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NSA - No thanks - Build your own cloud with OpenStack and Cloud Foundry | anynines


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Nowadays no week goes by without new revelations about privacy breaches. How can we escape from NSA’s all-seeing eye? Where avoiding US cloud providers would be the obvious answer, you don’t want to sacrifice the productivity benefits you get from the cloud. Luckily there’s no need for that! Learn how to build a separate Amazon EC2, S3 and Heroku with Open Source software and get familiar with the basics of the free infrastructure software OpenStack and the Cloud Foundry platform framework.

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NSA - No thanks - Build your own cloud with OpenStack and Cloud Foundry | anynines

  1. 1. NSA?Nothanks Julian Weber - Build your own cloud with OpenStack & Cloud Foundry
  2. 2. About me •Open Source evangelist •Developer at Avarteq •European cloud enthusiast •Github: •Twitter: @JWeberAnynines
  3. 3. Anynines & Avarteq •Avarteq GmbH: Mobile & Web development, Hosting •Anynines CEO: Julian Fischer •Co-founder of Avarteq •Anynines: European PaaS •Contributions to the Cloud Foundry project
  4. 4. Recent privacy/security issues •Dropbox - access to every account‘s data during a period of time •Amazon - RDS, S3 data loss •Google - systematic email scan and content analytics •Patriot act - US companies have to hand out data even if it is stored on servers not located in the USA
  5. 5. We fear the loss of our data, security & privacy!
  6. 6. Why use cloud in the first place?
  7. 7. IaaS & PaaS advantages •Increase time to value •scale on demand •continuous integration •coding conventions lead to better code •decrease administration efforts
  8. 8. Build your own cloud •Open Source software •Self hosted / hosted in Europe •Not tied to any vendor •no license cost
  9. 9. OpenStack •Open Source IaaS layer •rapidly growing community •Automatic node provisioning using Chef •GlusterFS block storage •OpenStack Swift as scalable object store
  10. 10. Cloud Foundry • Open Source PaaS • gaining a lot of attention lately (EMC, IBM, NTT, ...) • Infrastructure independent • no vendor lock-in • deployment using BOSH
  11. 11. Cloud Foundry Features • Simple application lifecycle management • application healing features • Automated load balancing • simple application scaling • Automated service provisioning • Buildpack support
  12. 12. BOSH •Deployment system for distributed software systems •IaaS independent deployment (CPI) •central configuration management •IaaS VM administration and provisioning •VM monitoring & healing
  13. 13. Basic BOSH terminology •Stemcell: generic VM image containing a BOSH agent •CPI: software layer between BOSH and an IaaS •Director: coordinates BOSH agents •Agent: runs on each VM and executes deployment/ configuration tasks
  14. 14. Basic BOSH terminology •Package: Source code & installation script •Job: runs processes from a package (config & startup) •Release: collection of Packages & Jobs •Manifest: cloud formation configuration
  15. 15. OpenStack & Cloud Foundry
  16. 16. How to BOSH?
  17. 17. Upcoming challenges •High availability services •clustered solutions •replication scenarios •Going out of beta
  18. 18. Questions???
  19. 19. Thank you • Anynines - • Twitter - @anynines • Cloud Foundry - • Support - • Avarteq GmbH - • For further questions feel free to contact me at