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Active camps get


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Active camps get

  1. 1. The #FutureOfCamp is…I think that the #FutureofCamp is very uncertainand we need to RADICALLY adjust the way wemarket camp if we want to exist in 10 years. Travis Jon Allison,
  2. 2. Getting Campers
  3. 3. Getting Campers Pre-Camp During-Camp Post-Camp
  4. 4. Meet Debbie Director a driven camp director who is passionate about making her summer camp a safe place for children to learn and grow through their experiences.
  5. 5. Meet Rick Registrar a coffee-loving registrar who has many responsibilities. He is often overwhelmed and works long hours, but is dedicated to the camp and its mission.
  6. 6. Meet Betty Bookkeeper a detailed and organized bookkeeper in charge of camp finances, yet compassionate and understanding if parents can’t pay on time. If a camper can’t afford camp or the budget is tight, she’ll find a way to make it happen!
  7. 7. Meet Cody Camper an enthusiastic camper who is accident prone, allergic to peanuts, and is not used to being away from his parents for more than a weekend.
  8. 8. Meet Pat Parent a very involved parent who frequently calls into camp and likes to “check in”. She may seem demanding, but it’s because she wants to make sure her child is safe and happy.
  9. 9. Pre-Camp Debbie needs to fill week 4Every year Camp Like-A-Lot seems to fill everyweek of camp other than week 4. These emptyspots make staffing and budgeting a nightmare.  Schwaggle  Promote Your Camp Section  listing
  10. 10. Pre-Camp Pat loves to sharePat loves to tell everyone about EVERYTHING herfamily does. She has just registered Cody forcamp and is ready to tell the world.  Invite-A-Friend  Social Media Integration  Buddy Requests
  11. 11. Pre-Camp Rick needs a waitlistAlthough Camp Like-A-Lot can’t fill week 4 theyhave too many registrations for Week 1 and 2.They hate turning campers away.  Registration Waitlist  Communication Center  Coupon Codes
  12. 12. During-Camp Debbie hired a photographerDebbie knows that camp is all about theexperience. In order to capture the experience toshare with others she has hired a professionalphotographer.  eCamp Photo Service  Communication Center  Facebook
  13. 13. During-Camp Cody learns to rapThis year the campers have taken the long storiedCamp Like-A-Lot camp song and turned it into arap. The video of Cody rapping is going to go viral.  YouTube  Camp Blog or LetsTalkCamp  Text messaging
  14. 14. During-Camp Rick loves parent day at campEver year parents are invited to camp to see firsthand all the fun and learning that goes on. Rickwants to take advantage of the excitement to getcampers registered for next season.  Communication Center  Online Registration  Coupon Codes
  15. 15. Post-Camp Debbie says good-bye to everyoneIt’s the last day at Camp Like-A-Lot and althoughexhausted Debbie is sad to see them leave.Wanting to build on relationships established atcamp, Debbie hopes to see Cody again next year.  Online Registration(last day of camp)  Coupon Codes  Deposits w/ Auto-Billing
  16. 16. Post-Camp Rick lives at campRick lives at camp during the off-season and hasalways enjoyed how beautiful it is in the winter andwants to share it with others by running a WinterBreak Camp.  Inquiry Forms  Online Registration  Schwaggle
  17. 17. Post-Camp Betty say’s “NO MORE DISCOUNTS!”Betty loves to see camp full but feels like they justcan’t afford to keep discounting camp to getpeople there.  Active Advantage  Payment Plans w/ Auto Bill  Donation Form
  18. 18. Coming soon…  Active Instant Ads  Active Affiliate Program  Active Newsletters
  19. 19. Questions? Next…MANAGING YOUR CAMP!