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Glass Ceiling in Hotels industry


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The impact of glass ceiling on Hotels Industry

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Glass Ceiling in Hotels industry

  2. 2. RATIONALE OF THE STUDY • To understand the mere existence of the phenomena of Glass Ceiling. • To envisage that in a service industry, how important is the women work force. • To understand the diminishing status / number of women employees at the top of the hierarchy of the organization. • To understand the major barriers which lead to the existence of this phenomena. • To provide some suggestions to the issue in order to curb it at the earliest.
  3. 3. THE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY • STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM  To identify the influence of glass ceiling in hotels in Bangalore and its impact on the retention of women employees in their organization. • TITLE OF THE RESEARCH  The influence of glass ceiling on the retention of employees in Hospitality Sector (Hotels Industry). • OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To determine the influence of glass ceiling in the hotel industry.  To identify the causes behind the existence of glass ceiling in hotel industry.  To measure the impact of glass ceiling on the retention of women in hotel industry.  To measure the impact of glass ceilings for employees at managerial and post-managerial position.  To figure out the reasons/factors which attribute to the phenomena of glass ceiling in hotel industry.  To measure the ignorance of glass ceiling in the hotel industry.
  4. 4. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY HYPOTHESIS: • H0: Glass ceiling influences the retention of employees at organizations. • H1: Glass ceiling does not influence the retention of employees at organizations. POPULATION • The study covers employees of all hotels which are of the status of 3 star or above. SAMPLE • A total of 156 samples were collected from different hotels in and around Bangalore. Frequency Percent 19-22 18 11.5 23-26 36 23.1 27-30 36 23.1 31-34 42 26.9 >34 24 15.4 Total 156 100.0 Frequency Percent V a l i d Male 87 55.8 Female 69 44.2 Total 156 100.0 Frequency Percent Lower Management/Ex ecutive 33 21.2 Mid Management- Asst. Manager 43 27.6 Asst. Manager- General Manager 44 28.2 >General Manager 36 23.1 Total 156 100.0 Frequency Percent V a l i d <=3 15 9.6 4-6 33 21.2 7-9 48 30.8 10-12 27 17.3 13-15 18 11.5 >15 15 9.6 Total 156 100.0 Age Distribution Table Gender Distribution Designation Distribution Years of Experience Distribution
  5. 5. FINDIN GS Definition of Glass Ceiling Frequency Percent These are unseen barriers which restrict the growth of women employees in org. 111 71.2 These are myths which are often used as excuses by those who fail 36 23.1 No such term exist 9 5.8 Total 156 100.0 Most Important Barriers Frequency Percent Lack of technical skills 12 7.7 Lack of line exp 3 1.9 Lack of awareness of politics in org 6 3.8 Personal style difference 24 15.4 Lack of direct feedback 12 7.7 Lack of mentoring 6 3.8 Stereotyping and perceptions 42 26.9 Family commitment 33 21.2 Lack of opportunity to work on critical assignments 15 9.6 Others 3 1.9 Total 156 100.0 Idea About Glass Ceiling Most Important Barriers for Growth of Women Employees
  6. 6. FINDINGS SR.No Correlating Variables Correlation Coefficient 1. Extent_GlassCeiling_Existence 0.363 2. PayInequalitiesExist_MalesAndFemales 0.023 3. PositionOfWomen_CorporateManagement 0.008 4. WomenHaveBrokenAllRecords 0.003 5. TopManagement_OutOfReach 0.145 Correlation Coefficient vs Gender Other Important Findings • The phenomena of glass ceiling is not an alien affair and it does exist a lot in Indian hospitality industry. • It is not a fad and it still is making a huge impact in the lives of women in hotel industry. • Various factors attribute to its existence and growth and thus needs immediate attention. • In spite of acts and laws, which are just on pen and paper, a lot of discrimination, in terms of pay and working conditions exist. • No steps are formulated for curbing this organizational problem as it is concerned with the perceived weaker sex. Suggestions • Corporates have to learn to own up the problem. No issue can be solved without people owning it. • Hospitality industry revolves a lot around women workforce and they cannot deny their sacrifice and efforts in making this industry so proper and popular in India. • The hotels should learn to respect women force and acknowledge its efforts. • Proper security on job and beyond it can prove to be very effective in reducing the problem. • A strict adherence to act and policies and a zero tolerance tendency to Glass Ceiling will certainly help in strengthening the confidence of women and retaining them in their work force.