consciousness as soon as possible, and perfect our soul.Let’s get ready for the coming great change. Otherwise it will be too lateto regret.688. The significance of the game of flirtation:(1). Eliminate the ugly jealousy in our consciousness;(2). The good medicine for us to succeed in becoming celestial beings;(3). Improve the art culture;(4). Sublime the character;
  28. 28. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(5). Deepen the friendship between brothers, sisters, and lovers, and laygood foundation for living in the Home without Marriage and Family;(6). Avoid going too far astray in the process of cultivation;(7). Increase the happiness and pleasure of the Home without Marriageand Family;(8). Make people no longer hanker after the family life.689. The robust growth of plants requires fertile soil. To ascend to thehighest realm of life and LIFE, man must have a rich connotation, andsearch for the best partnership. It is very important to have a correct ideaon what books to read, what kind of people to associate with, and whatwebsites to surf.690. Any kind of life must live in an environment suitable for its featuresso that it can fully exert its skills and display its most precious quality andvalue. If it is unlucky to live in an environment unsuitable for its features,it cannot bring its advantages into play, and what’s worse, it will bebullied and derided by those surrounding it. We call Eden theenvironment most suitable for our survival. Everyone has his own Eden.Only in one’s own Eden can one display his own elegant demeanor. Youmust look for your own Eden if you want to make your life happy, joyful,free and blessed, if you want to exert your own advantages and strongpoints, and if you want to ascend to the highest realm of life and LIFE.691. Christians take the Bible as their frame of reference, Muslims takethe Quran as their frame of reference, Buddhists the Buddhist sutra astheir frame of reference, communists take Marxism and Mao Zedongthought as their frame of reference, merchants take money as their frameof reference, politicians take power and position as their frame ofreference, the literati take fame and gain as their frame of reference, the
  29. 29. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingordinary populace take their daily livelihood as their frame ofreference…but ignorant person has no frame of reference. Frame ofreference is extremely important, the choice of a wrong frame ofreference will affect one’s whole life adversely. “A single slip may causea lasting sorrow.” A frame of reference should guarantee that a personhas a valuable, significant, happy and pleasant life, that a person can havea hopeful, enthusiastic, energetic and vigorous life, and that a person canlive in the human world and in the paradise. Lifechanyuan is such a frameof reference. With a frame of reference, we can enter the coordinatesystem. Bacteria, insects, beasts, birds, fish and turtles, flowers, grass andwood, poultry and domestic animals, ignorant persons, laities, mortals,sages, celestial beings, buddha, and god are all different coordinatesystems. Chanyuan celestials of Lifechanyuan are in the coordinatesystem of celestial beings. Different frames of references will lead todifferent courses of life; different coordinate systems will lead to differentqualities of life. Let’s take Lifechanyuan as frame of reference, celestialbeings as our coordinate system, and climb up toward the CelestialIslands Continent of Elysium World.692. Nothing exists, everything is transient, everything has a symmetricalyin and yang, and for everything situation will change with the passage oftime. What is eternal is only the Greatest Creator, consciousness, and thepresent. When the season approaches, bloom at the opportune time;whenever opportunity strikes, seize it, and do not let it slip away. Seizethe moment to appreciate the rainbow when it emerges.693. As far as the holographic system is concerned, there exists no issueof right or wrong, good or evil. Concerning the operation of the Way,there does not exist the right or wrong, and good or evil. There only existsthe issue of symmetry and balance. However, to guide mankind, we need
  30. 30. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingto have a clear and correct understanding of what is good and evil andwhat is right and wrong.694. No matter how knowledgeable and wise you are, you may get halfthe result with twice the effort if you do not use visualized thinking, andthe ideal future may not be attained even if you are totally exhausted.695. You will become a person as you want yourself to be.696. The energy of food is related to the mentality of the food taker. Thefeeling of gratitude is the secret to the maximum intake of food energy.697. To be noble, you should always behave humbly. The bright roadsometimes looks dark, and the road leading forward sometimes requiresgoing backwards. Think unconventionally, and you will feel hopeful inpredicament.698. We arrive where we step towards.699. Concentrate your attention on something on a long-term basis, andyou will perceive what others fail to see. That is to say, as long as youconstantly ponder over the mystery of the universe, you will ultimatelyperceive all the profound mystery.700. As long as you are sincere and genuine, you will get whatever youwant; as long as you do not have a peaceful frame of mind, you will getwhatever you do not want.701. Although the goal is the same, you may achieve different results ifyou employ different ways to achieve the goal.702. Everything is destined in the mysterious universe. As long as welight up the magical light in our mind, and keep ourselves from rashness,fluster, haste, and hurry, sword and axe will be difficult to incur hurt tomy shadow and water and fire will be difficult to damage my soul. After
  31. 31. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingwe traverse a section of darkness, we will enter the fairyland in thehuman world.703. The more you contribute, the more you will be paid. You willalways get paid for what you have contributed.704. Never do anything that is not worth doing.705. I will not offer help, if no one asks for it. I will immediately come toone’s help if somebody asks for it. If you want others to offer timely help,you must ask the right person. If you have not asked the right person, itdoesn’t mean that he is not willing to offer you the timely help, it isbecause he is not in the position to do so.706. Attach less importance to fellowship but more to values. In this wayyou will not be cheated by relationships.707. Favor is not debt, but when you are desperate to pay the favor back,you may be forced to sell what your livelihood depends on. To avoid sucha dilemma, you had better not owe others any favor.708. Money fails intelligence and intelligence fails mind.709. You will be a celestial being for each day you are not entailed byany matter, whatever it is, be it big or small, trifle orimportant. Concentrate on the business when it comes and forget it whenit goes.710. We must build a culture that depend on the Greatest Creator, thesecond home, and ourselves. Man is not to be depended on. Dependingon man will inevitably breed the tragedy of life, and entail a series ofquandary and afflictions. If you depend on other people, you willinevitably become the encumbrance and spiritual burden for yourself and
  32. 32. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingother people, and you will inevitably become a slave and sacrifice of manand cannot live as your true self.711. Man can follow his own inclinations, but cannot overstep the eightrules concerning the Greatest Creator, god and Buddha, parents, master orteacher, LIFE, science, facts, and human nature. Only if you revere theGreatest Creator, can you follow your own inclinations without breakingrules. Once you do not have the Greatest Creator in your mind, you mightbe unruly and do whatever you want to do. And you will harm yourself.Therefore, respect for the Greatest Creator will only be beneficial to you.The reverence for the Greatest Creator will not bring any harm to us,while irreverence for the Greatest Creator might spell disaster.712. Be prepared to make unreserved confession any time and anywhere.713. What shall man learn from flowers and nature? We shall learn fromthem such characteristics as: blooming at will, independent and act in itsown way, self-reliance, harmonious coexistence, obscurity, frankness,living the present life, and unselfish dedication.714. Meet when the predestined relation approaches, and separate whenthe predestined relation comes to an end. Do not feel upset at theapproach and end of the predestined relations.715. Speak out your mind and do not beat about the bushes. Say whateveris in your mind. People with such a character have a heart of children, arelovely, and are likely to enter the heaven.716. The most selfish people in the world are those who keep on sayingthat they are living for other people. You take your own path, and buildyour own way, and all these have nothing to do with other people. If youkeep telling yourself that “I have been doing all this for your sake”, youwill have endless depression and may cause troubles to others. Those who
  33. 33. 800 Values for New Era Human Beinglive for others are most selfish. Everyone should be responsible forhimself, live well, and live to the best of his nature, elegant demeanor.Only in this way, can we have an orderly, harmonious and warm society.Only people responsible for themselves will be responsible forthemselves. Only people who live for themselves will respect others,consider others, and understand others. Only people who have themselveslived well will bring other people joyfulness, happiness, freedom andblessing. To benefit others, man must first have a rich life themselves. Ifman is to do evils, then he can first live for other people.717. On the road of life and LIFE, we shall collect what duly belongs tous. We should not covet what is not ours. Everything belongs to theGreatest Creator, demand too much is greedy. In particular, we should notengage in comparison with others. Comparison also amounts to greed oreven crime. Claim what is duly yours, and let the Greatest Creator decideall the rest and let Tao make arrangement of the rest. Do not comparewith others, do not rely on others, and walk your own way. In this way,you can step on the real road of life and LIFE.718. Be sure not to harbor any idea that you may be a composer, director,and actor of anything all by yourself, and do not think that you can beresponsible to create all the real form all yourself. It is permissible toharbor such an idea occasionally. But if you keep on doing, you may goastray too far to be redeemable.719. An ordinary man with an ordinary life, a simple life and a calmheart—all begins with the ordinary, and only the ordinary is real andgenuine. As long as you keep an ordinary heart, be an ordinary person,and do ordinary things, you have planted your feet on the solid rock, andyou can keep the peace of mind, enjoy a refreshed spirit, have nothing tobe afraid of, and have a sound and healthy body.
  34. 34. 800 Values for New Era Human Being720. Throw away your fantasy (revery), place yourself on the ordinaryposition, accumulate little by little, pursue enlightenment step by step,feel happy and pleased any moment, be always friendly with people,neither give up the pleasure of life, nor abandon the pursuit of the idealrealm—only in this way can you achieve consummation.721. Do not blindly believe what others say about what is good and whatis bad. You must conduct investigation and use your own feeling.722. It is criminal to plunder, steal and defraud other people’s property,for whatever reason and in whatever way. We should respect thecapitalists.723. Labor and creation is the source of happiness. Real happiness lies inthe unselfish labor and creation.724. Everything shall be handled on the principle of least resistance.725. Chase after the sun and we will be away from darkness.726. What you contribute and what you get in return are alwaysequivalent.727. Frank and honest relations require the least cost to maintain.728. Some people are actually dead when they are still living, somepeople still live on although they are dead. Some people have made a lotof money, but at the cost of their life; while others have given away theirmoney, but have been rewarded with a long life. If you cast yourself off,you may find yourself; if you do everything for yourself, you may loseyourself. The more you possess, the more you will lose. The more youcreate and contribute, the more you will get.729. The first step to rejuvenescence is to strive to make yourselfunsophisticated, real, natural, and follow your true nature.
  35. 35. 800 Values for New Era Human Being730. Conducting oneself naturally is the greatest beauty. The Way of theGreatest Creator is the Way of nature. Man can step on road of theGreatest Creator if he can model after nature, follow nature, take thecourse of nature, love nature, and be natural. Man has deviated from theWay of the Greatest Creator if he has any hypocrisy, affectedness,deliberate ornamentation, breach of nature, and man-made restriction.Conducting oneself naturally is the greatest beauty. Falsity and hypocrisyis ugly.731. We should be established in society with our cultured nature. If aperson is deficient in the three treasures of soul, spirit, and material, hecan not be established in the world and can only be a slave, a flunky, anddrag out an ignoble existence. Anyone who is not cultured and yet hopesto obtain happiness with the help of external factors will not be able toestablish himself in the world. They are certain to spend their life inanxiety and fear, suffering and struggle, hope and desperation. Their lifewill certainly be a tragedy.732. Either you listen to me or I listen to you, or we each do our own way.We need not spend our precious time and energy on negotiation anddiscussion. If you listen to me, I will be responsible for everything, for alllosses and offence. If I listen to you, you will be responsible foreverything, for all losses and offences. Any person who likes consultationand discussion does not have his own idea, lacks self-confidence, and isunwilling to undertake responsibility. He wants to get profit if somethingis successfully concluded and shift responsibility on others when thething has failed.733. A clean person will not be spurned. That is to say that when alloneself is perfect, no one would disparage and spurn you. The dirtier aplace is, the more likely it will be spitted piled with garbage. The cleaner
  36. 36. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingand tidier a place is, the more likely it will be for people to restrain fromsuch acts and maintain its cleanness and tidiness.734. There is no wronged man or soul in the world.(1). The Greatest Creator is equitable and has never treated anyoneunjustly;(2). The operation of Tao is meticulous and accurate, “The net of heavenhas large meshes, but it lets nothing through”;(3). The punishment and reward are meted out accurately by Karma,“There is no gate to fortune and misfortune, and you have yourself causedfortune or misfortune”.(4). Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness;(5). We should understand that what we are receiving in this life is aresult of what we did in the previous life and what we are doing now willdecide what we can receive in the future life;(6). The Law of Attraction tells us that those with the same frequency willresonate with each other, birds of a feather flock together, those with thesame idea are attracted to each other, and those in the same boat willshare weal and woe;(7). The whole of the universe depends on the mind and all rules dependson cognition;(8). The sum of negative and positive energies is zero, the loss and gain iskept in balance, you will gain something when you lose something, andyou will lose something when you gain something.735. A person who complicates a simple thing is simple-minded; a personwho simplifies complicate matter is wise.
  37. 37. 800 Values for New Era Human Being736. The simpler a thing is, the more attention we should pay to it. Thecloser you are to someone, the more likely it will be the misery of parting.737. It is the arrangement of the Greatest Creator to make everyone liveaccording to their full nature. It is the greatest selfishness and cruelty anddeviation of the Way of the Greatest Creator to oppress and bereave otherpeople’s nature or force others to live according to one’s own will. Aslong as everyone lives for himself, everything will be in great order,everyone will fully exhibit their elegant demeanor, and will have a greatlyrelaxed life. If everyone does not live for themselves but for others, theywill have a very exhausting life. They will be greatly fatigued, but thepeople whom they serve will feel even more tired.738. The best way to pay back one’s debt and finish one’s worldlyrelations is to give alms with no form residing in one’s mind andaccumulate a great wealth of merits and virtues. As long as you build upmore wealth in the “bank of Tao”, Tao will automatically take charge topay back your debts.739. Predestined relation is a ball and chain you will have encounter inthe end, which is an indication of the service or favor you have receivedbut yet have not been repaid timely. Predestined relation may also be ahinge that indicates the favors you have given others and are to be takenback. Predestined relations lay the foundation for the direction of life andLIFE.740. Form arises in the mind, realm is created in the mind, and theingenious application all depends on the mind. The lack of cultivation inone’s preexistence will give birth to sufferings for this life. The currentplight we are experiencing is not imposed by other people, instead it has
  38. 38. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingbeen caused by ourselves. “One reap as he has sown”. We have no onebut ourselves to blame.741. If one wants to survive, he must escape from the crowd that hascontracted the illness of soul before the occurrence of the purification. Heshould not hope to survive after the great purification has begun. Becauseonce the great purification has begun, the net of heaven have largesmeshes but it leaves nothing through. By then it would be too late toescape.742. “Can you tell me what love is, why is it so powerful that it can makepeople give their life for it?” It is the symbol of fatuity to sacrifice onelife for love. Love is an energy supplied to our soul. To give one’s life forenergy is putting the cart before the horse, and extreme fatuity. Love isonly an energy, like money. To die for the sake of money is the reversalof the correct values on life and LIFE.743. Do not anticipate results, instead attach importance to the process. Agood process yields good results. Keep a cheerful attitude and you willfeel happy all the time. If you keep a pessimistic attitude, you will alwaysfeel miserable. Both good and bad can last forever.744. If you are obdurate in your own opinions, you will be a rotten woodincapable of being carved into a great artwork even if you can hang on toa miserable existence. The greatest obstacle to overcome is obduratelysticking to one’s own opinions. Afflictions and dread come from theobdurate consciousness.745. A mentally and spiritually healthy and civilized man does not seekto dominate over others, neither does he impose restriction over others,nor does he allow others to restrict his own freedom. A spiritually sound
  39. 39. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingperson of great sight never joins any political party, religiousorganizations, and other different institutions.746. The success of direction and goal of progress will rely on thecontinuous enthusiasm after they have been determined by wisdom.Without the unselfish enthusiasm, it would be absolutely difficult toexperience the vastness and wonder of life.747. It is because the sage does not live for his self that his self is realized.The more unselfish I am, the more likely my self will be realized. Themore selfish I am, the more difficult it will be to have my true self and theeasier it will be to lose my self.748. One’s words and behavior should be appropriately artistic. Evenflirtation should be done in an implicit manner. It should not beoutspoken and vulgar. It should not be done at random. You should makeit appropriate to the occasion and people.749. Lifechanyuan advocates contribution instead of demand, because weare to accumulate our merits and virtues and get rid of the gravitation oflife and finally go to the Celestial Islands Continent. We are people whodevote our heart and soul to the initiation of the era of Lifechanyuan. Weplay an exemplary role for mankind, and all good qualities shall beembodies by us.750. Those who keep their excellence in every little thing they do willfinally be generously rewarded; while those who slack off in whateverthey do will never free themselves.751. You will get even more if you do not contend; you will realize yourwish if you do not purposeful set out to achieve it.
  40. 40. 800 Values for New Era Human Being752. Man can control his life and death. If necessary, he can control hislife and death through his consciousness. But before one chooses death,he must have a clear idea of the place he is going to. When you havecompletely understood your place in heaven and have paid all your debtsin the human world, then you have settled the worldly relations and haveobtained a clean conscience, and at this time you can decide your time toleave the human world.753. If you conceal your evil, your evil will be serious, if you flaunt youbenevolence, it will be trifle. Buddha also tells us that we should not feelproud of the merits and virtues we have accumulated, and Jesus Christhas told us in definite terms that we should not make a fanfare of thegood deeds we have done and there is no need to tell others.754. If you have yourself and only yourself in your mind, you cannot seeyour real self; when you give up the self, you can see the real self.Therefore the greatest obstacle to the road of celestial being and Buddhais the self.755. You can gain from what you have given up. Only if you are willingto give up, can you get something. Only if you have given up hope onsomething, can you get hope for something else. There would be no gainwithout giving up. There would be no birth without death, there would beno death without birth. Too great a nostalgia for and too deep aninfatuation with life and the human world will make one forget theultimate goal of life.756. Those who are easily annoyed often take small matters too seriously,while those who are always happy and pleasant do not care for smallmatters. Affairs of the family, the state and the world are all small matters,so do not take them seriously. While the affairs of celestial beings,
  41. 41. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingBuddha, and the Greatest Creator are all serious matters, so take themseriously.757. The best way to get rid of one’s troubles is to view life as a game.Life is a dream. Do not be too perseverant and serious. Take everythingas a game. If it is full of fun, let’s play it; if it is boring, let’s forget it. Noone takes responsibility for me and I take no responsibility for others.758. Find the fulcrum. As long as we follow the rule of leverage, we canget the maximum perfect nonmaterial structure in the shortest timepossible and at the least cost. So we must find the fulcrum. Once we havefound the best fulcrum, we maneuver a weight of a thousand kilogramswith a force of only 200 grams, and we can fairly easily make our wayfrom the human world to the Celestial Islands Continent of ElysiumWorld.759. Our own fate is in our own hands, and no one else can take thecharge. “A couple is like the birds sharing the same forest, but whendisaster strikes they may flee for their own life in different directions”.However deep the conjugal love may be, it cannot take the place of us asindividuals, even the relations of parents and children cannot doeverything for us. Therefore everyone should maintain his own way ofcultivation.760. Everything has its use, its wonder, and strength. If we put to use itsuse, wonder and strength, nothing will be wasted. For a thing, we shallmake the most of its use, wonder and strength; for a person, we shouldalso make the most of his use, wonder and strength. In this way, wastecan be minimized and the function can be maximized. If a person has leda mediocre life and has achieved nothing, it does not mean that he has nogifts; instead it means that his gift has not been fully utilized and his use,
  42. 42. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingwonder and strength have not been brought into full play, or has beenapplied to the wrong areas.761. It is vital that we should choose a proper frame of reference. If thewrong frame of reference is chosen, we can not escape from the 36Eight-diagram array and we can never achieve our goal, no matter howmadly we may rush about, even if we turn heaven upside down. Weshould put a lot effort on the choice of the frame of reference. “The timespent sharpening one’s axe will shorten your time in wood cutting”. Donot make a rush; first have a clear understanding of your direction anddestination.762. No far sight exists in oddity, and moral integrity does not last verylong in solitary journey. You must find people with the same aspiration,with whom you have the same frequency and enjoy resonance in soul.You must avoid loneliness and solitude. A journey in the company ofmany people is better than a solitary trip. One person’s happiness is nothappiness, and the happiness of many people is the real happiness.763. Man should live according to the rules of the earth, the earth shouldrun according to the rules of the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy,the solar system and the Milky Way galaxy shall run according to theprinciple of Tao, and Tao shall run according to the rule of nature.764. Continuous death and continuous birth—this is the significance oflife; continuous creation and continuous creation—this is the meaning oflife. This is the new thinking and the new life, the wise man’s philosophyof life, the sage’s outlook on the world, the Buddha’s and god’s view onlife, and the Greatest Creator’s view on the universe.765. Desperation is created by man’s own indefinite consciousness andby man’s collective consciousness and individual consciousness. To step
  43. 43. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingout desperation, everyone should start from themselves. Desperation isnot the original intention of the Greatest Creator; gods, Buddha, celestialbeings and sages have not created desperation, either.766. Reality is material, illusion is nonmaterial. Material world is theform of the nonmaterial world, nonmaterial world is the root of thematerial world. Everything in reality is visionary, just like dew andelectricity. Everything illusive is real, and the real essence is contained inthem, and the boundless universe comes from them. Reality comes fromillusion and returns to illusion. Illusion comes from reality and changesinto reality.767. Once we have understood the dialectical relationship between realityand illusion, we should not be lost in reality, we should not be worried bythings in reality, we should not contend with others, we should notpossess and occupy things, we should not persevere in anything, weshould not stick to certain things, we should not be worried aboutanything or afraid of anything. Instead we need only view reality as thestage for games. We need only play the games to get satisfaction. As longas we have obtained happiness, joyfulness, freedom, and blessing, we willhave a successful life, a wise life and a rich life.768. The lamp should be placed on the light stand for illumination,flowers shall emit their fragrance at the opportune time, man shall lose notime in creation. Once lost, an opportunity will never arise again. Life isshort, we should not be passive and take a wait-and-see attitude. Weshould not hesitate and stray. The time lost can never be back. Themissed opportunity will never come again. Every day is a component ofLIFE. We should not idle away the precious time of LIFE with emptiness.
  44. 44. 800 Values for New Era Human Being769. We should seek joy and happiness. Only happy people can createhappiness, and only people with a happy life know how to cherish lifeand LIFE. In terms of oneself, other people and the society, the pursuit ofhappiness and Joy of life is the right endowed to us by the GreatestCreator and also one of the goals of Lifechanyuan.770. Only happy people know how to lead other people to happiness.Unhappy people never know where the gate of happiness is. This is likethe meaning of life. Only successful businessman knows how to makemoney.771. The real faith is reflected in our daily life. If we have failed to reflectthe connotation of faith in our daily life and practice, then our faith willbe false faith, and with false faith we cannot enter heaven.772. One principle we should adhere to: we should try our best to aim atmatter not man. We should be serious and strict in matter. We must begentle to people. We should not randomly apply rules and principles topeople, and we should not randomly punish others. We should alwaysremember that no one is perfect and everyone is likely to make mistakes.We should give everyone who has made mistakes enough time to repent,correct, and sublime. We must forgive people for their mistakes. Weshould always bear in mind that every Chanyuan celestial is our sister,brother, kin, and lover instead of our competitor or opponent.773. We should constantly demolish the conventional thinking, thetradition that shackles human nature, the old shell and cocoon that haveonce offered us protection, the corrupted morality that hinders freedom,and all fetters that block our enjoyment of happiness and pleasure of life.774. Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in. Takea broad view and you will see faraway mountains fresh and green. If
  45. 45. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingeveryone is frank and outspoken, the haze will scatter and the sky willclear up. And the rotten material will be transformed into a magic. Thenwe will build ideal environment and beautiful future, we can set goodexample for mankind and we can finally realize our most beautiful ideals.775. We should have a feeling of gratitude for everything. Let’s have arelaxed body and do not complain about poverty, let’s have a peacefulmind and do not complain about other people, let’s have a serene spiritand do not complain about the Greatest Creator, and let’s keep a goodshape and do not envy the rich. Let’s cautiously stick to our duty, and becontent with our destiny. The way of the Greatest Creator is equitable andthus will not shower all the strengths and favors on one person. Thenature breeds life, makes life grow, the nature deals out reward andpunishment. The nature will reap what it has sown. Everything isaccomplished and destroyed by Tao. “Sow as one has sown”, “The net ofheaven has large meshes but it lets nothing through”. If we feel gratitudein everything, you will be rewarded with blessing. Let’s cherish thepresent time. If we are insatiably greedy, if we have bellyful ofcomplaints, if we do not cherish the good fortune we are enjoying, and ifwe are shortsighted and if we haggle over every ounce, we are nothingmore than a mortal, we can never have the chance of becoming a celestialbeing or Buddha.776. Aspiration, thinking and action are the trio of human life. We shouldhave an aspiration for the kind of person we want to be, we should thinkover how we can become the person we want ourselves to become, andaction is our progress toward the goal. We have set up the goal, and wehave thought over our goal. Then if we do not take actions, our goal willjust come to nothing. Many things in life will only amount to empty talkif no actions are taken.
  46. 46. 800 Values for New Era Human Being777. How can we achieve the ideal we have in mind? First, we must graspthe tenet, namely the reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and natureand follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, which is the prerequisite forthe accomplishment of one’s wish. Next, we should eliminate the mindfor dominance, contention, comparison, jealousy, complaint, andoccupancy, and try our best to think out of form of ego, other people, allbeings, age, dharma, and non-dharma, let our mind abide nowhere, andlet ourselves and nature be one. And then we should understand that theprocess of life is only a game after another and we should know how toplay game well.778. All has been created, heaven was created, and hell was also created,and the future of every LIFE is created by the LIFE itself. “One reaps ashe has sown, the net of heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothingthrough”. Any idea of a parasite, any desire for luck, any speculation, andany deceit and trickery will be a case of “smart people suffering the badconsequences of their smartness”. And in this way one will be his owngrave-digger.779. Reap as you have sown. There is not one wronged person. Therefore,do not lade yourself with the misery and suffering of other people,including your kinsman. Likewise, do not make other people (includingour kinsman) laden with your own misery and afflictions.780. The value of Lifechanyuan: Be responsible - for the Greatest Creatorand for yourself. In the world there is no one who lives completely forothers. Even the greatest Jesus and Buddha Sakyamuni live not for othersbut for themselves. Objectively you live for others but subjectively foryourself. You live to accomplish yourself and fulfill your own mission.
  47. 47. 800 Values for New Era Human Being781. Whether you can live in the era of Lifechanyuan or the realm of theGreatest Creator depends not on your status, your power, property,position, wisdom, fame, knowledge, and even less on whether you havemagical power, witchery, influence, or theurgy, but on whether you havepossessed the pure soul.782. In Lifechanyuan we act according to the holographic thinking. InLifechanyuan there exists no contention, struggle, competition, and lossor win. We take things as they are, we act according to the call of ournature, we make transformation according to the predestined relations, weoperate in accordance with opportunities, and we exist by followingnature.783. “We follow rules instead of a certain person”—this is a wise idea,which can prevent the arbitrariness of any individual and prevent thecollective from being led astray by an individual. However, the person in“we follow rules instead of a certain person” refers to the leaders of thesecond, third generation and even N generation, for example the leadersin the Christianity and Buddhism. In the face of the leaders of the secondgeneration and all successive generations, the populace shall “followrules instead of a certain person”, otherwise the deviation of the leadersof the second generation, third generation and N generation inunderstanding may cause the deviation from the rules and make thepopulace further and further away from the goal. Let’s have an analysisof “following rules instead of a certain person”. Such principle shallapply not to the founder, but to the leaders of the second, third and Ngenerations.784. Holographic thinking does not distinguish between justice and evil,and there exists no war between justice and evil. Justice is the lack of war,and evil is the existence of war. Those who do not have the Greatest
  48. 48. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingCreator in mind, do not understand the operation mechanism of Tao, anddo not respect life all like war.785. The signs of “Acquisition of Chanyuan Life” or of “the death ofman’s life and the acquisition of celestial being’s life”: 1. Don’t show anextreme longing for the human world, but instead look forward to theThousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and Celestial IslandsContinent; 2. No longer afraid of death but filled with inner peace; 3.Take things as they are, act according to the call of our nature, maketransformation according to the predestined relations, and operate inaccordance with opportunities, and no longer be obdurate and perseverant;4. No longer worried about food, clothes, shelter, transport, birth, old age,illness and death, reach the state of having nothing yet possessingeverything; 5. Indifferent family relationship and no longer overlyattached to somebody emotionally; 6. Understand sex fully, look forwardto the wonderful life of celestial being, not afraid of sex life, no longerguilty of or puzzled by sex life; 7. Just enjoy life no matter where we areand what we are doing; 8. Consciousness often soars in heaven.786. Everything, object and phenomenon operates in the programme. Theprogrammes governing the operation of everything, object andphenomenon in the universe are designed by the Greatest Creator.Generally the master programme cannot be changed, subprogram,however are changeable. For example, the essence of LIFE is notchangeable, but the direction of LIFE can be changed. Once the programis started, it will operate automatically, just like an egg, which willautomatically develop and grow once it is fertilized. So you need notworry. Feed a child with food every day, and he will grow. If you sow theseeds in the soil in spring, it will automatically germinate, grow, bloom
  49. 49. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingand bear fruit. This is the function of the programmes and this is also thepower of programmes.787. Each cause sowed will inevitably give rise to a result. This is theprogramme. We will only have to wait for some time for the fruit to ripen.Some fruit will mature very quickly. Some cause will bear fruit after alonger lapse of time. While still other causes will take even longer to bearfruit.788. The signs of cleverness: 1. Always stick to “uniformity”, beconsistent with the great boss, and share the same frequency with the corefigure; 2. Always maintain friendship with excellent and successfulpeople, do not have close relationship with the stupid persons and do notassociate with them too often; 3. Witty and flexible, do not stickdogmatically to teachings and tenets, and orient all one’s actions to therealization of the ultimate goal; 4. Never annoy those who are of greatvalue to you; 5. Do not argue with others, only march firmly towardsone’s goal; 6. Diligent, meticulous, smart and cautious; 7. Haveindependent consciousness, have a clear understanding of what is primaryand what is secondary and what should take precedence, do not followthe trend, and do not be affected by environment and feelings; 8.Accommodating, holographic, offensive to no one unless in a last resort,be kind to others, and do not harm life.789. Lifechanyuan emphasizes “Dharma has no set rules and is capable ofendless changes”. Christianity also cautions us that do not believe anyonewho says, “Christ is here or Christ is there”. In Lifechanyuan everythingis alive. If we stick to a certain rule or all rules, then we are dead.790. Do not take others as a trash can for your emotion. Negative, passive,and pessimistic feelings are garbage of soul. You should clean away these
  50. 50. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingpiles of garbage, and should not pour out to others. Do not take others asthe trash can where you can dump your emotional garbage, because thisis cruel to others. Chanyuan celestials are to create beautiful future, andpeople who create beautiful future are all healthy physically andspiritually. A person who cannot solve even his own difficulty andsuffering will not be able to shoulder the arduous task of creating thebeautiful future for mankind.791. “When the channel is unobstructed, one will not feel pain, but whenit is obstructed, one will feel the pain”. This principle applies not only tophysiology, but also to spirit and soul. When you cannot understandsomething, the obstruction will cause worry, pain, irritation andbewilderment.792. We are liable to hurt because we are not perfect and are toopersistent in the transient. As long as we are closer and closer toperfection and are rich inside, then external factors will be difficult tohurt us. At such time, we are not far from the attainment of celestial beingand Buddha and the entrance into the realm of freedom and the Elysiumworld.793. The eight paths to be cultured:(1). Seek the Greatest Creator, understand the Greatest Creator, believe inthe Greatest Creator, revere the Greatest Creator, rely on the GreatestCreator and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator;(2). Listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, theimmortal Lao Tzu, prophet Mohammed, sages and saints of variousgenerations;(3). Read more exquisite essays, poetry, and listen to more melodiousrhythms and songs;
  51. 51. 800 Values for New Era Human Being(4). Exert your strengths, master a technique for survival or skill, committo one’s profession, take responsibility, and pursue first class quality;(5). Work hard;(6). Do not miss any opportunity to fully exhibit in your words and deedsyour sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty;(7). Always keep a humble and modest attitude;(8). Be sure to exhibit your value, you should be useful to society andother people, and should not care for personal gain and loss.794. The purpose of enlightenment is to be extricated from trouble andabyss of misery, walk out of the realm of necessity, and reach directly theother shore. The best shortcut for enlightenment—take the vehicle createdby Buddha Sakyamuni, navigate along the course guided by Jesus Christ,follow the route guided by Deiform Buddha, and march toward the realmof Buddha and the Greatest Creator—the Elysium world.795. When we enter the situational thinking of everything, every objectand every phenomenon in the universe existing there and then, we canfind nothing wrong. From the perspective of the holographic thinking,there is nothing wrong with what one thinks in mind, what one says, andwhat one does.796. There is no one who is wrong. There is no redundant and valuelessthing in the universe. There is no redundant and useless person inmankind. Everything and every person is playing its own role and isthinking, saying and doing something that he himself thinks is the mostcorrect and reasonable.797. The ordered consciousness creates the orderly world, and thebeautiful soul creates the beautiful life. If you mind is filled with the
  52. 52. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingexcrement of ox, then you will see feces of ox everywhere. If you haveBuddha in mind, you can see Buddha everywhere. There is nothingwrong with the world, the wrong lies in us. Even if the world is filledwith ugliness and evils, we preserve our moral integrity and strive to beangels; even if others are hypocritical and tricky, we will display ourgenuineness, kindness, virtue, love, faith and honesty; we do notcomplain, grumble, expose the darkness of society, and find fault withothers. We keep our duties and are content with our fate. We do not reachfor what is beyond our grasp, we do not harbor great ambition. Weremain ordinary. We do not pursue fame, gain, status, and power, insteadwe only seek happiness, joyfulness, freedom, and blessing. We do notwant to possess anything in the human world. We only long for theheaven—Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and CelestialIslands Continent of Elysium World.798. Lifechanyuan is the last course for the current human world.Everyone should seize time to learn this last course if he wants to have abeautiful future. If they put off the learning, it might be too late. Money,power, position, fame, and beautiful woman cannot save you. Only thelast course can rescue you from the sea of misery and afflictions. Youwill not suffer any losses by accepting and following the ideas ofLifechanyuan, instead you can get infinite benefits. If you do not acceptthe ideas of Lifechanyuan, you may commit an irremediable mistake.You can make a calculation. This is costless business. You have nothingto lose, yet you have a lot to gain. Lifechanyuan will guide people whohave entered Lifechanyuan to survive the catastrophe around the year2013 and lead them into the era of Lifechanyuan. A great transformationhas been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it
  53. 53. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingclosely, or get eliminated. There is not a fourth way for us to choosefrom.799. A king can be a chancellor one day. Worldly affairs are endlesslychanging like the chess games. Get rid of your worldly desire and striveto become the Chanyuan people of the new era!800. Eight Hundred values For New Era Human Being is an open system.Time and space change ceaselessly. New thought, new idea, and newmethods emerge endlessly. These eight hundred values are subject toconstant updating and perfection. With the development of the era, whatshould be deleted will be deleted, and what should be added will be added.We shall never follow the beaten track and old routine and we shall notobdurately stick to obsolete ideas, and we shall never impose a limitation. Website of Lifechanyuan —“New OASIS FOR LIFE”