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Info Supply Chain for Decommissioning


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Finding Petroleum, North Sea Decommissioning show

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Info Supply Chain for Decommissioning

  1. 1. Improving the Information Supply Chain for Decommissioning Decommissioning - the D word The Geological Society, London, Friday, June 23, 2017
  2. 2. Petromall Insights April 2017
  3. 3. “How oil and gas companies can improve decision making”, G. Scotton  One major factor that the industry needs, in order to continue to thrive at a $50 to $60 oil price, is more rigour in management decision making  The approaches and judgement required by managers making proposals, and for decision makers, needs to be sharpened from the practises of the past  Perhaps what is needed can best be described as more rigour of thought, being far more thorough in going through the different options and making sure projects are worthwhile continuing with
  4. 4. Information Supply Chain LINQ Ltd., Consulting Partner
  5. 5. The outcome  Help your team ✓ asset team, engineers, partners, regulators  Perform complex processes such as ✓ complete asset inventory or ✓ decommissioning sequence People Process
  6. 6. Business process mapping  Understand all your workflows  Lay out information in a diagram  Better understand what are your ✓ processes ✓ information ✓ software Action Info Peopl e Syste m AssessWorkflow
  7. 7. People People Process + Process Action Info Peopl e Syste m Assess + Assess Workflow + Workflow Info Supply chain = Info Supply Chain
  8. 8. Decommissioning Spatial Data Infrastructure example
  9. 9. Process chain  Identify the infrastructure ✓ access, top-side, sea-floor, history (if available)  Assemble a project plan ✓ im/mobile hardware, costs, timing, manpower  Propose to all parties ✓ original owner, regulatory agencies, new? owner
  10. 10. From Validated Platform thru Project Info…
  11. 11. … to Decommissioning Compliance
  12. 12. Whole picture =
  13. 13. Process + Timeline + Dependency + Finance + Staffing
  14. 14. Questions? Andrew Zolnai Thank you!