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Astghik avagyan house of my dreams


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my house

Published in: Education
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Astghik avagyan house of my dreams

  1. 1. House of my dreams Avagyan Astghik
  2. 2. Hello! my name is Astghik. I painted the house of my dreams and I want to describe it. There are five rooms: a hall, a kitchen , a bathroom, a living-room and a bedroom .
  3. 3. Hall, kitchen and bathroom  Hall: There is a door and a mirror like a star, it is decorated with small stars .  Kitchen: There is a fridge, a microwave, a gas stove, a sink, racks, an oven and a purple chandelier. The fridge is at the end of the room. Above the sink there are three towels. I like to cook, and that is why I want to have many ovens in my house. I want to have a dishwasher too, because I won’t wash plates or some kitchen things myself.  Bathroom: There is a Jacuzzi, a toilet, a sink and towels. Next to the sink is the shelf for toothpaste and tooth brush .
  4. 4. Living-room and bedroom  Living-room: There is a fireplace, a very comfortable sofa, a big black TV, bookcases, a little table and a chandelier. I like it very much. The table is decorated with vinous diamonds. I like diamonds. In the bookcase are my favorite books: books about universe, fairy-tales, books about nature and many others.  Bed-room: In the bedroom the lamps are like roses. My sofa is like lips. The bed is like letter A. The room is decorated with roses. There is a computer, a phone, an iPad and a computer mouse. The chair is gold.
  5. 5. For me my house of my dreams is very nice. The end