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  1. 1. NAVIKARANTaking India towards Sustainable and Break-Through Innovations Arun Rajiah Gourav Bhardwaj <Code4Cause/>
  2. 2. Macroeconomic Framework Agriculture & Rural Development Health INNOVATION Water & Environment Energy Education & Skill Development Urban Development <Code4Cause/>
  3. 3. Few excerpt about Innovation from Twelfth Five Year Plan - Faster, More Inclusive andSustainable Growth Volume - I 9.2. India has unique challenges and large 9.6. Conversion of R&D to results for people unmet needs across diverse areas such as requires an ecosystem of enterprises working health, education, skills, agriculture, urban in conjunction: and rural development, energy and so on. entrepreneurs, researchers, finance providers, business enterprises, and 9.13. The focal point of this initiative policymakers. Therefore, the national would be the creation of a Cluster strategies for innovation need to focus on Innovation Centre (CIC). The CIC will various types of institutions in the ecosystem actively seek relationships to address and aim for more effective collaboration the needs of the cluster and establish amongst them. This must be India’s agenda frameworks for knowledge and best too if India is to accelerate practice sharing. By connecting and inclusive growth through innovation. creating local ecosystem encompassing actors and stakeholders who can bring in technology, financing, skills and mentors, the CIC will help enhance productivity, growth and <Code4Cause/>
  4. 4. Informal Clusters / State Governments Sector & State Innovation Index Formal <Code4Cause/>
  5. 5. Web <Code4Cause/>
  6. 6. HTML5 – Mobile <Code4Cause/>
  7. 7. Send @NAVIKARAN to 9266592665
  8. 8. Navikaran’s new approach to the system can play a very important role in the development discourse between formal and informal sectors’ innovation model in India