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Future of sex


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A map

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Future of sex

  1. 1. SexTech Map Magic Reproduction Health Relations Sex and AI Tantra Traing Books Kamasutra Drugs LSD, MDMA Nerve stimulation Trance states Colective trance Trainings Emotions Sperm and eggs freezing Vasectomy Surrogate mothers Embryo selection STD prevention Fitness, sports, diet Stimulators Addyi Tests MyLabBox Trackers AppleHealth kit Lovely Dating Tinder Sexchat Hints PillowPlay Kindu OMGyes Teledildonics Wevibe Remoji Lovense Kiiro OhmyBod Sex change Fun Embryo editing Sex-robots fembots warm dolls bio-robots VR-world RedLightCenter 3DXchat teledildonics VR and AR PornHubVR PinkVisuals Girls overlapping Sex toys Iphuck Web-sex virt AI partner Her AI powered dating Neuroimplants Artificial dreams Sex with other’s mind Pleasure center stimulation Dream sharing Hygiene Wipes Orgazm enhancement Orgy culture New relation ethics Polyamoria AI powered computer games with erotics Love hotelsSex as new Olympic sport Pleasure centers enhancement bad emotions editing no jelousy Bank credit based on sexaul rating