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Premium Insight March 2014


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Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”.

This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile.

Enjoy your reading !

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Premium Insight March 2014

  1. 1. PREMIUM March 2014 INSIGHT
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 SAME SAME but different Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. PREMIUM INSIGHT Premium Insight is an overview of the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons” focusing on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, e-commerce, social media, mobile and O2O... This issue is composed of: • A review of the main digital news • A closer look to the jewelry and watchmaking sector • A study of a case • A focus on a trend • An analysis of a Chinese topic
  5. 5. March 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS CHANEL « Parfums chancelants » To refresh its consumers’ memory, Chanel launched a special digital operation dedicated to its line of fragrances, Chance. For the occasion, the Maison created a microsite with an interactive video that invites you to pull the three bottles of perfume – Chance, Chance Eau Fraîche, Chance Eau Tendre – up, down, to the left and to the right, thus creating a playful choreography. Our opinion: We mentioned in one of our previous insights, that Chanel’s operations – such as the J12 Moonlight - lacked social sharing functionalities. Well in this one, the Maison offered, at the end of the interactive video, the possibility to share the experience on social media. Next step: creating a personalized shareable experience. > The website
  6. 6. March 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS NEIMAN MARCUS Neiman MarChat The department store Neiman Marcus created an iOS application for its on-the-go customers. The application offers a wide range of services divided in five main categories: the store, shop, NM connect, InCircle and account. Among those, the application is connected to the brand’s blog and Instagram account. Users also have the opportunity to review a list of sales associates that can be contacted from the app by phone, text, email or FaceTime. Our opinion: This app is a great way to create a Neiman Marcus community. Where brands usually use applications for commerce purposes, the department store added a real social value and a great service. Sounds a little bit like WeChat doesn’t it? > The application
  7. 7. March 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS NINA RICCI Yielding to temptation Ladurée, and Nina Ricci collaborated for the launch of a special collection, « La Tentation de Nina » creating a tasteful world filled with perfumes, candles and macaroons. A 3D film was created for the occasion unveiling a poetic and digital paper-cut decor that flies into pieces unveiling the fragrance. After having watched the movie on Nina Ricci’s website, the Maison invites you to participate in an interactive experience. Click on the three bottles hidden in the decor and get a chance to win special prizes by participating in the sweepstake. Our opinion: A poetic and visual collaboration for Nina Ricci and La Durée. However the interactions are repetitive. > The website
  8. 8. March 2014 PREMIUM INSIGHT NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS BALLANTINES My sweet Barrantines Until the 22nd of March, Ballantines offers its fans the opportunity to create their dream pop-up bar. Located on the first floor of famous Chacha Club, 3 rooms are waiting to be designed and decorated. To participate, subscribe on Facebook via an application that will collect your brilliant ideas (the name of the bar, a description, illustrations via photo, video or other documents). A jury composed of 4 experts will nominate three finalists. The best projects will have to be creative, attractive and consistent with the brand’s image. The big winner will be selected by users’ votes and will get to drink his favorite whisky in his bar from the 4th of September to the 19th of October 2015. Our opinion: This UGC requires a high level of engagement which is always a threat to success. But it’s a nice way to show and reward Ballantines’ creative aficionados! > The application
  10. 10. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS PIAGET The Film Independent Spirit Awards Starting on the 18th of February, Piaget launched a communication campaign regarding the Film Independent Spirit Awards that took place in Los Angeles, California. The Maison covered the story by posting pictures, videos and organizing a live report of the event on Twitter and Instagram. > Twitter > Instagram > Facebook
  11. 11. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany weddings We told you in February’s Premium Insight, that Tiffany launched, on February 7th, a new section of “What makes love true” on the Maison’s website dedicated to weddings. During the entire month of February, the Maison communicated about this section giving out inspirations and narrating stories about this special ceremony. > Tiffany Weddings
  12. 12. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS CARTIER Cartier Art magazine On March 4th, the Maison announced the availability of the iPad application, N°35 Cartier Art magazine on the Apple store. The app is free and unveils Cartier’s latest high jewelry collection. > The video > The application Valentine’s Day video To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Maison published a romantic video encouraging fans to discover Cartier’s selection of gifts for this special occasion.
  13. 13. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS HARRY WINSTON In order to celebrate Harry Winston’s birthday, the Maison published a video narrating the story of the iconic man. > The video CHOPARD Starting on February 15, Chopard has been sharing some Facebook posts in Korean on its official fan page. The Maison is also interacting with its fans via a question and answer social campaign. > Facebook
  14. 14. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS > Facebook BVLGARI The Maison published content highlighting celebrities wearing its pieces. Bvlgari also started posting content in Japanese on Facebook. JAEGER LECOULTRE For Women’s Day, the Maison dedicated a section to craftswomen on its #180Skills quiz Facebook application. The section invites you to discover these women’s know-how via a video or send your “Women’s Day” wish to a friend. > Facebook app
  15. 15. CASE: The digital fashion week
  16. 16. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS DIGITAL FASHION SHOWS Fashion weeks have been a “rendez-vous” of digital innovations for a while now. Maisons try to create a spectacular moment mixing art, creativity and technology. One of their challenges is to share this experience with all of the fashion aficionados around the world – and not only the lucky few sitting in front of the catwalk. Digital pioneer Burberry was the first one, in 2010, to have diffused a live stream of its women’s Autumn/Spring collection on the Maison’s website. Since then, luxury brands have been prolific and have offered to their fans quite a few digital experiences. Fashion weeks represent the time of year when luxury brands reach a climactic and decisive moment. Indeed it is their chance to express their differences and their added value throughout the pieces of their collections. Digital is the perfect media for the Maisons to demonstrate how innovative they are – a characteristic that is very dear to the luxury field.
  17. 17. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS BURBERRY WeChat fashion show For Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2014 show, the Maison collaborated with the famous Chinese application, WeChat. The Maison created a subscription account that revealed exclusive content regarding the show such as audio commentaries from designers, pictures, videos and text messages from celebrities like the Chinese actress and model, Angelababy. Followers were also offered the opportunity to receive a custom-made bag tag engraved with their name just by sending “Made for + their name” to the account. Our opinion: Burberry has always been advanced in terms of digital innovation. It was a matter of time before the Maison joined WeChat. Their first operation was well lead. As Christopher Bailey said, “WeChat opens up a huge new world of opportunity in the digital space – the exciting thing for us is the deeper and more meaningful way that we are able to tell our stories using this platform ». Let’s wait and see what they have prepared for us next! > The video
  18. 18. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS FENDI Attack of the Drones On February 20th, for its fall/winter 2014 show, the Maison went for innovation and invited robots to the catwalk. This way, the event was available in live-stream on Fendi’s website. More then being innovative and quasi-futurist, these drones enabled users to pilot the show as they pleased. Four machines, hence four different views for an amazing experience. Our opinion: This operation had the merit of being innovative in terms of technology. So much so that spectators spent the entire show looking up in the air instead of discovering the pieces worn by the models. > The video
  19. 19. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS TOPSHOP Window watching During London’s fashion week, TopShop offered a true innovative experience, a virtual reality catwalk show, to five lucky clients in the windows of its boutique on Oxford Street. The Maison acquired Oculus Rift headsets for the 3D experience. By looking straight ahead, the winners were able to see the catwalk and the crowd of celebrities surrounding it. By looking behind themselves they accessed the backstage of the show where models were preparing themselves.Finally,bylookinguptheyaccessedtheraftersandenabled a 360° view of pictures related to the brand and the show. Our opinion: This is by far the most innovative enterprise lead by a fashion brand. This type of operation is very promising for the future of fashion weeks digitalization. > The video
  20. 20. FOCUS: Tumblr
  21. 21. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS THE KINGDOM OF VISUAL CONTENT In contrary to other social media, Tumblr has no limits in terms of illustration. The micro-blogging platform offers to brands the opportunity to tell their story in a beautiful and innovative way taking advantage of a variety of visual tools (cinemagraphs, GIF, videos, photos, photosets…) that each create a different experience for the eye.
  22. 22. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS STATISTICS • 168,4 million blogs • 120, 000 daily signups • 113,6 million posts per day • 74,7 billion posts • 199,1 million visitors per month • 5.187 billion pages viewed monthly • 50% of active users on mobile app
  23. 23. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS WHAT’S NEW? @ Mentions On January 14th, Tumblr announced the possibility for users to directly mention other users in posts using the “@” symbol followed by the username it is addressed to. When somebody mentions you, you will receive a notification on the dashboard and on the “activity” page. This new function is a part of Tumblr’s strategy to become a social network.
  24. 24. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS WHAT’S NEW? Dial content On March 7th, Tumblr announced a new feature on the platform that allows you to dial a toll-free number to post audio content into your blog. Before using it users must go into their Tumblr settings and register their phone number in order to link it to their account. In order to post content, users must dial 1-866-584-6757 to record the audio message and then post it. > The video
  25. 25. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS WHO? Chopard Red Carpet Types of content: • Pictures • Gifs • Pictures with text • Cinemagraphs • Videos Organization: • Chronological tumblr Subjects: • Celebrities • Pieces • Know-how • Behind the scenes > The tumblr
  26. 26. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS WHO? Dior on Tumblr Types of content: • Pictures • Gifs • Cinemagraphs • Videos Organization: • Chronological tumblr • Menu with list of hashtags in alphabetical order Subjects: • Makeup • Accessories • Art • Behind the scenes • Collections > The tumblr
  27. 27. PREMIUM INSIGHT March 2014 NEWS RADAR CASE FOCUS WHO? Art of the Trench by Burberry Type of content: • Pictures Organization: • Collaboration between the Maison and its fans • User Generated Content Subject: • Burberry trench > The tumblr
  28. 28. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL: Valentine’s Day
  29. 29. PREMIUM March 2014 INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT BEYOND THE GREAT WALL March 2014 A LOVE TRIANGLE Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar and is known as the Qixi Festival symbolizing a mythological Chinese couple’s union. However nowadays Chinese have started celebrating this day of romance on the 14th of February and “White Day” on the 14th of March. Without forgetting Single’s day on 11.11, these celebrations around love are many occasions for brands to launch campaigns and reach eligible consumers.
  30. 30. PREMIUM March 2014 INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT BEYOND THE GREAT WALL March 2014 VALENTINE’SDAY&WHITEDAY Lancôme celebrated Valentine’s day on Weibo and offered its fans the opportunity to write poems to their loved ones. Once the words written, users had to tag their lovers in order to get a chance to win special gifts. Indeed, lovers were rewarded with White Day presents. White Day is celebrated on the 14th of March and is the occasion for girls and women to give back to the boys and men that declared their love on Valentine’s Day.
  31. 31. PREMIUM March 2014 INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT BEYOND THE GREAT WALL March 2014 EAST TO WEST While some brands focus on one holiday , the jeweler Chow Tai Fook gave its best shot and invited its fans to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and the Qixi festival. The brand launched two different digital campaigns. One respecting the Easter tradition by offering Angry Birds necklaces that represent the Chinese myth of lovers crossing over a bridge of magpies. Another by allowing Weibo fans to “Loudly Proclaim Your Love” via a mini-site connected to the social platform on the 14th of February.
  32. 32. © SAME SAME but different The next study will be available in May 2014 Michel Campan - Victor Yang - Julien Gaubert-Molina - Emmanuel Duran Campana -