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Hack presentation


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Hack presentation

  1. 1. Identity PortalKunwar Udit Singh Prakash BansalTushar Narula Geetanjali Sengar
  2. 2. Facts• Most of the people still do not have their identity proofs• Hectic procedure to acquire them.
  3. 3. Idea• Provide a platform to acquire their cards easily.
  4. 4. Working• select the card.• Aadhar card, Voter Id Card, PAN card, Kisan Credit Card, Ration Card.• Fill all his/her basic details.• Concerned officer will then contact to the person and guide him to acquire the card.
  5. 5. Benefits of app• Eliminate agents, reducing corruption.• Documents can be built in a sophisticated and an organized way.• Provide a valid and consistent data to the government.
  6. 6. Demo……
  7. 7. Thank You!!