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Attune Lab Information System


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The Attune LIS is a leading Cloud based lab information system that integrates all departments and centers spread across locations on a stable and secure platform, giving decision makers a unified picture of their business. Attune LIS improves accuracy while accelerating TAT and helping scale business rapidly.

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Attune Lab Information System

  1. 1. Solutions Infinite Fast Track your Lab Operations Attune Lab Information System
  2. 2. Reduction in human errors and manual workload Platform for advanced analysis of data to develop strategies to maximize profits and achieve business goals Reduce TAT to verify results and authorize reports Sample monitoring system to ensure there is no loss, mixing or contamination Improved sample processing efficiency Status reports on samples at any stage to avoid time wastage A system to cut losses due to pilferages and leakage What Labs Need
  3. 3. Attune LIS Simplify Complexities in Your Lab
  4. 4. What Sets Us Apart A Cloud-based information systems for labs and lab chains to achieve operational efficiency and maximize revenue Cloud based modular solutions with configurable workflows Robust data architecture for analysis Built for healthcare ecosystem integration Truly SaaS and customizable Scalability from a single lab to national lab network
  5. 5. Sample Registration & Billing Analytical Workflow Decision Support Lab Interfacing & Report Publishing Batch & Patient wise Sample Accession Consumption & Inventory Tracking Pre Analytical Sample Tracking ATTUNE LIS
  6. 6. What We Do Improve your efficiency and scalability Customizable reports with a few simple clicks Reduce cost with our flexible pricing options Ensure smooth operations with our alert and reminder system All you need is a PC and Internet connectivity to get started www. No more worrying over lost or mismanaged data with our secure platform with high stability Share reports with a click for second opinion from doctors, medical agencies and insurance companies Access multi-lingual support with no geographic barriers, anytime, anywhere with our completely integrated system
  7. 7. Features • Billing and Sample Registration • Sample Storage and Archiving • Mobile and Auto-Authorization • Dispatch, Logistics and Communication Management • Management Information System • Mobile Phlebotomy • HL7 Integration • Device Interfacing • Advanced Testing • Report Printing
  8. 8. Mobility Solutions Patient Care, Anywhere
  9. 9. A Mobile App for Pathologists • Empowers pathologists and doctors to view and authorize patient test results with their handheld device from anywhere, anytime Eases the workload and reduces the time pathologists spend in the lab Allows doctors to access patient information on the go and reduces TAT allowing labs to handle more patient load Allows doctors to view past patient records for better understanding of patient’s ailment Reduces patient wait time substantially for timely treatment
  10. 10. Home Collection A Mobile App for Remote Phlebotomy • Allows phlebotomists to collect patient samples from home and directly update to the Attune LIS View sample collection booking, plan for container, process billing, generate receipt and notify lab in advance Register new patients instantly at their home, bringing in more revenues Manage your phlebotomists’ schedules and optimize the collection process Track address of patient with integrated maps, making it easier to reach on time
  11. 11. Impact Fast Track Your Lab Operations
  12. 12. Results One of the top 5 labs in India saves 14 hours each day with the implementation of the Sample workflow manager 14 Hours Saved 105 Labs Managed 30,000 Samples Processed A leading lab chain efficiently manages 105 labs and 700 collection centers across India on a single platform with the help of Attune LIS Cloud based architecture supporting multi-tenancy Leading lab processes over 30,000 samples each day using the Attune platform for their logistical management for sample transfer from collection centers across the country to the processing centers
  13. 13. Clients Speak Dr. Nilesh Shah COO, Metropolis “After going through 80 different LIMS solutions and vendors (national as well as international), I made a confident choice with Attune as a vendor partner because the team has sound domain knowledge, suggested innovative solutions for every query raised, and most advanced IT technological skills. Under my leadership, I have engaged vendors for software solutions several times in my 25 years of career. However, today I feel most confident about my choice in form of Attune”. Dr. Reem El Bahtimi Medical Director, Dermpath Consult "The best thing about Attune’s LIMS is that it frees up the pathologist’s time significantly. Being a doctor & owner of a lab my challenges were primarily about the time it takes to go back and forth to the lab when approving abnormal values in a report with me working really long hours everyday. Since we implemented Attune, I’m able to approve reports really fast no matter what time of day or night, from the comfort of my home. This is the best gift I could ask for - the gift of time.” Dr. Charandeep Singh Sahni Owner, Helix Pathlabs “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Attune team. I think of myself as a demanding customer who needs perfection and Attune delivered it. They customized the software to the unique needs of our service and were able to meet our requirements. It is also a big advantage having the system cloud based, so I did not need to invest in expensive hardware or a server. The team is extremely helpful and available 24X7. I highly recommend this system as it has met and exceeded my expectations.”
  14. 14. Some of our Customers
  15. 15. Want to know how we can help you tap the power of Cloud to maximize profits? Schedule a Demo Today