Two-Factor Authentication Solution for                                                            Web based ApplicationsTw...
Two-Factor Authentication Solution for                                                                   Web based Applica...
Two-Factor Authentication Solution for                                                           Web based ApplicationsFea...
Two-Factor Authentication Solution for                                                             Web based ApplicationsB...
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Two Factor Authentication for Web Applications


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This whitepaper details how ArrayShield IDAS Two Factor authentication system can be integrated with Web Applications

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Two Factor Authentication for Web Applications

  1. 1. Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Web based ApplicationsTwo-Factor Authentication Solution for Web based Applications Problem with exposing Web applications on the Internet Web based applications are the ultimate way to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance the organizations productivity & efficiency. As they provide the opportunity to access the business information from anywhere in the world saving time and money and improve the interactivity. As these web applications are hosted in the internet for easy access for every one there are huge number of attacks possible on these applications. Statistics show that most of the attacks target to steal the legitimate user’s credentials and user them to gain access to the sensitive information protected by simple username and password. A strong need for two factor authentication is necessary for access to these web applications which should protect against the attacks like key loggers, phishing, etc.SolutionArrayShield innovative two factor authentication system – IDAS provides a simple secure accessto web applications. By using its innovative pattern based authentication it provides One-Time-Secret-Code for every login transaction without using any smart hardware.In IDAS every user is shown with a matrix on the login screen which is populated with randomcharacters for every transaction. User has to choose a pattern which is a sequence of cells inthe matrix and should register the same with the system prior accessing the ArrayShield IDASTwo-Factor solution. A translucent card is provided to each user which has a similar structuredmatrix with transparent and opaque cells and some random characters imprinted on theopaque cells. Each card is unique in terms of the position of the opaque cells and the charactersimprinted on them.At the time of accessing the web application, user is shown with the randomly populated matrixas a challenge. The user overlaps the translucent card on the shown matrix and will key in thecharacters present in the chosen pattern in the same order. These characters form the One-Time-Secret-Code for the user for that transaction. The ArrayShield IDAS server verifies the usercredentials by comparing user’s registered pattern and the pattern values entered by the user.Access is given to the user if the user credentials are valid. ArrayShield | Page 1
  2. 2. Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Web based ApplicationsIntegration FlowThe following diagram shows how a web application can be integrated with ArrayShield IDAS touse its two factor authentication for secure access. Figure: Integration Flow diagram for the Web application authentication with ArrayShield IDAS ArrayShield | Page 2
  3. 3. Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Web based ApplicationsFeaturesInnovative TechnologyArrayShield IDAS technology is patent pending (globally) and has won severalawards/recognitions in various forums for its innovative concept.High Level of SecurityArrayShield IDAS product leverages advanced Encryption methodologies (like Industry StandardAES (128/192/256 bit) algorithms as well as in-house developed advanced cryptographictechniques) and follows Industry Standard Guidelines and Best Practices.Ease of UseArrayShield IDAS is based on user-intuitive patterns which are easy to remember than complexpasswords than can be easily compromised.Easy to IntegrateArrayShield IDAS product will seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise environments withimproved user experience. No expertise is required for integration.Interoperable SystemArrayShield IDAS can also be configured as add-on module with various products of leadingtechnology players. Support is available for SAML, LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS protocol etc.Easy to DeployArrayShield IDAS can be easily deployed in days (not in weeks) because of easy-to-configure APIbased system.Easily CustomizableArrayShield IDAS product can be easily customized to the unique needs of every organization.Once deployed, organizations can also configure the security strength and mechanism to theamount of risk involved in the user’s role and usability requirements.Highly ScalableArrayShield IDAS system can be easily scaled with huge user population without affecting theperformance and usability. ArrayShield | Page 3
  4. 4. Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Web based ApplicationsBenefitsLow Total Cost of OwnershipArrayShield IDAS provides Strong Authentication at a fraction of cost of traditional alternatives.Minimal Cost is incurred during purchase as well as maintenance. As there is no need of havingcostly hardware tokens or transactional costs incurred because of SMS etc, ArrayShield’sProduct provides lowest Total Cost of Ownership. No costly server hardware needed.Mobility of the userAs ArrayShield uses a simple plastic card that can be carried on the go, it doesn’t have anydependencies. Hence user will be able to access the application any-time, any-where.Provides peace of mindProtects Organizations and customers from Online Identity and data theft, hence provide peaceof mind.Provides Compliance with regulationsRegulatory agencies agree that passwords are a weak link and are requiring companies toimplement stronger authentication. ArrayShield is a rapid, cost-effective way to comply withIndustry Guidelines, Security Standards and other Industry regulations.ConclusionBy using ArrayShield IDAS Two-Factor authentication solution, organizations can enable secureaccess to their Web Applications. The solution will make organizations of all sizes andcomplexities protect from the malicious attacks happening on the web applications.ArrayShield IDAS solution is designed to integrate with your existing web application tominimize downtime and to avoid huge deployment costs that other solutions have. ArrayShieldIDAS works seamlessly with all kind of web applications which are developed in variouslanguages like Java, .NET, python and PHP. The convenient web management console givesadministrators an added tool that makes managing accounts easier. ArrayShield | Page 4