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Broadband in our lives



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Busting broadband myths
Busting broadband myths
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Broadband in our lives

  1. 1. Broadband in our Lives Did you know?
  2. 2. Where do you want to live? Green areas have fiber Pink areas do not
  3. 3. “The broadband was so poor, I couldn’t update software on my computer. The service technicians had to take my computer to another location to download Microsoft Office.” Jean Spaulding, Willmar
  4. 4. How long is ROI on broadband in rural areas? (10 years!) What is the ROI hurdle for private industry? (3 years!)
  5. 5. “Changes in curriculum require broadband.” Troy Anderson, ISD 728 (Sherburne)
  6. 6. invested in broadband infrastructure and adoption in Minnesota = $10 returned in direct and spinoff impacts to the local economy. ~Strategic Network Group Study, 2014
  7. 7. Dakota County has reduced its annual telecom bills from $700,000 to $15,000 by building their fiber network and having the state manage the system.
  8. 8. Minnesota Ranks 21 Rank State Average Broadband Speed (Mbps) 1 DC 19.5 2 Delaware 18.5 3 Utah 16.2 4 Massachusetts 16.2 5 Rhode Island 15.7 21 Minnesota 12.9
  9. 9. “Lack of broadband is hurting our youth hockey! Prospective parent volunteers aren’t able to do the online training to be coaches.” Traci Gangl, hockey mom in Grand Rapids
  10. 10. Minimum CAF2 standard is 10 Mb/1 Mb compared to proposed new 100/20 state standard.
  11. 11. “Our customer base is worldwide and we rely on the Internet for 100 percent of our customers. Our growth would not be possible without the Internet.” Dennis Johnson Natural Space Domes Chisago County
  12. 12. Wi-Fi networks provide only the last few feet of a network; the rest relies on wireline.
  13. 13. “It’s hard to do Township work without broadband. ” ~ Patty Bauchard, Ripley Township
  14. 14. Fiber networks are up to 35% cheaper to maintain than copper networks. They do not break as easily, and last longer than copper wires.
  15. 15. People want to move to our area, but can’t because of the lack of Internet service.” Patty Bauchard Ripley Township
  16. 16. A high-speed internet connect can increase an average home’s value by about $5,440.
  17. 17. “ A business won’t start up or expand if there’s not broadband access.” Matt Kilian, President, Brainerd Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
  18. 18. “We’d be much better stewards of the land if we had better broadband technology.” ~ presenter at Farm fest
  19. 19. “We can take health care to the next level when we have broadband access.” ~ Bryan Linnick, Redwood Area Hospital
  20. 20. markets its 25 Mbps download speeds as its “starter” service. recommends 40 Mbps as the “right” bandwidth for a tech savvy family.
  21. 21. How far can a Gig go? On Copper (300 feet) On Fiber (35 miles)