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CILEA HPC services 2012


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CILEA Interuniversity Consortium

CILEA is a consortium of eleven universities in Italy, established in 1974. The Italian Ministry of Universities and Research also belongs to the Consortium.

CILEA is among the most advanced supercomputing centres in Europe. According to its statute, CILEA has many different purposes. Among them, it promotes the use of the most advanced computing systems in scientific and technological research, both public and private. It provides high performance computing systems to the national research. It promotes the technological transfer in the field of information and communication technology. It creates, maintains and manages information systems for the national education and research system.

All CILEA’s services are offered to universities, public agencies and private companies.

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CILEA HPC services 2012

  1. 1. CILEA services for HighPerformance Computing Claudio Arlandini Technical Manager HPC competence group 1
  2. 2. Copyright © CILEA 2
  3. 3. A TOP500 system lagrange •336 nodes BL460c + BL2x220 •3200 cores Intel X5472 + X5660 •6400 GB RAM •30 TB storage (EVA4400 + MSA1500) •SL6500 with NVIDIA Fermi M2050 •DL980 fat node (8way-512GB RAM) •Infiniband QDR/DDR Copyright © CILEA 3
  4. 4. A complete HPC environment Over 3000 cores 40 TFlops/s peak Optimized working Copyright © CILEA 4
  5. 5. Services for industrial and academic research Simulation Optimization Copyright © CILEA 5
  6. 6. Services for industrial and academic research Simulation Optimization Copyright © CILEA 6
  7. 7. Excellence centre for • CFD • Structural analysis • GPU computing • Copyright © CILEA 7
  8. 8. CFD Copyright © CILEA
  9. 9. Services for industrial and academic research Simulation Optimization Copyright © CILEA 9
  10. 10. Optimization User environment optimization Porting on different architectures Parallelizzation Tuning/ Copyright © CILEA 10
  11. 11. Tuning/bechmarkingBenchmarking Tuning Performance Performance is never obtained without Copyright © CILEA 11
  12. 12. Parallelizzation Python C++ Copyright © CILEA 12
  13. 13. Porting LEGACY Copyright © CILEA 13
  14. 14. User environment Copyright © CILEA 14
  15. 15. Services for industrial and academic research Simulation Optimization Copyright © CILEA 15
  16. 16. Visualization • VTKProgramming • Paraview • High performanceInfrastructure visualization • Ray tracing/ Copyright © CILEA 16
  17. 17. Special-purpose HardwareCUDA development: HP SL6500 NVIDIA Fermi M2050Visual-server: HP DL980 8 cpu QC 512 GB RAM !!! NVIDIA Quadro Copyright © CILEA 17
  18. 18. Visualization services Remote Real-time rendering GPU-server Visualization Large scale data Visual-server processingTools:  Mental images product suite (mental-ray; i-ray, reality-server)  Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV – Nice Tech.)Application Fields:  Any CAD/CAE application involving pre/post-processing  Architecture and Design  Urban Copyright © CILEA
  19. 19. Research Copyright © CILEA 19
  20. 20. LISA Initiative http://lisa.cilea.itCollaboration Agreement betweenRegione Lombardia and CILEA 2010-2012• CPU hours (100.000-500.000/yr) and highly specialized assistance to research projects• Open to all universities of Lombardy• Preference is given to projects with industrial partnership or interestDuring first year:• 29 awarded projects• 8 millions CPU hours consumed• 34 pubblications on scientific journals (at Feb 2011)• Developed parallel code for atmospherical pollutants diffusion simulation• Developed parallel code for simulation of water resource management of Po river basin• Accomplished the most complete reconstruction of underground water resources of of Po river valley• CUDA porting of a statistics code• CUDA porting of a Lattice Boltzmann method fluidodynamics Copyright © CILEA 20
  21. 21. Formation elearning on- on-site demand courses courses Copyright © CILEA 21
  22. 22. Formation services elearning on- on-site demand courses courses formation•Fortran base and advanced•C++ base and advanced•Python•High Performance Computing Techniques (updated 2011!)•Scientific visualization•CUDA programming•… Copyright © CILEA 22
  23. 23. Formation services On site e- On courses learning demandFortran Summer schoolC++ CFD simulationPython in esternal aerodynamics September 2012High performance computingtechniques Winter schoolScientific visualization Scientific visualization With open-source toolsGPGPU programming November 2012Profiling and debuggingOpenFOAM + Copyright © CILEA 23
  24. 24. CILEA for researchCILEA: an outstanding partner • We provide users high added value services • We focus on formation on high specialization and innovation topics • We provide sinergy on national and international research Copyright © CILEA 24
  25. 25. Breaking news Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 selected CILEA as technological partner for the 34th America’s Cup (september 2013) Copyright © CILEA 25
  26. 26. Need more info? email: Copyright © CILEA 26